Laclongquan, Happy Anniversary

I hate Gate. But not, “hate” hate. Like, I hate it as a form of entertainment. Entertainment for me.

I don’t hate it in the sense that I want it to fail, or that I don’t want it to get an anime, or that I don’t want the LN to be translated for people to read. I don’t wish for it to run out of money, or lose public interest.

It’s like how I hate Agarest or High-Spec HS Girl. Like, I don’t wish it bad. I just hate it, personally, as a form of entertainment. I mean, hey, plenty of my friends love it. It’d be great of Gate got lots and lots more media, since it’s not like I’m being forced to pay for it.

Which is why with all the Gate fans out there, I wouldn’t have said a thing about Gate. I mean, it would be tactless, and everyone’s having fun, so why rain on that, you know?

That is, had it not been for you, Laclongquan.


There’s just something about you. You say all these ridiculous things, sometimes that only half make sense, like it’s the absolute truth of the world… Idunno, there’s just something about you that really irritates me.

And I realised while I was pondering this, that hey! It’s September 2015. So it’s been basically a year since you started damaging my mental health with your comments. Happy Anniversary.

ScreenShot031 ScreenShot032 ScreenShot033 ScreenShot035 ScreenShot037 ScreenShot038 ScreenShot039 ScreenShot034As fellow WN readers, let’s continue to get along~ <3

122 thoughts on “Laclongquan, Happy Anniversary”

      1. On a serious note, I enjoyed the manga adaptation of GATE but I dont think its that good or anything. To give an analogy, I would compare it to potato chips. I enjoy eating chips but it’s not healthy or really good. There are dozens of brands of chips and just like GATE it has been done many times in what is essentially the same form.


      2. Well I just caught up to where it was aired up to today and I gotta say… I do like this idea. I actually really wanted something like this and it filled the quota really well. Well then again I also like Mahouka and uh… Well yeah no comment needed there. Sometimes I just need a flaunt of power. Some OP does the brain well.

        And as for those er… “comments”, for the one chapter I randomly found while I skimmed the manga, “There are two types of idiots. The clever idiots, who know they’re idiots. Then there are the idiots who think they’re clever who are really idiots.”
        Description seems perfect to me ^_^


      1. His logic is impeccable.
        Impeccably idiotic, that is.
        I sure as hell don’t see how pastebin = no need to ask for permission.

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      2. I’m done.
        I don’t even want to point out how stupid he is.
        I’d much rather become a devout religious person than think about this guy.
        Time to re-play LOQO1/2


    1. You know what, I actually feel sorry for this guy.
      I mean, there’s probably no one in his life who actually understands or can even remotely relate to his logic, brain functionality or even sanity. Hah. Wonder why.

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      1. I’m on my laptop, so I can scroll in just fine. It’s more the level of abrasive and idiotic hypocrisy in the comments. He asks people to get the spirit of the words he types while completely ignoring the spirit of their words and repeatedly shouts “YOUR OPINION IS WRONG” with how he words his comments. It makes my head hurt every time I see somebody that blatantly idiotic, because I don’t understand how it happens when there’s obviously no misunderstandings going on.


    . . . wait wut the hell did i just type? . . . nvm play too much ark, need to sleep
    ME GO Z Z


      1. That’s probably what it is, I saw nothing wrong with his Gate post; after reading the rest, though, I dislike him as a person. Also, you have those images out of order, I think, put the longest one fourth in or something as it’s referenced by the others. Other than that, this just seems like the Elysion thing all over again…

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  2. I was happy receiving the first update in 5 hours… and I got a rant on a dumb ass cunt to further irritate the supremely bored me. Great day today…


      1. Personally… the only series you translate that I don’t follow is Northern Fort… any of the other ones? By the way… I only finally started Otoburi last week… and damn it’s awesome.^^


  3. Well if you still wonder why gate have so many vote
    Its because of the manga and not the anime, its a big let down
    Mostly they are those in ak-scanlation follower and read wn/ln aside from manga, pretty sure that’s most of us

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      1. They all got a bit of a ditzy makeover in the manga, then slutty for the anime. More noticeable in full body images of Rory, but the progression of Dark Elves from slightly tanned elves to dark skinned bondage elves is disturbing…I can only imagine what the sexified anime versions will look like…

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      2. I personally find it very funny how GATE’s author is boasting about Japan’s military strength and forgetting that most of their weapons are made in USA xD
        Well, Rory is the only reason I watching anime. Oh, and opening by ichigo<3


  4. You know whenever I see laclongquan I always get to the negative zone where everything is something I want to destroy. Maybe because I saw him on some other website and people had a negative opinion on him. It had something to do with world teacher I think.

