30 thoughts on “Chapter 11 of Isekai Mahou”

    1. I’m not sure that’s shots. I think this is more like mines planted all over the front yard while warheads fly en masse.

      There’s definitely some massive rekt going on.


      1. Possibly some sentry turrets on the balcony and roof as well.

        I look forward to fanning the flames of warfare. Thank you for sharing this, Sheeprabbit; that just made my day.

        Should I go over to Elysion’s site and post a few comments alerting people to the alternate TLer?

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  1. Not that I don’t appreciate someone translating it, but

    Why starts at 11 .- . unless he plans to go back to do 10 then I’d want to wait for 10 to finish first before reading this.

    And if the other one gets salty from this and refuses to do 10…more waiting.


    1. The Esteemed 5th Holy Sheeprabbit, Estelion Sharlulu Asheel Vinchance Celenalia di ef Falufiluu’Luufilaafee (The 35th) is the one who bring us Protagonist with vaginas, how can you thought that she’s translating this one (even tho she have some male protag projects). its not even that interesting. I probably watch or read superman than this one.

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      1. well, I’m not the one who actually use it but the 35th herself, Look at Teaser etc tab> Other stuff>. then you will see it


  2. someone on elysions page suggested that he steal the translated chapter 11 and post it on his page and guess what he said? “I’ll think about it but don’t want to promote his page”


      1. for now elysion hasn’t done that but then again he said he would think about doing it…and here he said he would keep doing the chapters whether or not Hiyono has done it…btw Hiyono is now gonna do chapter 10 due to popular demand :D


      2. Common courtesy within the community to say something if your going to do a chapter on a series someone else is doing :3


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