Wedding Preparations? – Chapter 11

Wedding Preparations? – Q of Hearts (Part 2)

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Think of it as throwing money at the author and Alphapolis, and getting a book with squiggles and pretty pictures as a pleasant extra.

“Congratulations, looks like it went well! Achille, Camille, just how long have I waited for this moment!?”

The very moment that I left the room, I was hugged by Royce-sama along with Achille.

“In other words, you were peeking again, weren’t you?”

It’s something that happens every time, so I eventually got used to it.

Even though our wedding was confirmed before Royce-sama’s, it seems that he doesn’t think of it as a problem at all.

“Well then, for the ceremony, I’ll be getting involved in various ways too. It would be better to have the date sooner than later, right?”

“…You planned on this from the beginning, did you now?”

The conversation between Royce-sama and Achille is steadily progressing.

“I’m sure Camille will look cute in the dress. I’m sure looking forward to it.”


When he calls me “cute” with a sparkling smile, even now my heart starts beating faster.

While I was entranced by Royce-sama, from behind, Achille’s arms wrapped around my waist.


The voice, and the actions that he used with me, were gentler and sweeter than even before.


I wonder if he feels my words, and my actions, to be sweet like this.
Absolutely everything was going too fast, but I felt happy about it too, so… I was in chaos. My thoughts have already melted, and it seems like I won’t be able to think about anything.


And the result of that…

“Oh my god.”

In the blink of an eye, the topic progressed…
And with Royce-sama as the witness, on that day, on paper, Achille and I ended up married.

“Signed. These documents… I signed them.”

In this world, it seems that if those documents are officially recognised, you’ll be a married couple.
And  from church officials called from who knows where, to Royce-sama, Soleil, and father who was still at work, to nobles on good terms with us, were all thoroughly gathered here. This, would have been impossible if they hadn’t prepared this in advance, right….?

“Camille, with this we’re finally husband and wife aren’t we?”

Achille whispered this into my ear, so my various thoughts ended up dispersing.

“Mn… Achille.”

“The wedding ring will be for the ceremony… Look forward to it?”

“Eh-, another one of your handmades?”

“Of course.”

That might be super interesting.
The engagement ring was pretty amazing too, but the wedding ring that Achille tempted me with a “look forward to it” for will definitely be something amazing.
I could hardly wait for the wedding ceremony.

The days got deeper into autumn, and a slightly chilly season arrived.
The hallways in the marquis estate were a little cold too.
I was wearing a thick, cocoa brown dress that I wasn’t used to, and looking outside through the window.
Since then, news of the extremists has died down. It seems that Royce-sama and Achille are doing various things at the castle, but no information reaches me directly.

Today is the day that Achille is moving to my house… in other words, the marquis estate. His much desired life as the next marquis is finally about to start.
I’ve been nothing but restless since this morning.
It feels weird that I’m going to be living with Achille from now on, and it’s a little embarassing.


Congratulatory presents from Achille’s sisters Déborah and Desirée have come.
There are a lot of things that need to be prepared so the ceremony itself is still a ways away, but there’s no doubt that it’s basically just a countdown. Royce-sama has the say in deciding the date.
I’m happy, but everything is going forward so smoothly, that it’s kind of scary.
I gave consulting Déborah a try with communication magic, but a completely lazy “That’s just bridal nerves, ohoho.” was all I got back.

Through the window I spotted a carriage from the Jade Viscount family arriving at our Rhodolite Marquis estate, and I ran down the stairs.
The servants were all lined up before the door to our estate in order to welcome Achille. They’ve been quickly getting the preparations ready for welcoming Achille in. Amongst them, the head maid Aimée had been preparing in even higher spirits than the rest. She’s always been very fond of Achille.


When I opened the door, Achille appeared in formal dress. Servants from the Jade family were surrounding him.

“Ah-, Achille. Um…”

Unlike usual, this time he hasn’t come over to play. From now on, we’ll be living in this house together.
Once I think of that, my heart suddenly starts to thump, and I get all shy.

“Take care of me from now on.”

“M-, Mn. Me too.”

Uuu, our exchange just now was somehow embarassing. My face is heating up.

“Achille, if anything at all troubles you here, just say so, okay?”


After saying that, in front of all the servants, Achille took my hand and kissed it. The servants of my family all pretended like they didn’t see anything, but people like Aimée were definitely really excited inside.

I guided Achille to his room.
Aimée had prepared everything in high spirits, so the room was all ready.

“This is your room, Achille.”

I pointed to a room that had good sunlight exposure. The furnishing was chosen by the servants, and was chic, but overflowing with a high class feeling.

“Oh? You emptied this room for me? It’s big, isn’t it… What’s more, it’s next to your room, Camille.”

“Aimée recommended that it be this one after all.”

For some reason Aimée was really stubborn about this room. I didn’t particularly mind either, so I left it all to her.

“I see. I like this room too.”

“I see. I’m glad that you like it.”

This room certainly is big but… there’s a door that links directly to mine, so I don’t think Achille will be able to feel at ease though, huh?
It might be better to seal it up later.
I added “Seal the door.” to the list of things to do in my mind.


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  1. I was waiting a big ceremony

    But just a few papers?

    Pd: In this case, Beatrix should just refuse to firm anything


    1. I think there’s still a ceremony to come, think of it as getting married at a registrars office then having the ceremony later?

      Anyway the ship is so damn close to sailing.

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    1. At this rate her denseness will exceeds the limit, collapses into blackhole, and causes supernova at some point.

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      Break the limit when Achille pushes her down.
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  3. “In the blink of an eye, the topic progressed…
    And with Royce-sama as the witness, on that day, on paper, Achille and I ended up married.”
    What’s this? Is Garnet Kingdom true identity Las Vegas?
    “This room certainly is big but… there’s a door that links directly to mine, so I don’t think Achille will be able to feel at ease though, huh?”
    Certainly that’s why Aimee chose that room, so Achille could do a night visit to Camille XD

    Thanks for the translation!

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    So Much vanilla waai. Thanks for translations!


  5. Ehhh.. different rooms? Shouldn’t this be kind of strange to Camille who came from a world where Husbands and wives share a single room?


    1. I thought that too, but I chalked it up to Bakamille being baka as usual. I think the idea of being married hasn’t fully sunken in yet LOL. She has no idea that a wolf is coming to eat her up.

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  6. Hohohoho. I don’t know why but I feel like laughing like an old man. Hohohohoho. And I’m guessing that Achille will make sure that door does open, even if he has to bend space or something.

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  7. Yay, more! Oh, a possible error maybe?
    “official recognised” Uhm, is it ‘officially recognized’ or recognized by an official?

    Somewhere in the mansion, Aimée has probably prepared a special rose covered room with a magically powered rotating bed.

    “I added “Seal the door.” to the list of things to do in my mind.”

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