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  5. I want to believe this is a troll, otherwise I have to accept the fact that people like this actually exist, but… sigh. His brain has to at least be two standard deviations below average. Need to go do something else before I lose brain cells.


  6. The story of gate is kinda a shut down considering there is no deep elements or fully unique aspects that we cannot see anything to be special. That being said, that other discussion was just plain migraine inducing arguments that go on forever…


  7. Oh man I’d completely forgotten about him, curse you Sheeprabbit for reminding me. Have you seen his BT User Page? I didn’t think it was possible to cram that much unwarranted self-importance into three lines.

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  8. I’ve been reading the GATE manga, and so far it’s been… satisfactory. Not blowing my mind or nothing, it’s just executing the premise without any aggressive failures so far. Hope it doesn’t totally shit the bed later on, but I’m pretty sure it will.

    ANYWAYS, given the fucking A+ English skills this magnificent shitlord has shown in his posts, I shiver to think what kind of ‘edits’ he’s made. What the FUCK.


  9. There were some obvious logic failings in his posts, but what bothered me the most was his grammar. He had the gall to say he finally found an “articulate” speaker when he doesn’t even know the difference between singular and plural. Hypocrite.

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  10. I opened a few of the links, then ignored the rest.

    Reminds me too much of this other guy on ToS board and his ‘logic’…


      1. If you’re in the mood for self torturing, it’s in the general subforum titled Economy…

        Which then proceeds to NOT talk about economy…like, at all.
        His main suggestion is how to make money ‘look’ valuable…not how to make money valuable (it already is, ToS have a lot of money sinks)

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  11. Okay~ To show my consideration for your mental health, I will not post on your page anymore. If I lapse, since it’s easy to lapse after reading a translation, dont hesitate to delete my comment.

    Note: It’s not sarcasm or whatever. I just dont want to leave such a fiery sermon unanswered if only a little.

    Well, at least you are classier than the last translator. That guy didnt even bother to contact me before complaining on 4chan of all the places. Let’s see this time how long until some righteous fellows descend on my page to insult me.


    1. Re-posting here to stop spamming ND:

      1) Please stop assuming you know what genres I like and I don’t like.
      2) Please stop assuming you know why something upsets me or doesn’t upset me.
      3) Please stop assuming that any and all criticism towards things you like can only be explained by the person not being a fan of the genre.
      4) As always, it’s you failing to understand. It can’t possibly always be the person you’re arguing with. Aren’t you the common factor here?
      5) If it wasn’t for the fact that you seem to be a really enthusiastic reader, I would have long ago told you to stop commenting on my blog.

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      1. Since point 5 seems to welcome response, I will answer point 1.

        There is no need to assume, since your projects show a clear bias toward romance genre. If you care enough to do tens of project, all falls under romance umbrela… Seriously, if you want to cast doubt on that, you should do some tittles of other genres. Nearly twenty romance titles should show what’s your favoured genre is, right?

        IF there’s a genre you are not a fan of, it’s probabbly scifi and realistic action (pew pew bang bang). You havent done even one teaser of them.


        1. “There is no need to assume, since your projects show a clear bias toward romance genre.”

          Okay, fair enough. If you took my translation choices to be my reading preference, then it’s SORT of reasonable. Still, liking romance doesn’t mean I don’t like other genres like horror, war porn, mystery, or action.

          “Nearly twenty romance titles should show what’s your favoured genre is, right? ”

          Also, to be clear, of the projects I’ve done, there’s exactly one that’s a romance: Otoburi.

          Tilea, Bathroom Goddess, EGA are all comedies with no romance. Fox story is also a non-romance.

          Outside of that, my translations aren’t a reflection of my reading preferences. Female protagonist stories account for less than half of the things I read.

          Also, I actually really like sci-fi. Just that my Japanese isn’t good enough to read sci-fi. When I watch seikai and stuff like that, I always need subtitles because I can’t understand anything otherwise.

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      2. Sheep, save your sanity while you still can. I’ve been where you are right now and you have the pictures posted above to prove it, but arguing with this guy is one of the most fruitless endeavours imaginable. I’d offer to shave my head bald if you were able to successfully change his ways, except that he’d pretend to change just to make it happen.
        (I always found it funny that he named himself after an extremely pompous and self assured Vietnamese king, it’s just so fitting for his personality.)


