First Year Second Semester – Chapter 3

First Year Second Semester – Q of Hearts (Part 2)

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I’ve decided to go with Plan A, due to more or less overwhelming support for it.

“Camille, wait a moment!”

After I finished speaking with Mei, Royce-sama called out to me.

“What is it? Royce-sama…”

“I think something a little bad for you just happened.”

Bad for me? I wonder what he means.

“Hey, Mei. It’s nice to see you this lively, but don’t push yourself, okay? Your body isn’t just yours now, after all.”

Royce-sama said that with a smile, before pulling me outside by the hand.
It seems that he knows about Mei’s pregnancy as well. Has he heard from Raiga or someone?

“Camille, Achille was brought behind the auditorium by a girl you know! As the fiancée, I think this is where you should step in.”

“…Confessing where people can’t see you, huhh. Isn’t this as usual?”

When I said this, the ends of Royce-sama’s eyebrows dropped in disappointment.

“Camille, that’s no good you know. It’s because you’re like this that the other noble girls haven’t given up on Achille. It looks like a loveless engagement that they have a chance of worming into…”


What Royce-sama is saying certainly does have a point.
I’ve always left it alone when Achille gets confessed to, or surrounded by noble girls.
Thanks to that, I suffered some unpleasant feelings at Déborah’s wedding reception.

“I understand. I’ll go see how things are.”

“If you’ve decided on that, then let’s go! I have the responsibility of seeing you two through.”

Eh-… Royce-sama too?
Just like that, I was led by the hand by Royce-sama behind the auditorium.

“I refuse.”

The moment we arrived behind the auditorium, Achille said that.

“Isn’t that great, Camille? It looks like Achille clearly rejected her.”

Royce-sama whispered to me with a smile.

“It seems that way, huh.”

“Why? Even you should think that the state of the country is abnormal. Are you refusing because of your viscount’s family? Or is the cause that fiancée of yours? Honestly, I’m constantly amazed by that romance-obsessed woman. To be picking up men even in a different world… She can’t distinguish this world from a game, can she?”

Wha-… Could that girl, possibly be the Heroine?
A lovely girl with fluffy curled hair… It seems it really is her.
Even though she’s in front of Achille, she’s saying stuff like “game”.

“Are you insulting Camille?”

“The one being insulted by that woman is you.”

A cold sweat ran down my back.

“…May I ask you what you think you know about my fiancée?”

“Your fiancée knows everything about your upbringing. Your personality, the actions you’ll probably take, your behaviour, and as a result of these, the future you’ll probably meet as well; she knows all of these, and on top of that has gotten close to you, you know? That woman.”

I unconsciously took a breath.
She’s wrong… That’s not it. The reason I didn’t tell Achille anything isn’t because of the reson she said.
But, I stiffened and stayed right where I was.

“So what?”

Achille probably doesn’t know what the Heroine really means.
I wanted it to stay that way.

“Achille Jade! You’re being tricked, you know. By that woman. That woman calculated everything to get close to you. To make you hers.”

“She’s wr-…”

I had no intention of tricking Achille.
But, the reason that I didn’t tell him the truth was exactly that. If he knew the truth after all this time, would Achille scorn me?
I don’t want to be hated by him… Why am I feeling this anxious…?
It’s the first time since coming to this world that I’ve felt terror from something other than physical danger.

“Hey, you’re not supposed to be somebody who is so stupidly involved in romance, you know? You want to change this country, right?”

“Certainly, I do think that I would like to change the country, but… I have no intention of working with you. At any rate, if I was going to change the country, I would do so with a different method.”

“How regretful. I’m disappointed… You’ve been completely led by that woman, haven’t you. Even though I thought I could use the J of Hearts.”


“Huh? They don’t seem to be talking about love, do they…?”

Royce-sama who hadn’t noticed that I was trembling due to the danger I had invited on myself, muttered in bored disappointment.
Royce-sama, you followed me here half for fun, didn’t you?

At that moment, the Heroine who seemed to be unhappy with Achille’s reply suddenly raised her hands into the air.


It was the action of creating a large scale magic.
I immediately pushed Royce-sama into cover, and ran towards Achille.

A magic circle was forming in the air.
That’s an incantation for quite a high level spell, huh…
Memory sealing magic. It’s not a forbidden art, but it’s theoretically better to weave it into the realm of forbidden magic, and is the magic being cast right now.

“Achilleee! It’s dangerouuus!”

“Eh-… Camille?”

While catching sight in the corner of my eye, of Achille who was turning in surprise, I cast the memory seal magic in reverse to seal the Heroine’s magic.
I think Achille by himself is enough to deal with it, but the opponent is the Heroine who possesses a lot of magic power. I can’t be careless.

