So I was gunna finish the last two chapters of this sub-arc for Otoburi…

but then my imouto, Estelina dragged me out to McDonalds and gave me a food coma, so at most I’ll be doing a teaser tonight.

Originally things weren’t supposed to be like this. There’s this new McDonalds thing where you make your own burger, and it’s a little fancier, and since our internet was down, Estelina decided there was nothing better to do than drive to McDonalds at 8PM and try a burger.

So anyway, she dragged me along. Now my sister is a slow eater you see, and since I was there and hadn’t had lunch today, I decided to kill time by ordering two apple pie thingies and soft serve cone. That much sugar is pushing it, but I don’t usually eat much anyway, so doing this just for today should be fine. It probably won’t lead to diabetes.

So anyway, we wait, and wait, and finally the order is done, so I picked up my thingies and her McFlurry, and sit down at a table.

So we’re eating, and we’re eating, and I’m reading the teaser raws on my phone, and just as I’m about to finish all of my food, she turns to me with a serious expression and asks,

“Should I get a burger?”

And I realise that this whole time, she hasn’t ordered a thing.

“Didn’t you already order a burger?”

“No, I was just thinking about ordering a burger”

“You realise that I bought all this crap because I was trying to kill time while you ate, right?”

“Ohhhhhhhh. Should I get one now though? I’m not hungry now, but I’ll be hungry tonight.”

“Then just eat one now so that you won’t be.”

So she goes off and orders her burger, along with a coffee for me, and I’m sitting there reading on my phone until the burger arrives.

Anyway, the burger finally comes, and just as she takes a bite into it,

“I think that there’s butter in this.”

My sister hates butter. She hates it. She hates it as much as her friend hates mandarins, or as much as I hate spamming leechers, so in other words, she hates it a lot.

Turns out she ordered a brioche bun, which is only separated from other breads by having more egg and butter.

In the end I ended up eating that burger as well, feeling like I was going to throw up all the while.

This is quite possibly the most boring story I have ever told in the entirety of my life.DSC_0031


52 thoughts on “So I was gunna finish the last two chapters of this sub-arc for Otoburi…”

    1. Yes, when I want that sundae + a few more self-hatred (the nuggets taste ok for the first few, after the 7th or so you mouth feel…weird)


  1. And this is why I stop going to McD ‘x ‘ or if I do it’s 10 pc nugget combo (cuz I like fries…) + a sundae (hot fudge and with peanuts, nom nom) + self-hatred 3 hours later.

    First time I see that fries holder tho ‘ .’


    1. Nandos & Steers are South African brands. I have seen Nandos in several countries, but not Steers.


  2. Oh imouto…
    Yeah, things like that happen sometimes… having to clean up after one’s imouto is one of the privileges of the older sibling.

    Btw is that your imouto on the pic..? *haa haa..*
    the flurries thingie look delicious

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  3. … wait, do you guys not have normal burger joints where you live? The build-a-burger thing would never fly where I’m from ’cause the only McD’s got over is competition is speed/ease.

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      1. I remember the “Hungry Jacks” dirty tricks play, someone, can’t remember who, trademarked “Burger King” so that Burger King could not use the name in Australia. Good to see that the time limit has expired.


  4. Have no fear, O esteemed holy sheeprabbit. Life is long; you will surely tell a more boring story someday.

    Also, on the occasions I’ve gone to McDonalds, I’m lucky if they give me a plastic tray to put the food on (even if I’m eating in). Why the hell are you getting that metal cage thingy for your fries and a cutting board.

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      1. I remember when I was studying in Sydney, Maccers was our fast food during exam season. Not that we liked it, but it was convenient. I still remember one of my friend’s comment when people complained about a promotional chicken burger.

        “Why are people so uptight about the burger when they should be worried about the so-called chicken?” :)

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  5. Rewatching the GIF….
    Is that finger, the left finger that she raised (or point maybe?) were “that” finger?
    Or is it just me losing my concentration because lack of sleep?


  6. In my country there’s no make your burger on MCD (but next to my home there’s a make your hot dog, and it is superb *¬*), but at least they tasty better than some years ago :D

    But, wait.. h-how come?!! T-to hate butter?! To hate one of the most delicious things on the world that exist for eons, that spread it’s miraculous flavor through many kind of foods, and that gives the consistence desirable for many sweets (mostly cakes and pies)!!
    Butter is life!
    Butter is justice!!
    Long life to all (delicious)butters!!!!

    You are just thinking too much about it being boring!

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  7. Luckily since I’m the youngest in my family I don’t have to put up with younger siblings. If anything, I’m the one being put up with.

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