      3. Well, my definition of romance is basically the definition of a bookshop. When I get into a bookstore, what is stored under which section is called that genre. Which is why I classify your TLed tittles under the overall genre of Romance.

        Generally, in the Fiction (noncomic) shelves of a bookstore, there should be: Romance, SF, and action (more if the bookstore is very large). Fantasy or horror, most of the times, get divided into the above sections.

        I dont say that is right or wrong. IT’s a convenient classification. And by that, your interest fall under that umbrella: Romance.

        Face it, you might say that you like stuffs, but your works and posts show very little inclination toward SF and actions. At least, no impression that I can think off.

        You are welcome to tell which tittle you like. Of course, it’s under those two big sections, alright?


      4. you know you should have. tell him shit in jap so he gets forced to use google and get grammatical error. and then when he replied wrong. smirk like the Anri you are. hue hue hue


    2. And finally, you keep saying cherry picking this, or cherry picking that, but the examples of ‘bad Japanese in government and congress’ and ‘good Romans in Italica far away from the centre of the nations’ is really not enough. The huge focus was on the brutish and stupid Romans, and the evil and greedy Americans and Chinese.

      Having an American film about glorious US military gunning down evil, foolish demon-worshipping Viet Cong and then having one good Vietnamese heroine doesn’t make the film less nationalistic.


      1. The US and China, following the manga, only appear during vol2-3, when they try to kidnap otherworlders. Which is 1/3 of manga, hardly “huge focus”.
        The Empire got more screen time, dominating the latter volumes. Again, hardly one-sidedly evil. The volumes show many facets of that society, from slavehunting, to red light district, to mistreatment of slaves. True, true, most of the facets of that society is shown under an evil light. But at same time, Italica, which is the only partner of japanese force in this world, and the only major town outside of capital, show that they are multiculture with its fair and unbiased treatment of demihuman slaves. And while the crown prince is shown as brutish and stupid, dont forget the calculating second prince, and the very cosmopolitan princess. The princess is not only the head of a co-ed order of knights, also used to be headmistress of an academy.

        You say “huge focus”. I cant help but think that you are heavily influenced by the anime. Counting pages in manga paint a different picture.


        1. Having read this post, I can understand why to you it’s quite a fair manga now. But I really can’t agree. That wasn’t my experience while reading it.

          “The US and China, following the manga, only appear during vol2-3, when they try to kidnap otherworlders. Which is 1/3 of manga, hardly “huge focus”.”

          True, but that basically composes the entire view we have of the modern world, outside of the initial attack from the Romans. You see it as “only 1/3 of the manga” but I see it as “the only foreigners who appeared did so to act like completely greedy stereotypes in the tiny screentime they were given”.

          “But at same time, Italica”

          True, but the Roman Empire is similar to… well, the actual Roman Empire, in that the more provincial places have their own flavour and aren’t exactly the same as the Roman Empire itself.

          To begin with, Italica aren’t the aggressors. The manga isn’t portraying otherworlders as the evil enemy. They’re portraying the EMPIRE as the evil enemy, and you can tell because whenever senators or any of the rulers are shown, they’re basically all stupid, uncultured or just plain evil.

          The problem is that the ‘Empire’ or rather the people driving it towards war all seem really simple and barbaric. And well, I can’t really say much about the second prince. The cosmopolitan princess is basically an uncultured bumpkin who gets overwhelmed by Tokyo, and the second prince appeared only once before I dropped the manga.

          Incidentally, it was this scene that made me drop it:

          “The princess is not only the head of a co-ed order of knights, also used to be headmistress of an academy.”

          Yes, but she was ridiculed, and taken as a joke by most of the people in power, lol.


