I’m Back in the Other World? – Chapter 9

Chapter 9 –  Tea and Cookies

“Excuse me, I want to steep some tea, but would it be possible to borrow some utensils?”

I entered the dining room and heading to the kitchen, I called out to them.
The other knights and people who seemed to be villagers that were in the dining room all turned their gazes to me. It seems that this dougi that I’m wearing is curious. But I’m not an exhibition you know.

“We don’t have anything good enough to use with VIPs though. Is that okay?”

The person who seemed to be the innkeeper was kind enough to come out.

“That’s fine. Enough for three people, please.”

After replying as such, the innkeeper said “Please wait a moment.” before returning to the kitchen.
After a while, the innkeeper brought out a tray with a pot of hot water and cups.

“Don’t spill it, okay?”

After saying that they handed it over to me, but, somehow I’m getting the feeling that I’m being treated like a child.

“It’s all right.”

Looking up at the innkeeper, I told them as such, when they sort of gave me a “There’s no helping this girl, is there?” look. I get the feeling that I’m being treated like a child even more now.

Whilst feeling dissatisfied at my treatment, I returned to the prince’s room.
Because both my arms were occupied, I called out to them and had them open the door for me.

“It’s Sakura. I’ve brought tea. Could you open the door please?”

After waiting for a little, the door opened from within, and Squad Captain Raias appeared.


With that one curt word, I entered.
The main table was buried in my belongings, so I placed the tray on the side table by the bed, and began preparing tea.
Is this tea herb tea? Wondering what kind of tea it was, I searched the knowledge of my old life.
While recalling the taste and effects from the knowledge of my previous life, I combined it with the knowledge of how to steep delicious tea that I cultivated in this life, to prepare it.

“I’ll be steeping the tea soon, so please tidy up the things on the table.”

While preparing, I called out to the pair who were still staring at the lunchbox and the wristwatch.
After steeping the tea and turning around, I cleared up some space on the table for the tea.
I placed cups of tea before each of them, and then sat down with tea for myself.

“These cookies are suited for eating with tea. I hope they match your palate.”

Whilst saying that, I opened the cookie bag and left it in the centre of the table, eating one cookie for myself.
Mn, yummy. By the way, these are simple butter cookies.
After confirming that I ate it, Squad Captain Raias and Prince Sedrim reached out for cookies as well.
While watching that, I took a ship of tea.
How delicious. It seems that I brewed it well.
It’s been eight years since I’ve begun cooking for myself in pursuit of delicious things, and it seems that my skills are useful in this world as well.

“This is… quite delicious. The sweetness and fragrance that spreads through the mouth is completely different to the cookies I’ve eaten before. And what’s this scent? This aroma…”

The prince raised his voice in surprise.
When I looked at the two, I found that the prince was reaching his hand out for a cookie, and the Squad Captain was looking somewhat frozen. What could be the matter?

“The fragrance is probably butter. It’s something created from cow’s milk. As for the sweetness, I held back on the sugar, so perhaps it’s the butter’s taste. If you have it with tea, the sweetness is highlighted, you see.”

After I said that, the prince held some of the tea in his mouth while chewing the cookie.
It seems that the Squad Captain had recovered from being frozen, and was moving about again. He’s drinking tea just like the prince.

“I see. Is this herb tea? The taste and fragrance are quite different from what I usually drink but… But still, it goes quite well with the cookies, doesn’t it.”

He reached out yet again for a cookie, whilst saying as such. He’s quite a glutton, isn’t he?

“Isn’t the tea you usually drink top class items? This is cheap herb tea. Both the taste and fragrance can’t be compared to the exquisite things that a member of the royal family drinks.”

I wonder if he’s ignorant of the world. I replied to him, a little shocked.
He just said “I see” before going back for another cookie. If I look carefully, it seems that the Squad Captain is doing the same.
Even though I’ve eaten only one so far, the cookies are all gone. My cookies…


28 thoughts on “I’m Back in the Other World? – Chapter 9”

  1. They will become slaves to the power of Cookies
    All of humanity shall fall into chaos to obtain the godly recipe
    The Sakura Cookie Knights will rule the World!
    Those who act against the Cookie Laws will suffer!

    *cough cough*

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  2. Sadly aside from her Home Ec book the rest of her text books were useless containing only, The art of war, applied Calculas, and Chem 2.


  3. nuuuuu not the cookies!!!
    Actually… I’m kind of over cookies already… I’m watching these videos on nutritionfacts.org and everything I eat is full of toxins… TOOOOOXIIIIIIINS!!!!


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