Status Report

Sorry for the wait, guys. I had this half-done a week ago, but lost the motivation to finish it.

Over the last few days, I’ve been spending my free time reading. Not just translated Chinese novels of course, but raw Japanese stuff too. I recently finished something I could describe as,

‘Kenkyo ~ Inferior Fantasy Edition: Now With Harem’

and well, it was great. But there was nothing amazing throughout the entire series. Well, not to say that Kenkyo has any amazing moments either, but Kenkyo is cuter and longer.
The protagonist in this is a bit of a monkey, which is a first I guess.

Hm. I guess it was inferior because she collected harem members (male and female) who each had their own mini-arc, but one the last one was collected, it was just a long epilogue chapter and that was that. I guess there wasn’t enough everyday life for me, and it ended more quickly than I’d have liked.

I mean, I did enjoy the ride, but I suppose it ended as a mediocre series before I had time to really warm up to all the characters. So I don’t think I’ll be translating it. If I hadn’t already 4 projects, then I’d pick it up for sure, but… yeah.

If anyone out there is looking for something cute to pick up, try this. It’s complete at 35 chapters of varying length.

– The protagonist is amusing in her own way.
– The characters are all colourful and lovable.

– There are no amazing scenes. There are some strong feels, but never anything really amazing happening.
– It might take a while to translate, but when you read it, it feels like it ends too quickly.

– The protagonist is basically a big monkey. A cheerful idiot that hates studying and likes to climb trees.
– One of her female friends is seriously plotting to cancel MC’s engagement, and elope with her.
– Bonus points for adding the original game heroine to her harem.

25 thoughts on “Status Report”

  1. – One of her female friends is seriously plotting to cancel MC’s engagement, and elope with her.
    – Bonus points for adding the original game heroine to her harem.

    Wait, you’re serious?

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      1. I don’t remember if there’s any engagement involving the MC. Do you mean the cousin that has secret crush toward the MC? (yuri flag)


    1. Looking over it again, I must say it’s much better translated than a lot of other web novel stuff.


      Which is a real shame, really. Would you consider picking it up? I think if you put just a little bit more time into non-stiff writing, it’d be just great!

      I mean, the stiff wording is fine for the other nobles and characters, but this girl is basically just an idiot, so it’s unnatural that she’d speak or think so stiffly.


      1. I want to improve my Japanese, which is why I’m attempting this. Sadly, I’m not anything like Katarina, so maybe writing like her will be difficult for me… I noticed in the first chapter that the characters were using really polite keigo, so maybe I tried too hard to make all the characters act formal? As for hosting it wherever, I’m ok with anything really, as long as you guys give me plenty of advice as I’m new at this, haha. That’s Vidar’s blog, right? I think I remember the name from reading the Jashin Average side chapters.

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        1. What’s your wordpress username? I’ll send you an ‘author’ invite. I’d honestly like to make you an ‘editor’ as a show of appreciation, but unfortunately there’s re:trans and vidar stuff there too, and I can’t risk giving editing privileges to somebody I don’t know.

          And if you use skype, feel free to add me on mossypebble.


  2. Aniki, I’m curious about some wn that I stumbled when I was exploring that japanese wn site even though I can’t read japanese and couldn’t mt it (it got really ugly). Can it be future teasers? < gender bender? < bad end from the beginning? < this one have 'yandere' on the name, so I got really curious =o < this one is the villain's brother =o

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      1. Heh, Syosetu has so much good stuff! Why is there no English equivalent. Blargh. I mean I’ve looked through Fictionpress, and I’ve been through…. but finding stuff that interests me there is very difficult. Is it a cultural thing?


  3. I am here to comment(again)! thanks for the post! I had fun reading this novel! I guess…possible SPOILER! As someone who is more than halfway through the series, (thanks to translation of imperfectluck), this series, with its charming and adorable heroine Katarina, and the style of the author’s writing, this series is currently my number one. A series that can make me smile and laugh, is light-hearted, and even gives me some feels, without making me frustrated, is definitely good for me!

    It ends after the last character has been captured? NO—–!-sobs- i was looking forward to more occurrences and seeing more of the cute Katarina.-secretly prays for a sequel, even if i know the chances are pretty low- i want to see more of Katarina the Adorable!

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