Why is Yuuki Aoi so wonderful?

Ikemen(cool/hot guy) voice:

Aoi: Eh-? Like an ikemen!?
Saori: Like an ikemen?
Isn’t that a bit hard?
Aoi: Like an ikemen? What’s that mean?
Saori: Yeah, like… isn’t that about appearances?
Aoi: Yeah, isn’t it?
Saori: An ikemen on the inside?
Aoi: Like, an ikemen voice?
Saori: That sounds hard.
Aoi: Doesn’t it?
Saori: Well… Give it a try?
Aoi: Alright~ Here I go!
Saori: We picked another minor role, huh.
Aoi: Yeah, we did. There’s this gender barrier, hey?
Alright, well then, I’ll give it a shot…

(2:59) Aoi: Oi-chan, Misao-chan, good evening.
Saori: Good evening.
Aoi: Good evening. Heh.
We’re halfway through September now, and it’s really starting to feel like autumn.
Saori: Aha! Pretty cool.
Aoi: And when you mention autumn, just like you two, I think that it really is the season of food, but…
(3:18) In autumn when you skin feels a little chilly,
I think that what you really can’t help but want to eat is,
oden I believe!
Saori: lololol
For some reason your “oden” sounded really smooth. lolol
Aoi: Oden I believe!
Saori: She said it twice!


Aoi: What do you two think is something that absolutely needs to be eaten as your oden?
Saori: You sound kind of cool!
Aoi: For me, it definitely needs to be egg and radish.
Saori: The way you said ‘egg and radish’ sounded needlessly cool, huh!
Aoi: Egg and radish!
Aoi: What the heck kind of character is this!

Suppose I’d better get back to translating.

8 thoughts on “Why is Yuuki Aoi so wonderful?”

  1. I thought for sure that if the same actress did Madoka and Flamie, her vocal range must be chou sugoi. Now I know so.


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