updated teasers

they have proper pages now, and uh, where possible i’ll leave a link to bookwalker to purchase the e-book. for all projects.

if you really like the stories, even if you don’t understand a word of it, think of it as a donation to the author i suppose. the plus side is that you get pretty pictures.

also, for 8th son and the new gate, i’ve added links to where people have begun translating them. i’ll be doing this for any others that get picked up as well, but if you’re mtl-ing i’ll state quite clearly that you are.

edit: ah, also, if any of you are so rich that you’ve bought 10 copies of the books already and you’re still rolling in so much cash that you don’t know what to do with it, feel free to throw some at me. the poor can’t afford to have principles!

3 thoughts on “updated teasers”

  1. Through the many splendors of the FREE FOOD DIET, I have managed to save up 2,400 dollars or so… unfortunately, the free food diet consists mainly of cookies leftover from Christmas in my work lunch room. So first… you need to work somewhere with a lunchroom… Also the customers bring us food all the time so… you need to have generous customers as well. Amazingly, I have lost weight on this diet, and NEVER WANT TO EAT ANOTHER STALE COOKIE AGAIN!!! (but I will, if they’re free XD)


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