Two of the four new teasers for much, much, much further down the line

Title: Tilea’s Worries (TS)

  With the progression of his Chuuni Disease, Shioda Tetsuya is shunned by his family, and dies in despair, a thirty three year old jobless virgin. He vowed that if he was born again, this time he would stay away from delusions and live life seriously. Fortunately, he reincarnated in another world as a girl named Tilea, and lived a happy life with her kind parents and adorable little sister, but…
  Lately, she’d been troubled. Her beloved sister had begun talking about how she was actually one of the Six Demon Generals, serving directly under Demon King Zorg, a descendant of the Three Great Demons. The situation was looking bad. She had to do something before this Chuuni Disease got any worse!
  This is a fantasy “misunderstanding story” about a protagonist who has not noticed in the slightest that she’s a “cheat”-like existence, and how in her efforts to heal her sister’s Chuuni Disease (except that she really is one of the Six Demon Generals), she somehow or other ended up setting out to defeat the Demon King.

Contains the occasional coloured illustration. The entire cast of major characters have their own profile pictures. It’s a pleasant touch.
Our protagonist:

Title: The Bears Bear a Bare Kuma (Translator’s Note: Kuma Means Bear)

Yuna, a fifteen year old girl who has just begun playing the world’s first VRMMO.
Earned billions of yen in stocks. Doesn’t go to school, and shuts herself in at home playing games.
Today, logging in excitedly to play the new major update and promotional campaign, she was given the soul-bound super rare cheat item, the bear suit. But even though she played the game alone, and even though it was just in-game, the suit was too embarassing so she couldn’t wear it.
After completing a survey regarding the new campaign, she started the game again, only to find that she had been forced to wear the bear suit, and was in an unknown forest.
Where is this? Huh, an in-game message from God? This is another world?
If she put on the Mr. Bear suit, she was godly, but if she took it off, she was a normal girl. Yuna began doing as she liked.
(When the protagonist levels up, the bear suit gets stronger. When the protagonist learns a new magic, the bear suit learns the magic instead. A lot of this story involves bears, so please take care.)

There is a lot of bear content

34 thoughts on “Two of the four new teasers for much, much, much further down the line”

  1. I don’t think I could bear to read that second story, though the bare essentials seem somehow intriguing… Guess I’ll just grin and bear it.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. I can’t bear these unbearable bear puns anymore. If I hear another unbearable bear pun, I’m going to take unbearable amounts of mental trauma. My bare mind can’t take all these bear puns.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for the chapter. Sr, I’m not into Bear that much to really want to read the second teaser but the first teaser is good. The MC going to be a Cheat-like Hero that going to defeat the Boss(Demon King) to free her sister(One of the Six Demon Generals) from Chuuni. Just from that is already Awesome!


  3. I can’t read about the Bear story without thinking of Yuri Kuma Arashi.

    Love approved! Kuma shock! I’ll never forgive bears!


  4. Tilea’s Worries sounds really interesting.
    The Bears Bear a Bare Kuma does not sound as interesting but it’s just the synopsis and the story might be amazing.


  5. The first one seems a bit too awkward for me, because at a certain point you have to be legitimately stupid not to notice your cheat-level power, but the bear one looks like it has the potential to be extremely amusing.


  6. I will never be bored as long as I wander this website. Also, Yuri Kuma Arashi gave me a headache with all the randomness and Kuma-thingies, but oddly enough it was extremely hard to stop watching it. I don’t know if I will be able to bear this, in more ways than one.


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