Not an a chapter update (but there’s a poll)

First of all, sorry for giving so many activity updates and stuff. I’m a NEET at the moment, so I have a lot of free time. Yes, I’m aware that I probably have more of these than chapters, and I write more of these than any other translator out there. Feel free not to read.

Random Message

Um, I was just thinking, maybe after finishing the current Kenja chapter and current Otoburi arc, I’ll translate Mushoku Tensei Volume 6’s light novel special chapter.

I’ve been thinking about it, and they’re all pretty good, but as you’d expect I don’t feel like doing them all. But volume 6 has Aisha, so I thought it’d be fun to do it myself. If it’s already been translated, then I might not publish it, but mmn, fun things are fun. That might be nice to try.

What should I do after Otoburi though? More Other World? Another Black Knight chapter?

I’m actually asking you here.
Regarding Kenja/Wiseman

I’ve mentioned in comments somewhere, but I think for Kenja, because of the way the story is done, I’ll only translate a little bit of the beginning, cut to an important (but irrelevant to overarching plot) reunion halfway through volume 1, and then cut straight to translating some of the road trip arc in the web novel.

That way you get a taste of Kenja-style sentimental stuff, as well as Kenja-style exploration, without ruining any of the real plot.

And if you find that you really like this style of writing as well as Mira (Dunbalf’s new name), then you can go harass a translator with free time or something. The same way people harassed Yorai-kun for THE NEW GATE. Yes. That’s a good idea.


41 thoughts on “Not an a chapter update (but there’s a poll)”

  1. Voted for Other World~

    Nitpicking aside… Other World’s Sakura-chan is too cute~~
    I pity for her though… Had a great metabolism, too great that it stopped her growth… It’s not like I hate it though :)

    P.S. I like her, but not that ‘like’ *cough* *cough*
    P.S.S. I’m not a lolicon.


  2. >sorry for giving so many activity updates and stuff

    Wait; why are you saying sorry when you give us so much hapiness by doing it?

    Truthfully, I really want to read more of Kenja. But hey, it’s not like that’s the only series I read from your blog, so overall it’s okay. :)

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  3. You have a lot of interesting series so it’s really hard to choose. Picked other world since you’re considering picking up Other world compared to Dark Knight. Would be nice if someone steps up to pick up Dark Knight though.


  4. I think that Dark Knight fo now is more interesting than Other World.
    Also it would be good if you translated Maou in small parts (that will be easier on you, right?)


  5. Black Knight only has 27 chapters atm. So that could be pushed out and only updated when the author adds more chapters sporadically. I really like other world too.


  6. A close race between Other World, Kenja and Dark Knight.
    I had to flip a coin to choose between Other World and Dark Knight. I like both.


  7. You are a terrible person for keeping your useless leechers updated and for asking their opinions!

    In all seriousness I would love to read more Dark Knight, Other World and Maou (in that order).
    I haven’t gotten around to reading Kenja yet so I don’t know where it fits in the list so I might change my mind.

    Ultimately just do what you want to do.
    That of course includes listening to the opinions of your readers.

    [I’m sure that someone has read this and hasn’t realised that the first line is meant as a bad joke]


  8. someone is cheating the poll. I find really hard to believe that the poll can move up one vote for other world every two seconds unless someone was changing their ip address to vote over and over. :(


  9. It’s time for the ultimate dogeza technique that I have been perfecting to put to the test… Fufufufu


  10. You are eviiiilllll!!!!! Making a translator with free time to translate something he has no plans on ever translating!!! You don’t force that logic! Gives people nightmares like yoraikun!


      1. So just waiting a bit more right?, understand

        Can I ask a posible spoiler about otoburi? I just wanta yes or no (obviosly if you know)

        It’s confirmed in the future if Mei Zakros is another “isekaijin”? Is revealed some clue or theory about who created this situation and why?

        Pd: Honestly, I can’t avoid to think in the Nanahoshi’s theories in Mushoku Tensei, and Shiroe’s in Log Horizon


  11. I want more Dark Knight, honestly , it just looks sooooo good, and it seems that it will mock typical fantasy-transported-to-another-world cliches like arifureta mocks typical shounen manga heroes with Kouki. And that would be awesome. The mc is pretty refreshing too.

    Next up will be Kenja, it feels like overlord but without all the dark stuff, and like the new gate without the whole “death game” thing.


  12. lol, poor yoraiun. I love otoburi the most, but then next is other world and then… Kenja! because it’s funny! But I voted other world. Translating shouldn’t be like pulling teeth for you, so I want you to have fun~~~


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