EGA novel

Seeing as how much you guys seems to love and beg for EGA, I hope you will all purchase the novels when they come out to show your support for Kitaseno-sensei. The people that have been pushing for more new chapters the hardest, I am speaking especially to you.

Since you seem to love this series so much, I expect you to buy four or five copies each. No excuses.

time = money

Since you’re all invested enough that you have the right to criticise me for living real life when I’ve already spent so much time translating, I expect you all to throw money at Kitaseno-sensei when the chance arrives. I’ve probably spent 1 to 3 hundred hours translating EGA alone, so I expect you to spend 200 hours of your wage on buying EGA books.

Anyway, here’s the fourth side story, previously done by Vidar. I would recommend that you read both for an enhanced understanding.

I’ll be continuing after dinner, so mn.

28 thoughts on “EGA novel”

      1. When you buy the novel, could you please put a picutre of Anri-sama on your site?
        For those who are too young to be able to buy things on the internet and whose parents don’t consider that “buying a novel in japanese while you’re not able to read japanese just to see the cute pictures” is a reasons to spend money?

        Because I really want to see the Evil Eyes of Our Goddess….


          1. 16
            My parents have legal control of my account until I’m 18 unfortunately….
            Well, I would first have to learn japanese before buying a LN in japanese…


              1. Oh right, I had forgotten the power of Google…
                Well, then I’m off to see if I can find a picture of Camille :D

                *One copy-paste later*
                Frau is cuter than I thought she would be


  1. oh, though I’m not one of those, at most I’ll buy 3 copies as I don’t really have that much… and people are monitoring my expenses because i’ve been buying light novels right and left this year….


  2. tnx for new chapter
    im jealous of those that can buy a copy :((
    i hope oneday i can buy novels copy in my country ^-^

    anyway i cant wait for the next chapter so keep on youre hard work.
    i will cheer for you


      1. well im try to learn it right now
        i start a few weeks ago but because of my exam in uni i cant continue right now :((
        when i become an expert like you i be glad if you let me help you :)


  3. oh sorry i thought you said improve your japanese :D

    well im leave in iran and i cant buy from amazon because of boycott so when i try to boy a volume of manga i was force to tell someone from UAE to buy the copy and send it to iran and the whole process made me pay 120 us dollars so for someone like me who go to uni and live alone it impossible right now :((

    but i buy a copy whenever i got money ^-^


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