Bathroom Goddess is getting an LN

So yeah. WN is getting taken down on the same day that EGA is getting released, but I’ll save them to my hdd, so no worries.

If anybody wants to give me money to buy the EGA, Bathroom Goddess or Tilea novels simply because I’m amazing (lol), have an amazing personality (lolol) and they love me, please leave me a comment, and I’ll get back to you (to take away your money).

I promise to finish the Bathroom goddess and EGA web novel translations at least. (:

23 thoughts on “Bathroom Goddess is getting an LN”

  1. *looks at sheeprabit sama strangely*
    What black magic is this!? all your main series are getting LN versions!?


  2. So the story of Two of our Goddesses are getting stopped for us leec… free readers?
    I’m quite sad :'(

    In case I missed something, will the wn of the Lesser (nobody can equal Anri-sama) Evil Goddess Dark Matter be removed as well, or not?


  3. I won’t mind buying them directly for you, how would I be able to send my contact details (so we can arrange the buying of said LN adaptations) without getting spammed by scammers that will undoubtedly lurk on the site?

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  4. I would be willing to send you money for translation… but how? (I also don’t have a paypal… and I have no idea how online transactions and donations work… )


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