As many of you know, Len(imperfectluck) finished Monkey Ojou

He’s now translating Demon King Reincarnation. It’s a terribly amusing story. Stinks of blood and decapitations, yet retains an odd king of fluffiness. But I think his workload is too light. Since Otoburi was recently completed in Japanese, Sakura-sensei recently started two new series. This is one of them:

‘Demotion Trip ~ the Magical Swordsman Girl of the Hero Party That Even Defeated the Demon King Stumbled into Another World and Became a Slave’

Having defeated the demon king and being celebrated as a hero, the magic swordsman girl Rilay was sent by a goddess into another world as a messiah. It was a world where you couldn’t use magic. What’s more, no sooner had she fallen into the world was she caught by a strange man and by the time she noticed it, she was now a slave?! Uh, Goddess?! Mind explaining things?! So let’s all spam Len here and ask him if he’s interested in picking it up!

20 thoughts on “As many of you know, Len(imperfectluck) finished Monkey Ojou”

  1. he already started translating another series. generally 1 series is plenty for a translator. I wouldn’t want him to work too hard, he releases super fast and works really hard. He might die if he picks up another before finishing the current series he is already working on.


    1. actually, he asked me in skype,

      [3:03:35 PM] Len: lol este
      [3:03:41 PM] Len: do you mind if I post a synopsis for this
      [3:03:42 PM] Len: xDDDD

      in our group chat. that you aren’t part of.

      what’s more, the length of maou shoushi chapters are consistently tiny compared to monkey ojou.

      we’re friends, so i wouldn’t send leechers to ask the unreasonable of him.


    2. ESTE Y U No Translate Evil God Average Volume 2 HuH? HuuH?
      I Wait already since like 5 years or so for you to translate! Huuuh?


  2. Oh man this sounds interesting too! I’m taking a liking to the completely socially inept Demon Queen, but the synopsis of this story catches my interest.
    Though it’s mainly because I have faith in Otoburi’s author. I know it’s more likely to be about how the strong and active heroine breaks out of her terrible circumstances and succeeds in her mission. There’s likely to be good character development and a heroine that’s not quiet as imbalanced as Katarina or Rosewood. (One is ALL baka moe, and one is ALL crazy moe hahaha)

    Of course if it was a hentai author then it would probably end up some dark edgy mind break doujin Dohh >.< I've seen enough of those kthx


  3. There are too many harem male protagonists seducing girls and female protagonists unknowingly seducing people. We need the female mc to willingly seduce both genders. That would be interesting to read.


    1. I concure! Katarina was an interesting subversion in that she was an OMEGA harem protag who seduced both genders, but she did it unconsciously lol.

      Another one of the reasons I’m interested in this story is because the main PoV is the “girl in the hero party”. Since she’s not THE hero we’re less likely to get a generic shounen hero protag with all the usual traits. Plus I really don’t want harem hijinks diluting the story.

      The quantity of quality harem stories try to catch people by overloading on common MOE traits. This was SUPER effective when I was like 13 and every little moe trait was new and interesting.

      Nowdays I’m saturated on shallow superficial moe points and think deeper relationships are much more interesting to read about.


  4. Thus the hero Este Sheeprabbit the 35th commanded the leeches l, who ran with all their might towards the demon lord Len’s castle in hopes of forcibly pushing more work into the peaceful demon lord. Would this be the start of the 50,000 hero vs demon lord conflict? Only time will tell.

    On a more serious note. YOUR WILL BE DONE 35th!

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  5. Ohhh, this sounds amusing. It’s bringing up images of a Beatrix-centered web novel we all wished for. or maybe that was just me… I wanted to read more about her background :<

    At least it’s… good? reading practice. I wish there was an easier way of looking up kanji though. Too bad it’s not like manga where they provide hiragana D:


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