Google tl adds a lot of flavour

At this moment, jasmine in shock to find that she completely underestimated this person. His body is weak, his mysterious force small bear, but this time, he has shown a completely inconsistent with these terrorist willpower. Previously, she had been puzzled with why the treasure as Tien day will actually poison beads attached to such a low, but the humans again, this time, she began to feel …… does not seem to disappear day spiritual poison beads , but not a day of spiritual poison bead gone mad ……

Over the past quarter of an hour and a half ……

Che’s body covered with dark clouds suddenly flashing pattern rapist from red brilliance, and his facial features are distorted when he finally began to ease off a little.

[Suddenly, Lovecraft!]

When “Three hundred years ago, it was exploring a dangerous legacy left by ancient land, we found a very old ancient inscribed a message: ancient times, there is a process called ‘Cthulhu’ true God He is the era of the gods fall last true God, his fall, also means that the era of the real end of the gods. And when the fall of Cthulhu, leaving a drop of Cthulhu source of power contains the blood of his immortal …… ”

“If we can get this drop of immortal blood, into the body, the mysterious veins into force will be derived Cthulhu!”

38 thoughts on “Google tl adds a lot of flavour”

    1. Don’t worry. Tried the google tl at Arifureta. It was funny. Even worse than this. The best were the parts of Tio, where every “hentai” is translated into “transformation” and not “pervert”. So you get “She’s a hopeless transformation.” Or Names get translated into their proper meanings. Kouki = Brilliance. Brilliance does this, Brilliance does that. Brillaince is depressed. And some words are translated so awkwardly where you get things like the translation above xD. I do not know how people can really work with only machine tls. It’s even harder to use them than learning the proper language.


  1. That first weird sentence should probably be rephrased as “this time he had shown a terrifying willpower that was completely inconsistent with this.”

    I’m completely clueless as to the rapist.

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  2. Don’t underestimate the terrorist willpower, the mental fortitude that won’t mind sacrificing their own live for their goal… and maybe their friend live, plus someone else live and err couples of cars and building


  3. Title :
    【Flashing Pattern Rapist】

    Effect :
    Passive : 【Enemies’ accuracy reduced by 30% by your fabulousness】
    Active : 【Induce level 3 of「Confusion」, 「Blind」, and 「Damage Reduction」 debuff for 8s. Increase 「Enmity」 by 25 points. Cooldown : 12s】

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  4. i though this was spoiler for ATG, but since i just skimmed it and didn’t understand one f*ck how this connect to the last translated chapter, guess that was fine


  5. lol btw sheep rabbit, do you know about a little manga called Nukoduke? I can guarantee you its relaxing and full of cute art and fluffiness that you like :3

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  6. I can’t tell if I’m lucky or unlucky in being able to understand spoken Chinese right now… On one hand having google translate read the chinese out to me means I can understand the stuff. On the other, I probably missed so many awkward translations like this while reading…


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