“My, you were here too? …You got in the way, huh?”

The Heroine… Frau Monier, turned my way, and smirked in ridicule.

“This is great. Since you’re here, shall I unmask you before your  fiancé? Bodyswapper-san?”

<Heroine-like Guess>
In Frau, the Heroine’s mind,
1: Camille’s appearance and behaviour are strange → She’s a bodyswapper (and has the knowledge of the game)!
2: Achille and Camille are getting along → Even though Achille is supposed to ruin Camille, things are like this. It’s strange → The love-obsessed Camille has used the knowledge of the game to woo Achille!
or something like that.

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31 thoughts on “First Year Second Semester – Chapter 3”

  1. Laughable. She comes up with that conclusion? If she really cared, that is a sloppy way to go about.

    ‘hey, wanna be a part of my conspiracy. Oh, and break up with that manipulative skank.’

    ‘absolutely not. oh and how do you come up with that? *30 page treatise on the illogic of the argument omitted*’

    In other words, that is a flimsy excuse.


  2. So, does the Heroine turned out to be someone who wanted the plot to continues just like in the game so she can be together with one of the heroes?


  3. So…since she seems rather focused on Camille/Achille.

    My gut feeling says she wanted Achille route, but since it didn’t exist in the game originally, she did something to get herself here to make it possible..

    My expectation on how this might develop:
    -Frau exposes the fact that Camille is from another world and know of history of the game
    -Camille froze, looking at Achille with a mix of pleading/crying/’he now knows’ face
    -Achille decide to make some excuse on the spot and take Camille away (alternatively Royce interferes)
    -Later on Camille and Achille have a talk, Camille admitting it to be the truth, might even confesses about the other Qs too, and hang her head down, tears starting to form
    -Achille asks to confirm ‘when’ she became Camille Rhodolite, after hearing that it’s before they met he consoles her saying the one he fall in love with was HER, and not the original Camille.

    \’w ‘/ And thus Frau’s plan to pull the two apart ends up making them closer instead.
    The bitch then in her frenzy attempts more extreme measures.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I loved this BTW.
      But I must dispute, I doubt Frau is going after Achille for an Achille route. I think she just hates Camille. It seemed like she had a severe problem with Camille even before she vomited on her. And she is part of the revolution and has clearly tried to kill everyone involved in the nobility. So my money is on Frau trying to get Achille on her side as another tool against the nobility, and thinking that working on his intellectual side and informing him that he is being ‘manipulated’ would work.
      As for Camille, the hatred might be linked to that matter with the nobility. But it seemed more personal. That author note actually seemed out of place for me. If Frau hated Camille because she was using the game knowledge to woo Achille, you would think that Frau would just focus on taking Royce and/or the others, as her routes were them primarily anyway. After all, Camille hasn’t done anything to interfere with Frau.
      But then there is the fact that Frau entered a year early. So my money is on her trying to rush things and getting her preferred route, or getting the ground set up to get rid of all opponents to her route. Which would make more sense to me as to her hatred of Camille.

      After all that. Have to once again repeat, loved your thought process on Achille’s reaction to the situation and knowledge, and lovingly embracing and kissing Camille. XD


      1. Well, since the magic she was about to used on Achille was memory sealing one, it means if possible she didn’t want to just forcefully mind control Achille, which is where I think she…’values’ him a bit (I mean in case of the two nobles, she just set on them on frenzy in attempt to get rid of Raiga/Royce and Camille respectively)

        Her entering a year early might be because she heard the news of a certain tattoo’d oddball girl and a certain target of hers being engaged (inofficially at 12, officially at 15) she got worried and decide to find them at the school to confirm/deny such rumor…I mean Raiga and Mei already made some serious progress in their relation ;) if it’s too late then even if she get rid of Camille it’d only turns Achille against her.

        Not to mention the heroine doesn’t have to be part of the revolution, it was simply something that occurred in a route.

        And I think rather than lovingly embracing and kissing Camille, I think he’d hug her head, and while consoling her do his best to hold back his urge to push her down let his passion take over.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. “Just like that, I was led by the hand by Achille-sama behind the auditorium.”

    …um? I think the one who led Camille is Royce, otherwise it wouldn’t make sense…

    Anyway, thanks for the chapter Fluffy…


  5. Whoo~ New chapters! Oh, a small mistake:
    ” reson she said” is supposed to be ‘reason’ neh?

    I am once again reminded by the implications & consequences of the body swapping to those transported into their world, especially the girl tuned 55 year old woman (which seems to be the worst one).


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