First Year Second Semester – Chapter 5

First Year Second Semester – Q of Hearts (Part 3)

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Before I noticed, I was in a familiar room.
If I’m correct, this is the academy’s cafeteria. I don’t usually use it, but I know of it.
Why am I in a place like this?
Even though I should have been behind the auditorium until just a moment ago…

Just as I was thinking that it was mysterious, I could hear some girl going kyaa kyaa and making a fuss.

“Royce-sama~ Don’t say something like that, and let’s eat together~ Here, say AA~HN♪”

There I was, tempting Royce-sama in a sugary, burikko voice…
Eh-, what is this? What is this?
I was wearing a goth loli outfit with the chest area undone, and holding a spoon by Royce-sama’s mouth.
Because of the impossible scene, I could do nothing but blink.
Royce-sama had a stiff smile on.


The surroundings changed.
This time, it was me treading on the Heroine’s dress at the party.

“What’s are these rags~, I wonder~? Worn out curtains, I wonder~? My, how rude of me♪ There was a person inside, wasn’t there? She was one with the rags so I didn’t noticee♪”

Is this, me…?
No, that’s not it. I’ve seen this scene before…
This was something that happened between the Camille Rhodolite in the game, and the heroine Frau Monier.
If I remember correctly, this was when the Heroine who had come with Royce-sama to a noble’s dance party was bullied and stepped on by Camille. It was a scene where Camille intentionally spilled wine and various other foods on the heroine’s dress. She really does have a bad personality, huhhh, Camille.
Well, I also spewed something worse than food on the Heroine’s dress, so I can’t really speak too self-importantly either though…

“How nastyy. Please try your best not to show Royce-sama that outfit, okay~? If he was beside a dirtied woman like you, wouldn’t he be embarassed?”

Camille left the scene while ridiculing the Heroine.
In fact, after this, the Heroine actually gets discovered by Royce-sama and they go to his room and kiss and do various other things, though.


The scenery changed again.
It’s the scene where Camille called the heroine to the roof. Camille was unhappy about the Heroine whose love for Royce-sama was reciprocated, and tried to separate the two of them by having hired men attack the heroine and turn her into ‘damaged goods’.
In the end, she failed though, and after being caught, she was treated mercilessly by Achille…
See? Before she started her evil deeds, Royce-sama and Achille appeared to save the Heroine.
Royce-sama magnificently brought down the hired men with his sword, and saved the Heroine. Speaking of which, this Royce-sama could use a sword, couldn’t he? …And this Achille was a non-combatant. Because I’ve been looking at the two in reality, somehow seeing these two from the game feel a little off, huhh.
The moment that the men had judgement handed down on them, Achille began apprehending Camille. The moment his opponent is a noble girl, he gets confident huh… Damned Achille.
When Achille looks at Camille, his eyes are cold as ice.
If, I myself was looked at like that by him… I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to bear it.


The scene changed,and this time a place like a dungeon appeared.
It’s the scene where Camille was punished. It’s because of this scene that 『Carte à Jouer』 was given a 15+ rating.


I had thought that before, when I noticed something off.

“Huh? Why, am I in these chains?”

It wasn’t Camille’s figure that was there, and for some reason it was me myself that was chained up in the dungeon… When did this happen?

“Wh-, Whyyy!? Wa-… Royce-sama, Achille, get these offf!”

However, the two of them didn’t react. Royce-sama looked disinterested, and Achille was looking at me like I was a piece of dog shit.
Y-… You heartless guy!
Right, these two are the Royce-sama and Achille of the game. The two of them hate Camille.
…Oh crap. I’ll be violated at this rate! And afterwards, because of this Camille was socially ruined even futher.
Even if this is inside a dream, I’ll absolutely pass on this!

“Achille, please! Save me, I said!”

However, Achille just looked at me with cold eyes.
…What should I do?


I remembered something important.
Right, this is inside a dream, but it’s possible that he might look at me like that in reality. Because I’ve always kept secrets from him…
That I came from another world, that I knew about Achille and the others because of the game…
If they knew that I one-sidedly used them as an outlet for feelings of romance through the game, I’m sure they would definitely not feel anything good at it.

“This is no good… I’m definitely going to be hated.”

The men are approaching, and Achille and Royce-sama have left. Even so, I unconsciously looked to them for rescue.

“Achille… Save-”


Suddenly, a voice resounded around the cell.


Even though he should have left earlier, why?

“Camille, wake up.”

It seems that I’m hearing it above my head. When I faced upwards, even though it was a dungeon, there was light coming down.


I yelled towards the light. The moment I did, the light expanded.
And like that, the dazzling light enveloped me.

<Supporting Character Introduction>
Aimée Afriat
The head maid of the marquis residence.
She’s been around the longest of all the maids, and right now reigns over them as the strongest servant-sama.
Is a woman who can really do her job. You can find out most things about the marquis house if you ask her.
Has a good build. Loves sweet things.


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  1. ” It’s the scene where Camille was punished. It’s because of this scene that 『Carte à Jouer』 was given a 15+ rating.”

    Should be 18+ R
    And are you sure it wasn’t because:
    “go to his room and kiss and do various other things”?

    Thanks for the translation onii-tan!

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  2. room => I think it was on the roof from Achille POV ?
    『Carte à Jouer』 => maybe Cartes (plural) would be better, that’s how I would write it in french.
    Also, I just noticed what you wrote in the very first chapter or maybe I did notice and was too shy to share/comment :
    “1『Carte à Jouer』 (←It means trump in French)”
    In fact “Carte à Jouer” simply means playing card. With “CarteS à Jouer” we get the the standard ’52 cartes à jouer’ which is the total number of protagonists in the 4 factions, a full deck of playing cards.
    (“Trump card” = “Atout” in french)

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