Cleanup – Chapter 8

My Lord’s Engagement – Q of Hearts (Part 3)

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Think of it as throwing money at the author and Alphapolis, and getting a book with squiggles and pretty pictures as a pleasant extra.

“To start with, this is about the Headmaster Bad End but… it’s also known as the Romance Target Annihilation End.”

Things suddenly got heavy again.
Judging from this other name, it’s probably nothing good.

“The Headmaster was cornered emotionally, and wanting to monopolise the Heroine, he massacred the students that made a move on her.”


Apparently unsatisfied with just erasing the rival characters, it seems the Headmaster even attacked the romance targets.
By ‘cornered eotionally’… Not wanting the Heroine to get into any romantic relationships? Just how narrow-minded is he, this Headmaster.

As I thought, it really was nothing good.
Royce-sama and Achille were probably included amongst the massacred students.
It really is the worst ending.

“After that, the Headmaster abducted the crying and screaming Heroine, and disappeared. The last scene was the expressionless Heroine locked in a building somewhere, and the Headmaster with a satisfied smile, but…”

It’s an ending where nobody but the Headmaster is happy.

But the fact that the Heroine just obediently let herself be carried off means that in other words, the Headmaster is stronger than the Heroine in a certain sense.
From the way Beatrix is speaking, it sounds like if we drag him out, he’ll become quite a war asset.

“And so, about the Happy End but…”


“Roughly speaking, although she was getting hurt, the Heroine accepted the Headmaster with her biiig heart, and in the end she stopped the Headmaster from running around and killing students with the power of love. While wounded all over.”

“To be able to wound the Heroine all over… The Headmaster really is amazing, huh.”

“The result was that the school wasn’t destroyed, and all the students were safe. The Heroine quit the school, and after marrying the Headmaster, she kept an e-… she supported him. Garnet and other countries targetted her, but they couldn’t match the combined Headmaster and Heroine, and the academy broke away form its various bonds, and continued to develop independently after that.”

In other words, in this route the Heroine eventually became his wife, huh?
It’s an otome game, so it can’t be helped, but just how convenient does this Heroine have it?
The rival characters would turn in their graves…

It really was rough, but Beatrix basically gave me a general understanding of the “secret character” but…

“It really would’ve been better had I played it myself, huhh…”

I can’t stop regretting it.
From what I heard, it seems that she couldn’t remember the details.

But it isn’t as though reality will go like the game.
Even the Headmaster, from what I’ve seen in real life, doesn’t seem to be stuck to the Heroine, and always seems to be a hikikomori.
Even now, of the rival characters and the other students, not a single one has been killed.
This point is something that I’m glad isn’t like the game.

“I think I should go have a talk with the Headmaster.”

With determination in my heart, I straightened my posture on the couch.

“Eh-, Miss Camille?”

Beatrix was looking at me with eyes widened.

“At present, Royce-sama and Achille haven’t gotten involved with the Headmaster after all, and he hasn’t targetted them either. From what I can see at least, the situation has changed, and I don’t think things will go like in the Headmaster End.”

So I want to test the waters to see if he’ll lend us his power while it’s still possible.
Even if I don’t get a positive response from him, whether or not he’ll join hands with the Heroine… is something that I want to know.

“Even so, there’s no guarantee that the Headmaster is completely safe, you know, Miss Camille.”

Beatrix was flustered, and tried to stop me.

“But… the ones that know about this at the moment, are only me, you, and the Heroine, right? And right now there’s no way that you can leave the castle.”

Beatrix is Royce-sama’s treasured fiancée.
She’s currently being targetted by the members of the Anti-King Faction who oppose Royce-sama as well as those old men who are trying to pair Royce-sama with their own daughters.

“It’s fine, it’s fine. I don’t know as much about it as you do, Beatrix, but I do have knowledge of the game. Now that various things have diverged from the game, I don’t know how useful it’ll be though.”

“Miss Camille?”

“Like people say, ‘strike while the iron is hot’. I’m going to fly to the academy for a little, so…”

“Y-, You can’t, Miss Camille… Are you planning on sneaking out of the castle without the permission of your Danna-sama and His Highness Royce?”

“Ehhhhhh… But I mean, if Achille finds out then he’ll definitely oppose, after all.”

Because at any rate, I have too many previous offences.
If things go badly, this time he might realy lock me in my room.

“Isn’t that even more reason not to!?”

“B-, But…”

Although mumbling and making excuses, I left my seat.


My head kinda feels, more hazy than before. Did I catch a cold as well?
It felt like the moment I left my seat, my head suddenly grew even hazier.
Why is my body suddenly feeling so hot?

“Miss Camille? What’s the matter?”

Noticing that something was wrong, Beatrix peered in on my face with worry.

“Beatrix… Nn, my body is kinda,”

I tried reaching my hand out to her.
But before I could stretch out my whole arm, I collapsed towards her.

“M-, Miss Camille?”

“S-, Sor… ry”

I tried to part my body from Beatrix in a fluster, but I was finding it hard to muster the power.

This has happened before… Today was a lot better than that time though.
The incident with Dominique in the past floated into my head.
But ever since then, I should have abstained from drinking so… why?

Even today, I shouldn’t have drank anything but tea.
This Camille-body of mine is incredibly weak to alcohol after all.

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  1. Ooo, a poisoning attempt? Or just some good old-fashioned champagne tea?

    My thanks to you, O esteemed holy sheeprabbit.


      1. Hmmmm…. I’m thinking of a male version of Yuno but more handsome. Then again I’m guessing the principal looks like undertaker from black butler?


  2. Stockholm Syndrome?

    Thanks for the Super Ultra Great Delicious Wonderful chapter updates!
    You’re spoiling us rotten, Sheeprabbit-sama..


    1. I don’t think it’s Stockholm Syndrome.

      For me, in the Bad End, the Heroine got raped and broke, and in the Good End, she noticed what the Headmaster was about to do and went with him to stop him.


      1. Aah, I see… ( ゚д゚)
        Somehow after I read it the first time, both endings got combined in my head so it became the heroine marrying the Headmaster after he kidnapped her..
        My bad.. (>ω<;)ゞ
        So, in other words, she sacrificed herself for the sake of others in the Happy End? What a friggin’ saint..
        Heaven and earth difference from the current heroine..
        Can’t see how that is a happy end tho..


      2. Hmm ( ̄(工) ̄)ゞ True..
        It’s just that I personally thought that the headmaster is very mentally unstable..
        He’s like a ticking time bomb and pathologically possessive to me..
        Even though the heroine stayed with him, it’s impossible for her to not have any contact with males..
        To the point that I’m worried if they have a child, will he be jealous of the the child since she will lavish most of her attention to the baby?
        It’s like she will spend the rest of her life carefully walking on thin ice or else there’ll be a massacre..
        Maybe I’m exaggerating, but..
        Such a worrisome relationship.. (~_~;)


  3. If I remember Frau’s chapter, she said that their was nothing bad in her sister’s game, and that everyone had an happy life.

    Did she unlock the Headmaster route?
    I mean, however I take it, I can’t seem to see the Headmaster route as “Everyone is happy and well”…


  4. wound the Heroine al over -> all over
    from what I’ve seen in rela life -> real life
    have a talk to the Headmaster -> usually it would be “have a talk with”

    Thanks again.


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