Regarding ‘Sorry Oniisama’

I was originally going to go for quite a few more chapters, but I’m unsure now. Last night I stayed up to 6AM reading to the latest chapter, and I must say, the early chapters don’t do it any justice.

Basically as the series progresses, it gets more and more serious. And you end up thinking that’s the mood doesn’t change from there, but you’d be wrong.

I’m not sure how to do explain the feel of the series in place of more teaser chapters, but I’ll try going with a few hints. The story continually gets more messed up, and not in a cheap ‘people sacrificing virgins’ type of way where things regarding the setting of the fantasy world are messed up.

Rather it’s the characters. And rightfully so.


  • The setting in the prologue is very important
  • She’s a girl who’s been bedridden for a long time
  • This book series was basically her life

The reveals in this story are not so much about hidden plots or intrigues, but more about the personalities and motivations of the characters. Starting with the main character, not everybody is as they first appear, and all the reveals are really very reasonable, or rather, even quite probably if you considered this story in reality.

So yeah, the story is dark, but not in a grim dark way. It’s dark because the characters make it dark, and because the world warps so far from the original novel series.

49 thoughts on “Regarding ‘Sorry Oniisama’”

      1. Went back and found it :v

        Naru Taru aka Shadow Star.

        But still, not a common sort of dark I’m curious…

        I mean, the person herself probably doesn’t value her own life much based on how she hate her past life…and she ‘adores’ her onii-sama who will overcomes hardships so she’s intentionally causing him hardships…

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  1. Omg you just make it sound more and more intriguing. Too many “dark” stories the the cheap cop out method of just adding dark shit like sacrificing virgins. I’ve almost never read a story WN LN or western novel that just had characters slowly developing into messed up people despite their good intentions.

    With the way you describe it, the synopsis just gets more creeper, and I’m very interested.

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    1. It even makes the title more ominous. Like I can imagine the mc doing some fucked up shit to her Onii-sama, then she realizes what she’s done and going “Gomenasai” with dead fish eyes… Ok I’m letting my imagination get ahead of me.

      On a totally unrelated note, Estelion I love your new avatar picture. I think it perfectly embodies the idea of someone who “Enjoys eating sweet foods, translating simple Japanese stories, reading eroge, and rolling about in bed whilst emitting strange bird cries.” Saber was lovely too but this new picture fits so well. Do you know who the artist is?

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  2. Have no say in or the fact that I want to expunge from my memory of all f***ed up stuff I have ever heard or watched. Then again I’ve seen worse and just don’t watch it unless you want to think about your place in the world.


  3. well, way to go about killing me with intrigue
    would love to see this series go beyond a teaser if that is the case though, love stories that are messed up in terms of character personality traits and seeing how it evolves


  4. Sounds great to me, it’s been a while since i’ve read something serious + dark that isn’t english based, and is a WN/LN. but on that note, it’s really up to you, like you’ve said, you TL what you want, when you want :D


  5. I’m not sure whether or not that influences me much. I mean I like some dark stuff every now and then, and I prefer it if it’s well made. But I also like my fuffly time that I have when I enter this blog. Well, it’s up to you.


  6. If its good, despite it being dark, than I think you should translate it. Unless you don’t want to, of course. Just translate whatever motivates you the most, I guess.


  7. I dunno, maybe if it refreshes your palate between fluffy fluff fluff fluff, then dark chocolate kind of feeling?

    cloudcuckoolander comedies vs SERIOUS SH*T going down

    like that?


  8. Mind putting a recent update/announcement?
    Since you’ve been TLing many teaser and pick ing up some WB/LN on the way.


      1. I meant creating a recent update pages like in Yoraikun…
        You previously said that it isn’t needed because you’re only TL a few WN/LN, but since you picked up some of it and still making some teasers, it would be great help for your lambs(followers) if you create it now. Sorry if you find it quite a pushy suggestion


  9. Buaahh T_T
    Now I want to read even more, we have to find some translator willing to translate (since onii-chan already have too many in his hands).


  10. The way you describe it reminds me of another WN that I read.
    魔王アルリリアの報われない日々=(GT)Every day it is not rewarded the devil Aruriria
    I really recommend to check it out if you haven’t read it yet.


  11. Sure hope you decide to pick this one up, even though you have so much stuff on your plate. Thanks for your work!


  12. Mm, I just finished it & it was an interesting read.

    Her struggles in trying to fulfill her role & direct events into its “destined path” as it should was admirable but at the same time somewhat foolish. Though somewhat understandable considering her experiences.

    They really are siblings seeing how they chose their respective paths.

    I hope the newly updated Extra/Omake chapters bring in new interesting stuff as well.

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  13. Aaaaaaand now I’m scared to read further. 😫 Why can’t the protagonist(the girl who’s going to be the villan) be happy for once!? OMG, I’m sure the ending would be touching….

    P.S. Don’t judge my username, please.

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