Ehh, the password is sort of a

“You’re not supposed to read this at this point, but if you’re desperate enough that you get through a password, who am I to decide for you?”

type thing.

Or so I’ve been copying and pasting to everyone.

The whole side story is supposed to be read as a second arc that serves as an interlude between the first and second arc, but apparently you’re all losers who have already ruined the experience for yourselves by reading the other side story chapters, so whatever.

I don’t care. Do whatever you want. I’ve removed the password. God, you’re fucking annoying, Chris.

39 thoughts on “Password”

  1. it wasn’t me Q.Q i personally prefer to actually follow from beginning to end in order so… the addition of the password was nice of you though for those of us that cared.

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    1. Skill: Minor Confusion.
      You can’t understand what’s going on, but it doesn’t really bother you.

      +15 for Major Confusion
      +20 for Insanity

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    2. …..? Um… Wha’? *has no idea what’s going on*

      Well, regardless, sorry about people being ****s to you, Sheeprabbit. Again.


      1. Champion. Or as a laugh, you could have changed the password to “God, you’re fucking annoying, Chris”.

        Then everyone who wanted to read the chapter had to type that out. lol


  2. I looked around for a hint. Seeing none, I thought it was password protected for a different reason and promptly forgot about it.

    But you have to admit, you seem like the type to throw up a password prompt as a joke. I mean, if you want proof of this claim…I can point at your banners.


      1. Ah…Binh’s puzzle. Heh…

        I stand by my claim, but it looks like the mood for password games has soured for a while. That was a damn annoying April 1st.


        1. And I refute your claim once again. I don’t troll readers, nor do I find joy in making others suffer. When I posted that Hood Camille chapter, I had already posted the real chapter as a link in there.

          Of course, if there were any dickheads that were unpleasant enough to not play along on April 1st, they wouldn’t find the link. That much is completely fair, in my opinion.

          At any rate, if you think you know me better than I know myself…


      2. Hmm? I don’t. But you know, trolling was the last thing on my mind.

        I was saying that you’ve shown a sense of humor, demonstrated a desire to deliver quality entertainment, and displayed a “do-whatever is interesting” personality on this blog. So if the password had been a game/joke like Google’s Doodles, it’d fit right in. While I’d recommend the Pacman one, the Turing Machine one was also quite interesting.


  3. I need to know what the password was… Was it “pie”? *dies*

    Noooooo I’m not gonna read it! No spoilering myself!


  4. Long story short, think one of the Side Chapters, the one about the Demon Princess was being translated but put behind a password as a work in progress, the chapter is now viewable by all, so no more hidden behind password chapter, for those that were wondering about what the password was about.

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  5. Well, I’m going to go to sleep now because after I wake up I feel like there will be more destruction flag ojou up on omega harem and I’d rather sleep than f5 over and over and over. .. XD

    May all our favorite novels post in the interim!

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  6. When I knew that it was chap 8, I decided that I wouldn’t read it. But god, did I want to find the password, even if it was just for the satisfaction of it.

    And I failed. Miserably. Tho is still won’t read chap 8 until the others SS are out.


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