Regarding the next Evil God Average chapter

It ends on the first real cliffhanger in the series, and since I’ll be busy on the weekend, I might not get the final arc 1 chapter out until Monday (my time).

So I’m just going to bum around today, and I’ll tl the last 2 chapters of this arc after the weekend.

Hope you all understand.

31 thoughts on “Regarding the next Evil God Average chapter”

  1. Y’know, by saying there’s a cliffhanger coming, some of us are already dangling over the drop. I’m trying to imagine what kind of cliffhangers could be coming…

    But okay.

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  2. Really hoping to learn what happens with the child.

    Either way, only needing to wait a weekend is nothing.

    Enjoy your weekend :)


  3. Enjoy being a bum! It’s not worth it if you don’t enjoy it!

    Also, thanks for saving me from the cliffhanger, I love you


      1. Given that they’re dealing with an evil God, or at least an entity (the founding priest) equal to the hero…

        Contact the king or queen of whatever country they’re in and attempt to have whatever passes as the army show up.

        Attempt to gather information from everyone who’s experienced or seen unusually odd things since a week before the attack on the church.

        Find someone, or several people, who are entirely too fond of riddles and assign them to whatever group ultimately goes inside.

        If it became clear that sacrifices were being purchased, buy as much livestock as possible under the pretense of feeding said army and sell it at a profit.

        Regardless of the success or failure of any of the above, coordinate with the local guildmaster to divide the adventurers up into raiding groups (say, 7 squads of 5 people each per group) and get them to practice in the hardest areas nearby.

        Once the army shows up, have them assault the cultist position in cooperation with the adventurers, divide them up into whatever groups their superiors judge worthwhile, assign two messengers and one riddle-breaker to each raid party. Make sure each party has enough supports to counter the misasma. Once the solution to a riddle is found, send one messenger to the nearest raid group with said solution.

        TL;dr: ZERG RUSH!


  4. Lol procrastination’s the best medicine. Trying reading Doulou Dalu, if you haven’t started yet. There’s a new chap released.


    1. Seriously… That novel is addicting. Out of the two Wuxia novels (It and Zhan Long) it’s by far the better one. Also recently… moar cliffhangers >_>


        1. just find all of the honourable and just depictions of chinese police, and then being moved to tears a bit… idunno. very hard to believe?

          it just smashed my suspension of disbelief apart, since i know quite painfully as well the current state of china as a whole in regards to transparent and non-corrupt government agencies.

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  5. You can try Astro fighter Sunred
    i love that tipe of humor and the ending is a stroke of genius^J^
    Ep 19 is the best one (for me), (I’m sorry if I end up being too pushy, as i’ve already reccomanded this serie)


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