Jashin Average – 2

Chapter 2 – An Average Conclusion

Before I knew it, I was in a forest.
The surrounding thick trees and flowering plants grew densely, and although I could tell from the light seeping between the leaves of the trees that it was daytime, the place was still dim and dark.
After finding myself face down on the ground, I lifted my face and looked around. Confirming that I was alone, I stood up.
I brushed away the dirt and leaves that were stuck to the front of my body.

In the end, that god(provisional) didn’t give me clothes.
Would you normally throw out a naked maiden even as a joke?
There are lots of stories about being thrown into another world in manga and novels, but I’ve never heard of treatment as terrible as this.
I can’t even enter a town like this, and I can’t carelessly use the highway either.
Or more like, I’m really glad that I’m in the middle of the forest.

For now, even if there’s nobody around, I’d like to at least find something to cover myself up with, but I clearly have nothing on me.
Even when I looked around, I couldn’t even find a leaf big enough to cover up with.
While I was at a loss, I suddenly recalled what that god(provisional) said.
If I remember correctly, besides my wish, he gave me physical abilities, the power of magic, and an item box… item box?
If it has storehouse powers like the things you often see in games, then mightn’t there be something inside?
But, I don’t know how to use it.
Well, for now…

“Item box.”

When I gave chanting the name a try, I found a half-transparent display screen appear before my eyes.

Short Dagger  ×1
Leather Robe     ×1

Ooh, it had things inside.
They clearly sound like beginners items, but at this point I don’t really care.
There was the clothing that I so desperately wanted.
I have to get it out no matter what.
I tried touching the corresponding area but it was only visible and untouchable.
It seems that I can’t interact with it like a touch panel.
When I tried thinking ‘Robe, come out~’ I found that a dark brown robe suddenly appeared from my shadow.
Huh? This shadow was my item box?
It seems like an incredibly villain-ey action, but let’s leave that aside for now and put on the robe.
It feels rough and cheap, and I’m still just as naked inside so it’s all breezy.
But for now I’ve managed to cover myself, so I let out a sigh of relief… In my mind.

Since I could calm down now, I decided to investigate the display before my eyes.
Because I took out the robe, the contents only listed the short dagger now.
As a test, I picked up a stone by my foot, and while thinking about putting it away, I dropped it above my shadow.
The stone was completely swallowed up by the shadow, and the display now had the addition of 『A normal stone×1』.


Next I thought about closing the item box, and the display suddenly vanished.
With the display closed, when I concentrated on bringing the stone out, the stone appeared from the shadow.
When I thought about putting the stone away again, the stone just sank into the shadow.
Hmm, it seems that even without the display open, as long as I know what’s inside, I can bring it out.
Since I don’t know what might happen, I decided to bring out the short dagger and hold it in my right hand.

From what’s happened so far, it looks like this is a world with a game-like system.
In that case…


Just as I expected, a display different from the one before appeared.

Name:  Anri
Race:    Human Race
Sex:       Female
Age:     17
Job:       Mage
Level:   1
Title:      Child of the Evil God
Mana:   3031504
– Evil God Aura (Lv.5)
– Mystic Eyes of Wicked Authority (Lv.5)
– Divine Enchantment (Lv.7)
– Abnormal Status Resistance (Lv.6)
– Darkness Magic (Lv.6)
– Item Box (Lv.4)
– Short Dagger
– Fur Robe

There were so many things I wanted to tsukkomi that I didn’t know where to start, but first of all there’s one thing I’d like to say.

You got it wrong.
My name 安里 is the surname Yasuzato.
It’s not the given name Anri.

Wanting to do something about this unilaterally revised name of mine, I tried touching the area on the display, but just like the item box menu from before, I couldn’t touch it.
Even when I concentrated and thought ‘Change~’ nothing happened at all.
After some trial and error, I found that I couldn’t do anything about it, and giving up, I turned my gaze to the other entries.

My race and sex, and age are fine, and as for my level I haven’t really done anything so being Lv.1 is natural.
I was arbitrarily made into a mage, but I don’t think of myself as the physical type, so it’s not like I have a problem with this either.
But the value of my mana points or whatever is weird.
No, well, I don’t know the average value for this so I can’t say for sure, but it looks like the numbers are clearly abnormal.

And moreover, there’s something even more worrying.

“Child of the Evil God?”

Why do I have such a sinister title attached?
The only god I know is that god(provisional) that threw me into this world.
Was that guy an evil god?
Well, the guy had even more stagnant looking eyes than me, so no matter how you look at him he doesn’t seem to be something holy, so if you told me that I’d believe it.

When I turned my eyes to the title, that area went into a close-up and showed an additional explanation.

<Child of the Evil God>
By the power of the Evil God, a divine child who has been conferred the blessings of darkness.



What the heck does that evil god want to do by giving me such a chuunibyou setting?



Now then, let’s leave the escapism at that, since it’s about time to turn my eyes to the problematic area.
Under the skills column are “Evil God Aura” and “Mystic Eyes of Wicked Authority”.

Taking ‘mystic eyes’ to be a change to my eyes, and ‘aura’ as ‘atmosphere’, I could tell that these corresponded to the things I wished for.
But I’m sure that I asked him to make it “normal”.
And despite that, for some reason it ended up like this, so I can’t accept it.
Turning my eyes to the skills column, I had the additional explanation appear.

<Evil God Aura>
The repulsive aura emitted by the Evil God.
Emitting this aura alone has no physical effects, but those within the area of effect will experience terror.
Lv.5 is the level of an average Evil God, and has enough power to send a dragon running frantically.
Additionally, because humans have a weaker sense than monsters, the effect on humans is lower.

