Jashin Average – 7

Chapter 7 – Job Change?

Scanties are a type of underwear in Japanese that corresponds to low-cut panties, or particularly short panties.
For research purposes, please search google images for ‘スキャンティ‘. Please feel free to envision the design of your choice.

It’s been three days since I’ve been tossed into this world.
On the first day I had my hands completely full with just getting to town, and on the second and third days I earned money by doing the Adventurers Guild’s collection request.
Even with only two days experience as an adventurer, I’ve realised one thing already.

I can’t live doing only collection requests.

Because the day I registered I did something like go to the church, the day ended with just the medicinal herbs collection quest, but the next day I had time so I accepted two requests.
The reward I got was just barely 1 silver coin, and just spending a night at the inn used that up.
If you include the food expenses then I’m completely in the red.
Because I have the compensation money────let’s go with that────from the first day I won’t be immediately troubled, but my spending exceeding my income is just a matter of time.

There should also be novices besides me who won’t touch the subjugation requests, but I wonder how those people live?
While I was wondering this I gave asking the receptionist oneesan a go, and found that those people were those that lived in this town and didn’t need to pay inn fees, or people who lived together in a cheap inn room.
In other words, my lifestyle doesn’t match my income.
In that case you might tell me to drop the level of my lifestyle, but for a modern person that’s too rough even as a joke.
Honestly speaking, to me, even the inn I’m staying right now is at a level that I can’t fully accept as ‘high’.
And moreover, as a maiden I’m against sleeping together even for a little with people I’m not in a relationship with; for the moment let’s leave aside the issue of whether there’s a man out there who would actually attack me.

And given this, I have no other choice but to increase my income.
With collection requests, I know that no matter how how hard I try it’ll be difficult to increase my income any more than this, so the only choice left is to accept subjugation requests or bodyguard requests.
I’m not really up to either of them, but if I had to pick one then I’d go with the subjugation request.
Since picking a bodyguard request would require direct communication with the client, it’s clearly not suited for I who can’t work in the hospitalities industry.
Moreover, anyone can see that if I accidentally met eyes with them while we were on the journey, it’d turn into a huge fuss.
To begin with, I doubt that I’d even be hired as a guard with my eyes hidden like this.

Subjugation requests require you to subjugate the designated monsters, and bring back a part special to them.
The monsters that have subjugation requests sent out are ones that cause some sort of harm, or those that pose some sort of risk.
The clients are mostly those that have suffered harm, the Adventurers Guild, the Merchants Guild, or the lord of the town.
A subjugation request for goblins which become annoying once they grow in numbers is a permanent request put out by the Guild.

Since it’s “subjugation”, you have to kill the target, but honestly speaking that’s a heavy burden for me.
“I’ve never even killed a bug before”… is not what I’m saying, but in all my life I’ve never knowingly killed an animal before.
I think all modern people are similar in this.
Honestly speaking, suddenly accepting a subjugation request is something that needs courage, and I’m scared that I’ll fall into a helpless panic and get killed instead.

But I happened to hear about a beginner’s dungeon south of Riemel.
Dungeons are generally labyrinths that take the form of caves, and inside are countless monsters and traps, and finally sleeping treasure.
Activated dungeons are controlled by a dungeon master, but the beginner’s dungeon that I mentioned already had its dungeon master subjugated, so apparently its fallen under the jurisdiction of the Adventurers Guild.
Because it was subjugated when it had just formed, it was a short dungeon with only three floors, and because low level monsters like slimes and kobolds spawned endlessly, it’s apparently being utilised as a training ground for those new to subjugation requests.
Additionally, the term ‘Beginner’s Dungeon’ is the popular name amongst adventurers, and nobody remembers the official name.

Of course, even if it’s under the jurisdiction of the Adventurers Guild, the things it releases are real monsters, and it’s not as though there’s absolutely no threat to your life at all.
But the beginner’s dungeon with its limited monsters has a higher level of safety than an actual subjugation request, so you could say that it’s the ideal spot for training.
Since I couldn’t find enough courage to accept a subjugation request, I’ve decided to try training in the beginner’s dungeon for now.
If this is no good, then I’ll have to look for another way to increase my income.


After walking for a little under two hours from the eastern gate was the entrance to the dungeon by the lake shore.
Giving a sidelong glance at the sign that said “Only authorised personnel are permitted entry – Adventurers Guild, Riemel Branch”, I timidly step foot into the entrance of the dungeon.
Having said that it’s under the jurisdiction of the Adventurers Guild, its not as though the inside has been modified, and it’s a cave that goes into the bare rock itself.
While holding the tantou in my right hand, I began carefully searching. Speaking of which, I’ve heard that as long as you keep your left hand along the wall, even if you get lost you’ll eventually make it to your goal. I might get lost after all, so I’ll do that, at least until monsters appear.


Having walked around inside the cave for perhaps an hour, searching the dungeon while cutting down ferocious monsters that attacked me with a single swing of my dagger… is not what happened.
No, well, despite having walked around the cave for almost an hour, for some reason I haven’t been attacked by a monster even once.
On the contrary, I haven’t even seen one.
I considered that it might just be how it is, but I immediately refuted that idea.
This is clearly unnatural; like this, it would probably be completely useless as a training grounds for the Adventurers Guild.
At this rate I’d just be walking around for nothing, so I decided to think about it while taking a break.

