1. The anime is really disappointing so far. But that could just be me. The novel is really good though. The first few chapter of vol 1 may be slow but do persevere through them and you will reap great benefits.


      1. For me it’s the same as Onii-chan. I like the anime more than the LN. Both are great, but somehow….. The anime has more… something. Can’t explain, won’t explain.


      2. The novel is really heavy in exposition. It might make it more boring for some due to the lack of any significant action. The first 2 volumes also have a slow start. On the other hand from volume 3 onwards, the action starts getting really heated. We also have the pov of multiple characters to vary things abiylt. This was especially pronounced in volume 4 onwards where we get the pov from non-nazarick characters which really helps expand the setting. I doubt the anime will be able to convey such depth but I’m probably judging too early.


      3. I like them both, but in different ways. Okay, in truth it is actually I was looking forward to the anime too much to get disappointed, and what I wanted to see the most anyway was the action.


    2. How good is Overlord?
      Initial impressions from readind first 2 chapters: *sigh* Why can’t translators focus their time on other better novels?
      Impression from reading latest chapter: THERE IS NO NOVEL BETTER THAN OVERLORD!!!

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  1. I’m of the opinion that the anime is following along with the LN very well. Cannot wait to see how far they will get with the anime since they briefly show scenes from later volumes in the OP.

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    1. I have a feeling hamsuki will instantly be beloved by all viewers. He is the only reason the last few chapters of the overlord manga where good in any way XD.


  2. Um… if I may ask an unimportant question; can you speak Indonesian?

    And do you also watch the other anime which were recently released?

    Btw, it was funny to see the faces of the Slane / Silian Theocracy when they couldn’t kill Ainz ( I got used to Ainz rather than Momon ).


      1. Do you ever wake up and as youre feeling tired and about to close your eyes to go back to sleep, you remember theres a new release today and just suddenly become wide awake?

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