61 thoughts on “Tree of Savior”

      1. How about translating the name to Japanese and then use the romanisation? Maybe break the word down like how Japan people do it with their names?


  1. But you need hidden class (I think it’s hidden) to create a guild.
    Though I would join Anri Nation in a heartbeat, or even create it.


  2. At least in CBT, there’s no Templar (the class necessary for guild creation) yet :v so we have no official guilds atm.
    I think there’s enough space to put Holy Anri Nation as party name tho.

    That said, you have team name + character’s name so you can have pretty long total name.

    p.s. Something about sprinting with swordsman classes is just soooo satisfying (the stamina drain tho :v)


    1. If its fun/free ill join ya in it, worst case if they dont have an official guild system we can just use a free bbs board to manage stuff like party requests and dungeon/raid team setups ect also good for trading stuff between us

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  3. And here i thought they finally released it >.>

    I’ve been waiting for this in ages… still in beta-phase =/
    I hope there’s a SEA(south east Asia) server when it comes out..


  4. If the game comes out then let me join too. First time posting anything but I love the work you translators do. I’ll be sure to help make the nation not just a name but a actual place where anri-Sama can enjoy in comfort.

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  5. wahahaha, if Anri-sama heard about it i wonder how will she react,
    we count on you to tell us when it will be released sherabbit


  6. imcgames made granado espada that i used to play that game is pretty much broken with too much pay2win features i just hope it wont infect tos look cool. btw i took 2months in that game to craft a top grade armors set.


    1. it was paytoplay then became free2play if you google it you ll understand. it was transfered three times it show how much the game is infamous.

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  7. I was looking at it and playing with the build generator and I got a build all planned out. Just wondering if I should go full-power character (Monk) or “Guild” support. I was looking at the Pardoner and his skills to make skill scrolls and was thinking if I combined that with the Cleric’s Heal, the Priest’s Revive or Krivis’s Aukuras, you can end up with non-Cleric characters healing and leave out the Cleric for more DPS or solo without using a Cleric.

    So basically either a melee character where I go my own way, or do full on guild support and supply healing scrolls. What do you guys think?


    1. ?? I don’t see anything like that. You sure that is the correct article? Yours just says volunteer translators have to waiver their copyright claim, which makes sense to stop someone who contributed one translated line claiming x% of the profits from the game. It’s a cover their a-s move, nothing to do with stopping development.


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