      2. “Also you still haven’t refuted my point about it being thinly veiled hypocrisy!”
        About that, I am dredging my memory here. I dont think they ever say Japan is well and good. The jokes of MC aside, that intelligence officer straight up say they want to investigate if this world worth enough that Japan will oppose the rest of Earth (meaning they act pragmatic and opportunistic). Although there’s many description of the awe of otherworlder toward Japan, the princess also straight up accuse JP government of having a faction wanting war with Empire.
        There’s a few comment about the goodness of JP soldier, but that is specific for “man in green”, which is recognized to be recon/army soldiers, not the overall JSDF.
        The vibe Nippon Stronk is vibrating wildly, but I dont think they ever say straight out in some racist or nationalistic lines.
        Heck, after the MC start his dragon hunting journey, a King even say “There’s the friendly guy who’ll hunt dragon to help others, and there’s the tricky greedy bastard like you, now which one is a true japanese?” and the scene seems to shout very loud that a tricky greedy bastard like me is obvious a true jap, while that fellow is just an idiot. Idiotical hero, but idiot.
        And even when China and Russia got described as self-interest, opportunistic, or pragmatic, but I dont think the lines ever express the sentiment of japan better than them or anything.
        I dont think they say it straight, to prove the accusation of “thinly veiled hypocrisy” . You might have to illustrate with one specific instance for me, I am afraid.


        1. “You might have to illustrate with one specific instance for me, I am afraid.”

          It’s not so much specific examples, so much as the whole vibe in general. Glorifying the Japanese victories (like the fight in Italica against the bandits), or the threat against the Empire by destroying the senate… Just any glorified example of using modern weapons or military force to get what they want, is basically a form of hypocrisy, since most of the events and portrayal of the brutish, warmongering Empire seem to implicitly condemn the use of force to bully others into doing what you want. And well, yes, this particular aspect is present in a lot of war fiction, but obviously to different degrees.

          There’s the “slightly overly positive portrayal since this is the protagonist’s nation” level like the Mahouka LNs, and then there’s Gate level, to me.

          It’s nothing explicit. The whole thing is implicit and tone. If it was specific examples, it would be blatant hypocrisy.

          But as with all things implicit, it’s up to the viewer to interpret it, so I can see why you mightn’t see it in quite as wanky and nationalistic a light as I did.


      3. Then I fear you and I have very different interpretation of events.
        Specific example: Destroying Senate? Duh, they are still at war. It’s not an unprovoked action between two friendly parties. Hell, no one even killed during that operation.
        That Italica battle is slightly idiotic/comical I will admit. it’s not so much as Nippon Stronk, but more like unprofessional. It is slightly out of sync with the dragonic corpses litter outside their fortress. You would think it’s their first battle instead of their 3rd (or 4th I am not sure).


        1. “It’s not an unprovoked action between two friendly parties.”
          It doesn’t really matter if it’s provoked or not. The point isn’t that they attacked the Senate, but that the mangaka portrayed one show of force as bullying and brutish, while portraying another show of force used to the same effect as “the grorious and righteous hammer of justice.”


      4. Hey hey, dont you get too impressed by the performance of the princess before a bunch of politicians, aka senators? Orator under the blue sky, background a destroyed Senate hall, an elegant female figure show the errors of their way.

        Fact one, a bunch of low rank Japanese got the rare chance to meet the leader of a nation, aka Emperor. A diplomatic chance to start serious formal negotiation between two warring parties. Fact two: during this event, upon witnessing a captive female get mistreated, said low rank Japanese assault the heir to the throne (in US setting, that mean Vice Prez) with brutal violence and killed more than ten guards. This violate unspoken rule of diplomacy and negotiation. The possible outcome of these actions is possible long term war between Empire and Japan if the Empire public and politic figures know of this. As a result both the leader of troopers and chief envoy get reprimand and pay cut. The only reason they dont get punished harder is that they got back the captive female.
        Sure, as reader and a man, saving a girl feel great. But if the result is long term war… well.
        It’s far from Nippon Stronk vibe


      5. About that princess orator scene, it’s a straight out classical greek orator scene, from setting, posing, tactic… it looks grandiose? Yeah well, it’s by a politician, for politicians.
        About that cartoonish villain figure, I cant comment on that, because people say there’s still half the novel ahead of the manga. While the bet is heavily on “idiotic Crownprince”, I am still not too sure about him. He might have more depths than that. I mean, does he directly command the bunny to assassinate the Emperor, or does he let her run amok, knowing beforehand what action she likely will take? The latter would show his frightening insight into an underling’s psyche.
        As for the time we know each other, if you work in Vanant time, then it would be two, three years, not one. My annoying comments in the translated JP novels scene started with his Mushouku Tensei.


        1. “it looks grandiose?”

          The thing about grandiose and tacky is that it actually takes skill to bring it from the latter to the former.

