I don’t really get it, but whatever

Hey there Estelion and random fellow leechers here! For anyone bored I’ve got this “Reference Game” I’d like to share with the good people here.
I figured the [STATUS REPORT/RANDOM MESSAGE] section is as good enough a place as any to share it. After all it’s kinda like a Status Report, only about my self haha ^^; Well here’s a link: https://krytonsite.wordpress.com/2015/03/25/random-off-load-site-for-creative-energy-launching/

9 thoughts on “I don’t really get it, but whatever”

      1. It’s basically a giant wall of text written by a self proclaimed super nerd that is bored and lonely enough to do this. The catch is to find all the references he made into that infodump ( which is impossible unless you’re plugged to the internet with an USB cable)

        I go two at most.


    1. Oh man, it never occurred to me that some people wouldn’t know the word gimmick. Sorry about that! I’ve consulted my friend Webster for a definition of the word http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/gimmick

      I hope that link clears things up for you! In essence, that post of mine is a word game of sorts. That word game is a “gimmick” I designed in order to attract attention to my new WordPress Blog.


  1. Ouch it looks like I made a grave miscalculation. Eh everything is a learning experience. I’ll make one last try and make a tutorial of sorts:

    The explanation for the game starts on the second paragraph. The top paragraph is more or less gibberish on purpose.

    Anyway look at the phrase “gotta catch’em all!”. It’s from Pokemon right? I’ll feel really stupid if no one knows that line from Pokemon haha.

    Anyway if that phrase “gotta catch’em all!” was a part of the game, a reader would put in their reply: “gotta catch’em all!” is from Pokemon!

    I’ll get to the more advance stuff later. Hopefully this tutorial helped! If not I’ll close shop and try again with something else later.


    1. no its okay. i understood you intent. I thought what you were asking was pretty clear. My only problem is that I am not nerdy enough/ I have bad memory, so I cant actually solve your trivia/ find the reference puzzle.

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