Hmm, so about Tilea’s Worries

I re-read some of the raw web novel just now, and remembered part of the reason I liked it.

The MC is cute. One of few former-male-now-male-in-a-woman’s-body protagonists that I find cute.

As her mother once describes them, ‘my dumb, but cute daughter’. I suppose they’re cute because they’re a cowardly dumbass that’s prone to hilarious panic.

And so, I’ll endeavour to get some more chapters out soon. Editing one side story at the moment, and balancing both Evil God stories, as well as Bathroom Goddess for the near future.

9 thoughts on “Hmm, so about Tilea’s Worries”

  1. Wow~! Great News~! Though I don’t quite get why Tilea got so strong… lol. Guess we will found out in the future~ :). And about Tilea’s sister, I just can’t see her being cute, I wonder why~? I guess Tilea herself just gets my attention fully~? lol.

    Thanks in advance~! Hooray~!


  2. Have to agree that Tilia-chan is cute, in a spunky, energetic kind of way. The cutest of the TS-tensei type, though, has to be Alice of Alice Tale. Every time I read it her cuteness just overwhelms me.

    Thanks for introducing us to such amazing web fiction!


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