          It’s implied that the guy is smarter than he seems, sure, but that doesn’t mean a thing for the victims. In the end, it’s still a cartoonish level evil used as an excuse for the grorious nippon hammer of justice.

          And that’s enough to put it off me.

          “My annoying comments in the translated JP novels scene started with his Mushouku Tensei.”

          I read the raws so I didn’t really follow that deviantart stuff until the first… 10-ish chapter of Shield Hero got posted on Baka-tsuki.

          And strictly speaking, that wasn’t me anyway.


  12. Please no, I don’t want to read that conversation ever again. If I wasn’t a Teetotaller I’d have drank myself into oblivion after that little ‘discussion’.

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      1. Depends on your operating system, the method I named is for Windows.

        Mac: [option-space] + [option-space] + [option-J] + [enter] + [option-J] + [option-space] + [option-J]
        Linux : [Ctrl+Shift+U + a0] [Ctrl+Shift+U + a0] [Ctrl+Shift+U + 25b2] [Enter] [Ctrl+Shift+U + 25b2] [Ctrl+Shift+U + a0] [Ctrl+Shift+U + 25b2]

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  13. I think I mentioned it before in that other place but I do like Gate. It just touches base with a lot of the stuff I like in terms of tropes. It has a Stargate SG-1 feel to it if you wanna get into the whole nationalist spheal.

    Then again sci-fi is filled with nationalist tropes ~.~


  14. The thing I like most about Gate is how a slacking otaku is the best of the best among Japanese soldiers.

    Laclongquan? Less than worthless. But not the worst thing I’ve seen in the fansubbing community.

    P.S. Looking forward to that EGA post!


  15. So … did I understand that right:

    Step 1# First complaining about that the translation isn’t fast enough/lacking in quality?
    Step 2# Then trying to push the translator(s) to post their translations and/or raws on some “free and anonyme public site” so that the complainer “can help the translator(s) by improving their translations”?
    Step3# Making easy money by stealing the translations and/or raws posted on said “free and anonyme public site” because “it’s free for everyone” … and then being a jerkass to anyone who’s offended by that kind of behaviour?


    1. that’s what i got from it. i think now, spamming him with “it seems like you want to freely profit from others work. we don’t like it, stop it” emails might be the next acceptable step.


      1. Mostly. I only commented for the first time a few days ago no?

        Also, I delete about 80% of my posts before I post them (not here, I mean in general) because of how frustrating or unproductive it would be.

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  16. Oh wow Agarest, I hated my experience (15 hours) with it. Animations were dull, and way too long, and without it, combat was a dull slap fest. Even with the 3-5 or so battles in between story, you STILL had to go and grind some more. I regret wasting my time with it. Can we get FFT or Disgaea on the PC?


    Laclongquan? If you want comments about him, go read the ones above me.

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  17. My brain hurts.

    I personally have never really bothered to watch/read Gate past the first few things. My friends enjoy it and tell me bits here and there, but nothing to really garner my full unwavering attention (likeforAnri-sama-chan-san-kun-dono-hime-sensei-desu). Now I don’t really feel all that much more inclined to watch/read Gate. Perhaps even less so. I guess this calls for the saying “one bad apple spoils the bunch”?

    I don’t necessarily care if people enjoy things I dislike. It’s just when people try to forcefully change my view by shoving their opinions down my eye sockets that I end up resenting series. I’d like to conclude this comment by pointing out the obvious:

    they need to put more red ones in the Skittle packages. I’m sick of the yellow ones.


  18. Lol… After reading some more of this, just let me go call Shaar Thunder to get some more firewood for the stupid flaming.
    People, please respect each other choices and tastes.
    I’m gonna tell you all a secret, that thing people are arguing about is called INDIVIDUALITY. But don’t go and tell that to the world XD.

    And all of you infidels, praise Anri-sama for her all inspiring fear-inducing greatness!!!!

    And thanks again for your work, oh Great and Esteemed 5th Holy Sheeprabbit, Estelion Sharlulu Asheel Vinchance Celenalia di ef Falufiluu’Luufilaafee (The 35th)!!!!!


    1. Yeah it was amusing… until you realized how serious he is XD XD XD

      But I’m torn… I really appreciate the mustache of his avatar…

      I guess the solution is just to admire the avatar whenever I see it and ignore the words…



  19. Motherfucker. I don’t know why I read through all that. It just pissed me off more and more. I hate willfully ignorant or obnoxious people. That guy is just the worst.


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