Tilea’s Worries – Chapter 23

Chapter 23 – “Experience the power of the Killer Nunchaku!”

I commenced my attack to stop the dokyun. They numbered three, so I was going to defeat one of them before I was surrounded. But the range of Dragon Dokyun’s blade was long, and with Flame Dokyun’s flame magic, I couldn’t carelessly close the distance.

How should I move?

Even while I was thinking, the dokyun were getting closer.

“Providing support, Oneesama!”

Timu who had been hiding in the rear, fired her magic bullets. The buzzing magic bullets flew right ahead, and threatened the dokyun near their feet.

“Tsk. Damned Camilla. So she was hiding in the back.”

“It’s strange, isn’t it. I couldn’t sense her mana.”

In face of Timu’s torrent of bullets, the dokyun all went on the defence. Though only elementary magic, with that many of Timu’s bullets raining down, the dokyun couldn’t move.

It’s my chance.

While Timu was stopping the dokyun with her magic bullets, I closed the distance and swung down my nunchaku at Dragon Dokyun’s arm.


My nunchaku struck him splendidly on the arm, and Dragon Dokyun screamed and fell to the ground, writhing.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, aren’t you being a little dramatic! Even if Loser(Bizef) gave it a magic enchantment, you’re still a dragonoid, aren’t you. I mean he clearly had hard scales. And also, now that I looked carefully, he was pale too. Although he’s a dokyun, could it be that he’s calcium deficient with a weak constitution?

――wai-, whoa!?

Dragon Dokyun’s arm is bent the wrong way!? Looking carefully, it’s a 90 degree angle.

S-, Seriously…?

Even though he’s a Loser(Bizef), he gets the job done just fine, huh. Just how far did he enchant this if it’s got enough power to break a dragonoid’s arm? Damn Loser(Bizef). He has the heart of a flea, but it looks like just his support magic is good.

I looked down at the nunchaku again. I could see it completely wrapped in a faint magical aura. And this aura worked on the scales of a dragonoid.

T-, Thank goodness.

If Pervert(Nielsen) did something stupid again, I was planning on fixing him up with this. Thank goodness I didn’t, because he would’ve died.

I could see Dragon Dokyun’s white bone sticking out of his broken arm. A so-called compound fracture.

Guess it really does hurt, huh.

Dragon Dokyun was down with a cold sweat, and there was an expression of anguish on his face. It’s bad enough that he needs painkillers.

D-, Did I overdo it a little?

This might be excessive self-defence. No matter how I look at it, that’s going to take more than three months to heal.

For now, let’s try and end it here. Even if they’re dokyun, I have absolutely no intention of becoming a criminal. As long as they swear not to touch Timu, it’s fine.

“W-, With an arm like that, it doesn’t seem like you can fight, huh. If you’re going to run, now’s the time.”

“Hahh, hahh. B-, Bastard. Unforgiveable. Absolutely unforgiveable. Y-, YOUU, HMPH!”

Dragon Dokyun glared at me with eyes filled with rage, before tearing his broken arm off of all things.


W-, Why did he pull his arm off? That’s not something you can fix by going to hospital!

What on earth is he thinking…

Dragon Dokyun was missing everything below the elbow now. While I was dumbfounded by the scene, Dragon Dokyun began to tremble.

And then…



H-, He grew an arm. Are you a Great Demon King or something!

Haha, it’s true that this was faster than going to a hospital. Or could it be like some test of guts for the dragonoids?

Anyway, being shocked at this is just what they want. I won’t be perturbed. I need to show the attitude of the strong.

“H-, Hmm~ I’m surprised. So you can regenerate your arm. But it looks like it won’t recover your mana.”

“So you saw through it, Evil God. Yes, Seiryuu’s mana has now greatly fallen.”

Ah-, I knew it!

Of course. There’s no way such an amazing recovery ability wouldn’t use mana. I was just guessing, but I wonder if I managed to act like a powerful person.

“What the hell, Suzaku! My arm broke, yanno. There’s no way that’s 5000.”

“…At present, it appears to has risen to 200,000.”

“Wha-!? Are you trying to say that they rose from 300 to 200,000!?”

“On top of that, it looks to still be rising. It appears that the Evil God normally suppresses her mana.”

“Seems that it wasn’t a lie when Hidler said she was Demon King-tier, huh.”

It looks like the dokyun lost their composure. Their relaxed expressions turned into serious ones, and they talked about how I was Demon King-tier while watching me vigilantly.

Demon King-tier? It’s surprising that they’d be this wary of me, but…

Anyway, they mistook me for somebody strong, just according to plan. This might be the right time to encourage them to surrender.

“If you guys are going to surrender, now’s the time.”

“SHADDAP! We’re gunna rip you to shreds.”

Dragon Dokyun bellowed at me. It seems that he was still quite eager to fight, because he looked ready to come slashing at me any moment.

“Settle yourself, Seiryuu. Camilla lies in wait. Desist from charging in alone.”

“Kuh-! F-, Fine.”

“Well? What will we do? Should I burn Camilla first?”

“Nah, they’d probably work together to stop you.”

“Well then, what will we do?”

“We’re gunna go with our trump card――Triangle Hells Attack![Demonic Evil Ultimate Suppression Spell!]”

“H-, He grew an arm. Are you a Great Demon King or something!”
Piccolo the Great Demon King

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      1. ironically there would be little to no damage if they jumped before impact~ I know this from personal experience just i wasn’t looking to get hit

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  1. …. …. for a moment I thought: Yeeeesss no cliffhanger…. but…. it`s a cliffhanger… AGAIN! (Accumulated annoyance of readers for cliffhangers surely exceeds even tilea`s mana pool XD)

    Thanks for the chapter xD

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  2. Never saw someone as clueless about how op they are before. Her powers of delusion are as epic as in the last life. Just the opposite qay.


  3. Edits/suggestions:

    “with that many of Timu’s bullet’s raining down”
    You’ve got an extra apostrophe in “bullet’s”

    “That’s not something you can fix by going to hospital”
    “to hospital” -> “to the/a hospital”

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    1. i don’t usually say ‘the/a’ before hospital

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      http://www.bupa.com.au › Health insurance
      If you’re going to hospital you should read the Bupa checklist of things to consider before, during and after your stay.
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      Are you using your private health insurance for a hospital trip? nib’s Going to Hospital pack will guide you through what you need to know.
      Going to Hospital – Private Health Insurance | Medibank
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      Perhaps it’s an Australian thing


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  4. Triangle hells attack? So it is Chrono Trigger now? Seriously I didn’t notice until now, but these guys are totally a reference to the three underlings that served Magus in that game.


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