Cleanup – Chapter 1

My Lord’s Engagement – Q of Diamonds (Part 1)

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1106515577One Day I Became a Burikko Villainess Noble Girl, out now.
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Think of it as throwing money at the author and Alphapolis, and getting a book with squiggles and pretty pictures as a pleasant extra.

Ah, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but anime girls go ‘mukiiiiiiii!’ when angry. I think it was originally a sound effect that was a corruption of ‘mukatuku’, but not entirely sure. At any rate, it’s an onomatopoeia that represents ‘getting pissed off’, but anime characters are weird in that they actually read out such onomatopoeia so yeah. The monkey-esque ones do this in particular (like Catherine or Wakaba for example).

Ah, also, the ‘Mm~mn’ is a sound that goes ‘mm(high)-mm(low)-mm(mid)’ also written as ‘Uun’. It’s basically the opposite of the English ‘Mhm’, and is a sound that you make to signify a ‘no’. You hear it sometimes in English as well, but it’s nowhere near as standard as in Japanese.

“How depressing.”

I gazed at the gradually darkening sky from inside the palanquin.
Neither the luxurious Topagerian styled clothing prepared for this day, nor the various ornaments I was wearing offered my heart any consolation.

“Huu, in the end I wasn’t even able to see Baka-sama’s face, huh…?”

This alone couldn’t be helped. As nothing more than a noble girl, I’m not in a position to give my opinion after receiving an order from the state.
Both Baka-sama and my groom are royalty, so I might be able to see him again.

I wonder if it’s about time that we arrive at the castle.
The surroundings have suddenly gotten noisier.

“Beatrix-sama, please do not leave the palanquin.”

The maid that accompanied me said this in a voice filled with tension.

“Why? What’s going on?”

Unable to bear with it, I flew out of the palanquin.
The moment that I did, a nearby man charged at me with a blade.
An assassin?
Troublingly, I wasn’t wearing my sword at the moment, so I took up a stance to fight barehandedly.

“Beatrix! Go back!”

The moment that I was about to take a step forward, a familiar voice called out from above.
And at the same time, a bolt of lightning struck right into the apparent assassin.

“Miss Camille?”

“Looks like you aren’t injured, huh. Sorry, something a little annoying came up. I’ll immediately fix it up.”

Saying that, Miss Camille landed nearby. Her pink hair fluttered in the night wind.
In her left hand was an enlargened quill. She was probably using this to fly in the sky.

“A part of the Royal Prince Faction has been running rampant you see.”

“…Am I, being targettined?”

That man had turned his blade against me.

“Mn. There are some idiots thinking that they’d hurt you, and drag the King Faction’s name through the mud.”

They certainly are idiots.
I wonder if the Royal Prince Faction is trying to drag the Topagerian King’s name through the mud instead.

After a while, the calm returned to my surroundings. It seems that all the assassins have been apprehended.
A number of burly Garnet knights came towards me.
Leading them was…


Raiga Transbaal!
With silver hair and blue eyes, there stood the prince that I worshipped.

“Sorry. Some of my father’s subordinates did something stupid.”

“Y-, Yeah…”

The real live Raiga, just now, spoke to me!
I know that he’s Mei’s Danna-sama, but my heart fluttered despite myself.

“Are you alright?”

“Y-, Yes-!”

“Geez, Raiga-sama. If they’re your subordinates then at least keep a proper eye on them please~”

Miss Camille is actually complaining to that Raiga-sama!

“So noisy. I can send this words right back at Royce.”


It seems that Miss Camille and Raiga are close. They’re cracking jokes at each other.

“Beatrix, let’s go.”

“Miss Camille? Eh-…”

She suddenly pulled my arm, and sat me down on the quill.

“Hold on tight, okay? Raiga-samaaa! I’ll leave the rest to youuu.”

“Ah-, oi! Tattoo woman! Are you trying to push all the bothersome stuff onto me!?”

Ignoring Raiga’s scream, Miss Camille flew towards the castle, with me on the broom as well.

“Don’t worry. I had the bridal procession continue all the way until the castle. As though nothing happened, you see.”

Camille smiled cheekily.
It seems that after I flew away, the bridal procession carried the empty palanquin to the castle.

Our surroundings are already completely covered by the darkness of the night.
It was a luxurious outfit, but the Topagerian bridal costume I was wearing had a lot of exposure, so the night wind was cold. The outfit I was wearing today was the one for welcoming the bride, and on the day of the wedding, I’ll be wearing something different.

“Aren’t you cold, Miss Camille?”

Under her robe, she was wearing a vest, blouse and skirt; the common clothing for female magicians in this country.

“Hmm, it’s cold but I guess I’m used to it. Ahh, you’re cold, aren’t you? Wear this.”

With that, she tried to give me her robe.

“That won’t do. You’ll get cold, Miss Camille.”

“I see.”

After saying that, Miss Camille lit up a number of flames around the quill in succession.
Seeing them float in the dark night felt a little fantastical.

“Is the cold any better?”

“Eh-, yeah.”

It certainly does feel warm around the flames.

“I have magic for blowing warm and and stuff, but they have the downside of drying your skin. Should I try mixing in steam with it?”

“Nah… This much is plenty.”

I grew up in the desert, so It’s not like I’m that sensitive to the cold.

After intruding on the castle grounds, she headed for the window of a noticably high tower.

“It’s fine. The assassins are all finished after all.”

“That’s not what I was worried about.”

All the assassins or whatever were probably caught back there.

“Hey, Beatrix?”

“What’s up?”

“It might be weird coming from me, but…”

It seemed that Miss Camille was struggling to pit the words out, but eventually those small and pretty lips parted.

“Royce-sama is a good person, you see. Get along, okay?”


Royce Garnet.
My biggest worry at this moment.
The hated man that basically used a sneak attack to have me wedded into Garnet.
Sorry to Miss Camille, but I don’t feel like getting along with him in the slightest, so I gave her a vague smile.
Still on the broom, she headed through the window into the building.

“I have returneddd! I spotted Beatrix-sama, so I kind of brought her along as well!”

“Thanks, Camille.”

Standing next to His Highness Royce as he thanked Camille with a broad smile, was Achille who was giving off an incredibly dark aura. Scary! Since I knew what he was like in the game, it was incredibly scary!

“Achille, I’m back~”

I gazed at Miss Camille with a look of respect, as she ignored his aura and ran over to him.

“You said that you wouldn’t get involved in any fights, right? So then why did you attack the enemy?”

“Mn~? What are you talking about~?”

“It’s pointless to try and fool me. Thanks to that ring, I know all the things that you’re guilty of.”

“Geh-! You can tell that much?”

As Miss Camille tried to run for it, Achille caught her by the scruff of the neck…

“You broke our promise, didn’t you?”

Achille who was whispering in an elegant and sexy voice sounded somewhat happy, contrary to his words.

“I-, I’m sorry! I’m very sorryyy! I won’t do it againnn!”

On the other hand, for some reason Miss Camille’s eyes were getting more and more teary.

“Shall we go?”

Just like that, Miss Camille was dragged out through the door…

“Hang on, Achille. I said that I’d be borrowing Camille for the evening, didn’t I?”

“You did borrow her. The time limit has passed. Please work something out on your own for the rest.”

Achille ignored his lord’s orders… Since this was also different from the game, it was refreshing.


…The shutting door cut off the rest of Miss Camille’s cry for help.

“My my, Camille might end up useless until tomorrow evening now.”

So muttered His Highness Royce as he looked at the door with a complicated expression.


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  3. “hard you” to “harm you” I assume. That is all I see. Sometimes my brain will miss a few simply because it auto fixes it while I read.


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