Kitaseno Yunaki-sensei interviews Anri – Character Baton

Thank you as always for your support.
This is Kitaseno Yunaki.

It’s a bit sudden, but I’ve been passed the Character Baton from Amano Hazama-sensei of 『The Simple Job of Being Destroyed By the Hero』 fame.
It’s my first time being invited in this way, so there was the problem of “To begin with, what on earth is a Character Baton?”, but since he went out of the way to nominate me, I decided to do it.

It seems that the other authors interview their main characters, but I’m not suited for that kind of role, so I’ll stick to narrating, and entrust the interviewing to Miss Leonora.

“Hah? O-, Oi… Wait a moment!?”

Leonora was shocked by the sudden mission, but she was too late, and Kitaseno Yunaki had already disappeared like mist. In exchange, she could hear a voice from goodness knows where.

“Wha-!? You’ve already begun the narration!? Youuuu, it’s only at times like these that you work fast! …Well, whatever. Anri, you there?”

“You call?”

Leonora called out, and Anri suddenly appeared from somewhere.

“Umu, I’m reluctant, but since I was already entrusted with this, there is no choice. I am going to begin the interview.”

“So bothersome…”



Anri had responded sluggishly, but seeing Leonora smile with veins appearing on her forehead, Anri reluctantly accepted the interview.

1. Introductions

“Ahem! Well then, I suppose we should begin with your introduction.”

Pulling herself back together, Leonora asked the first question. Anri gave a nod in reply, and began to introduce herself.

“My name is Anri, 17 years old. I’m female, and I’m 158cm tall. Weight is a secret. Bloodtype AB.”

“What about your three sizes?”

“(¯¯¯-¯¯¯) Chudon.”

Leonora looked at Anri’s breast as she asked in teasing, but Anri paid her back with a darkness bullet. She added on a cute sounding “chudon” sound effect, but there was actually enough power to crush a boulder, so it was really not a laughing matter.
The darkness bullet flew towards Leonora’s chest, and after frantically dodging, she somehow managed to avoid it.

“Uwah!? A-, Are you trying to kill me!”

“Big tit girls are the target(teki).”

“Who’s a 『target(teki)』! At least say 『enemy(teki)』!”

2. Your preferred type

“Honestly… I knew this was going to be a difficult job from the start. Next is your preferred type, I guess.”

Leonora angrily remarked in a huff, but changing gears, she moved onto the next question.

“My preferred type?”

“Well, I suppose in this case it refers to your preference in the opposite sex. I haven’t heard any love gossip about you at all but… how is that?”

At Leonora’s act, Anri folded her arms and thought for a little.

…Rugged, older gentlemen?” (shibui)

“Oh? How unexpected. Is there anybody in particular like that?”

Hearing the answer that Anri came to, Leonora smiled and asked in great interest. However, her question would lead to an unexpected disturbance.

“Ojisama I guess.”

In that moment, Leonora’s smile cramped. The reason being that there was only one person that Anri referred to as “Ojisama”.

“Huh? Wai-, Wait a moment! By Ojisama, you can’t mean…”

3. Things you like about yourself

“Oi, don’t just casually move onto the next question! The earlier topic was more important, right!”

Leonora tried to question Anri after her bombshell announcement, but tragically, it was time for the next question.

“Next question.”

“Tsk, it can’t be helped. I’ll have you tell me about this in detail later, you know. The next question is what you like about yourself.”

“Everything but eyes and aura.” (me to kehai igai)

Time taken to respond: 0.5 seconds

“T-, That sure was immediate…”

“It’s important after all.”

4. Things you’d like to change about yourself

“Eyes and aura.”

“Again with an immediate answer… Or rather, if you don’t let me ask you the question, I’ll lose my standing.”

At last, the time taken to respond had gone beyond zero, and ended up in the negatives. It wasn’t even an interview anymore.

“You should have known what my answer was the moment it became this question.”

“Well, that’s true, but…”

“Just how much hardship have I faced because of these eyes?”

Saying that, Anri pointed at them.
And here, Leonora made a mistake. Leonora had developed an anti-mystic eye physical skill and lately she basically avoided Anri’s gaze unconciously, but since Anri didn’t normally point at her own eyes, Leonora reflexively looked at them.

In the next moment, Leonora bent her knees with flowing movements, and putting her hands together, she glued her forehead to the ground. In a word, the dogeza.

“Ah-, sorry.”

5. Name the next nominee

“I went through a horrible time again…”

“I’m sorry, I said.”

Leonora’s dogeza had already become standard.

“Well, I’m sad to say that I’m used to it already, though. Well? Who’s going to do it next?”

“I’ll pass it to the Narou Contest participant Emoto Mashimesa 『A Scandinavian Noble and His Raptor Wife’s Life as Hunters in the Land of Snow』”

“Fumu, I see. Emoto-sensei who won a gold prize in the third Narou contest, and whose book was recently published, right? Well then, Emoto-sensei, I’ve heard that it is fine to ignore these, but if possible, please continue to pass the baton.”

“We’re counting on you.”

23 thoughts on “Kitaseno Yunaki-sensei interviews Anri – Character Baton”

  1. Well that was funny and what the heck kind of story is “A Scandinavian Noble and His Raptor Wife’s Life as Hunters” XD sounds crazy. Transported to another world where he gets married to a sentient raptor and lives hunting with the raptors as he slowly gets a bad back from imitating their posture to get into raptor homes for tea parties in the afternoon. Whoa mind calm down…

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      1. Totally not the idea of how the raptor wife should have been portrayed… I was thinking something along the lines of Devil Dinosaur (Red Devilsaur).

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I thought Romariel was a given name in Eastern order, considering the “-el” ending used in some hebrew names. but given Leonora’s name, I guess it’s AnrixEligor?


  2. Thanks a lot—!
    Ahaha, now i understand why you ship anri with leonora’s father, lol—! No, i object, anri, be with anbaal—-! Rofl! Though anri, i do understand your type preferences, ufufufu….

    Liked by 1 person

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