The truth is that I actually vaguely know the reason why, but I just don’t want to acknowledge it.
If I acknowledge it, there’ll be some real trouble later.
Having said that though, it’s also a fact that running away from reality forever won’t get me anywhere either.
I need to gather my courage and face reality.

…It’s because of the Evil God Aura isn’t it, this situation?

The effect is a lot weaker on people than the mystic eyes so I forgot, but “the effect on humans is lower” is in other words, “on things other than humans, it demonstrates a strong effect”.
There’s no way that an aura that’ll send a dragon running frantically won’t frighten slimes and kobolds.
Since the first floor loops around if you walk far enough, if they’re always running away from me then I can understand why I would never meet them.
Speaking of which, even when I was first thrown into the forest, and when I was searching the forest for the collection requests, I’ve never been attacked by monsters in the places that I’ve visited, but thinking about it now that was clearly unnatural.
Because of the Evil God Aura, the monsters probably ran away without me knowing.
Being unattacked by monsters is something good in and of itself, but at the same time it means that I can’t complete a subjugation request.
Since subjugation requests are targetted at monsters that attack people to begin with, having the enemy turn tail and run from you is probably beyond expectations.
Being the case, it means even if I go out on a subjugation request the monsters will just run away from me from afar with the exception of monster nests in places like caves with dead ends, but I can’t imagine that such a convenient request will come by often.

…I’m stuck.
The reward for collection requests is low, and if I’m unsuited for subjugation and bodyguard requests, then raising my income will be difficult.
Do I really have no choice but to drop the level of my lifestyle…?

『The dungeon core of dungeon “Lakeshore Cave” has been granted divine protection.』


『Gained control of dungeon “Lakeshore Cave”.』
『Gained title “Dungeon Master”.』
『Acquired skill “Dungeon Create”.』
『The fundamental structure of the dungeon will be modified based on the dungeon master’s attribute.』
『Dungeon name has been changed to “Holy Land of the Evil God”.』

Wai-, hang on.
No, seriously, please hang on.

Shocked at the sudden event, the surrounding scenery underwent a complete change before my eyes.
The ceiling that had seemed reachable with your outstretched hand grew several metres taller, and the sides grew far, far wider.
The walls that had been bare rock had changed into walls of black brick, and the torches that had been placed here and there changed into ominous candlesticks and shone with eerie purple light.
Drifting around me was a thick and eerie dark green fog, and I could hear a malice-filled roar that seemed to resound from the depths of hell.
This place that shouldn’t have had a single kobold now had countless wraiths and golems swaggering about.

Mn, it’s been splendidly changed from the beginner’s dungeon from just now to a place with a last boss-ish atmosphere.
From the fact that the monsters aren’t attacking me, together with the voice from just now, I’ve more or less guessed it already, but I’ll check just to make sure.


Name:  Anri
Race:    Human Race
Sex:       Female
Age:     17
Job:       Mage
Level:   1
Title:      Child of the Evil God, Dungeon Master [New]
Mana:   3031504
– Evil God Aura (Lv.5)
– Mystic Eyes of Wicked Authority (Lv.5)
– Divine Enchantment (Lv.7)
– Abnormal Status Resistance (Lv.6)
– Darkness Magic (Lv.6)
– Item Box (Lv.4)
– Dungeon Create (Lv.1)
– Tantou of the Wicked Demon
– Black  Clothes of the Evil God
– Babydoll of Depravity
– Scanties of the Succubus
– Pumps of Darkness

Mn, unfortunately it seems that I wasn’t just hearing things.
My titles and skills have increased.
I ended up becoming a dungeon master.

<Dungeon Master>
The ruler that lords over a dungeon.
Can use the dungeon core to manage the dungeon, and eliminate intruders.

<Dungeon Create>
The elementary skill for a dungeon master.
Used by the ruler to expand or maintain the dungeon.
A dungeon core is required to use the skill.
The level depends on the number of floors the controlled dungeon has.
Lv.1 is for 1~5 floors.

From the 『voice』 earlier, and what I can see from the explanation, there’s something called a dungeon core in this dungeon, and those that control the dungeon through that are the dungeon masters.
And the beginner’s dungeon had its dungeon master subjugated, but perhaps because the dungeon core was left as is, or perhaps for some other reason it reappeared.
In other words, I don’t know for how long exactly, but in a dungeon with no lord, as long as you have the dungeon core you can control the dungeon, and because of my divine enchantment skill the effects spread via the dungeon and the dungeon core figuratively fell into the palm of my hand… Is this for real?

This is bad, seriously bad.
It seems like the dungeon master of an endlessly growing dungeon would be subjugated, so if this gets found out my life will be targeted.
And now that the place that should have been a beginner’s dungeon got turned into this, they’ll immediately notice the abnormality.
Now that it’s come to this────

“Let’s pretend it never happened.”

Mn, thinking about it carefully, even if the abnormal change of this dungeon is made public, I can just put on an innocent face and live in town.
After all, I haven’t tested to see if other people can see it too, but as long as the skills and titles on my status screen aren’t seen by anyone else, there’s no way that anyone should know that I’m the dungeon master.


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