Type:          Passive Skill
On/Off:      Unavailable
High/Low: Unavailable
However, the effectiveness will fluctuate based on the user’s mental condition.


<Mystic Eyes of Wicked Authority>
Mystic eyes that confer terror upon those that meet its gaze.
Lv.5 is the level of an average Evil God, and has enough power to have a Demon King dogeza and beg for his life.

Type:          Passive Skill
On/Off:      Unavailable
High/Low: Unavailable
However, the effectiveness will fluctuate based on the user’s mental condition.


Lv.5 is the level of an average Evil God────
an average Evil God────

Wha-, who the heck said to make me normal “with an evil god as the standard”!?

Aren’t I done for?
This is obviously worse than in my old world.
Honestly, I’m afraid to look in a mirror.
Having come to this, considering that I’ll be kept at a distance by the people around me, it doesn’t seem like I’ll be able to live properly from now on.

My hands and knees collapsed to the ground… in my mind.

After being depressed for a while, I pulled myself together, and turned my eyes to the remaining skills.
I swore in my heart that one day I would smack that evil god though.

<Divine Enchantment>
Things touched will be granted the divine protection of the Evil God.
It’s a high level ‘mana bestowal’ skill, and though the mana bestowal is temporary, the divine protection is eternal.
The target can be both organic or inorganic, but in the case of enchanting a living being, the target is required to accept.
Lv.7 is the level of an intermediate god.

Type:          Passive Skill
On/Off:      Unavailable
High/Low: Available
When used consciously the target can be instantly enchanted, but the unconscious passive use requires contact for an hour.


<Abnormal Status Resistance>
Grants high resistance to poisons, confusion and other such abnormal statuses.
At Lv.6 even a Demon King class attack can be rendered powerless.


<Darkness Magic>
A system of magic that uses the great power of the darkness.
A system exceptional at reducing the power of the opponent and attacking.
The effectiveness will fluctuate based on time of day, and displays its maximum power at night.
Lv.6 is the level of a Great Demon King.


<Item Box>
A storage space with enormous capacity.
Only non-living things can be placed inside.
Additionally, things stored in the item box will not be bestowed divine protection.
Lv. 4 has the storage space of a house.


The item box is fine, but everyone else is as sinister as it gets.
The abnormal status resistance seems decent at a glance… but I can’t help but see this line-up of skills as things a boss monster would have.
I can’t really imagine ‘divine enchantment’ from the description, but the divine protection of an evil god is probably nothing decent.

I think I’ll have a look at my status again… What the heck is with all this? It screams ‘last boss’…


『Fur Robe has been granted divine protection.』



I suddenly heard a voice from somewhere, and in the next instant, my body was engulfed by darkness.
Well, more accurately speaking, not me but the robe I was wearing.
When the darkness cleared away as though being sucked in, what I found there wasn’t a dark brown robe but a jet black robe that gave off a feeling of being high class.
Moreover, under my robe there’s even a dress… As expected there’s no underwear though.

If I guess based on the voice from earlier, could this be the effect of the divine protection skill?
According to the skill explanation, when it’s used unconsciously I need to be in contact with something for an hour.
I don’t have a watch so I can’t accurately tell the time, but it seems like it’s been that long since I took the leather robe out of the item box.
At any rate, I’m thankful.
Thanks to that, I’ve gone from an exhibitionist naked-robe style to a more decent outfit.
I’m sorry for thinking that there was nothing dece────


『Short Dagger has been granted divine protection.』


Just like the time with the robe, darkness gathered around the dagger in my right hand.
When the darkness cleared, there in my hand was a sinister jet black tantou.

– Tantou of the Wicked Demon   [New]
– Black Clothes of the Evil God    [New]

<Tantou of the Wicked Demon> [New]
A tantou that possesses such terrifying cutting ability that it can tear through even steel armour like paper.
Additional effects of poison, paralysis, confusion, sleep, muteness, instant death.
Is a cursed equipment that can not be removed.

<Black Clothes of the Evil God> [New]
The robe granted to a high level priest of the Evil God.
Immune to four elements, absorbs dark element, and on top of having resistance against the light element, the physical defence is also high.
However, while equipped, user takes damange from healing magic.
Is a cursed equipment that can not be removed.


It really was nothing decent.

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    1. Welcome to the isekai world of novels and manga where mc asks for a wish from a god to be average and becomes op instead because that god thought normal/average of that world or amongst gods, like how our mc is like now she said average/normal for her eyes and aura but not of what, and the evil god said her eyes and aura is like an evil god so he made it like that

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    1. Well, she only wants her eye and atmosphere at average level (and to him, who’s apparently an Evil God, THAT is the average)

      Everything else she didn’t ask Mr.God just do whatever he wants.

      I think the fact that the girl is also super stoic (like Nagato from Haruhi stoic) will also get played into her being an unconcerning evil god who stamps down all who stands in her way.

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      1. It might just go to her item box. Same with the robe it might just mean that if she is not using/wearing it then it have to be put in the item box and she can’t just leave them somewhere or give them to somebody else.

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  1. Oh wow this is good too! That evil God lol. Freakking gods and their lack of common sense! It looks like Anri is well on her easy becoming some kind of Demon Queen! Oh man will she even be able to communicate with others properly? ! I can’t wait to see more.

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  2. Wow, what an average protagonist. She’s so average, it seems even Dragons and Great Demon lords have to bow down or flee before her, that’s how average she is…

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    PS: Good thing she didn’t have underwear or pants because you would need to remove them when nature calls (somehow I feel it isn’t that extreme of a “cannot remove” curse though)

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