Thank you for the inspiration, friend. I proudly present to you,

Japanese Novels That Feature Protagonists with Vaginas

(link here)

because pages on wordpress are free, so why not?

Unfortunately it’s still a very short list, but hopefully I can add to it, because it’ll be fun to do so and such.

16 thoughts on “”

  1. “Japanese Novels That Feature Protagonists with Vaginas” seems rather specific… does there happen to be a listing called “Japanese Novels That Feature Protagonists with Dicks”?

    No? well I was just kinda curious.


      1. would that be literally or figuratively? if you mean it figuratively, i think you have it the other way around…

        literally, i believe you’re spot on.


  2. Eh? Heibon desu yo?
    Eh? It’s ordinary?
    A sixteen year old NORMALFAG of a girl get reincarnated into the daughter of a normal middle-of-the-pack, poor marquis. Since she doesnt know much, she only think of ordinary things to help out. Kinda like Kenkyo, but without the richer-than-Kroesus aspect.
    mangaupdate profile
    WN trans
    Retranslation did that, but they stalled.


  3. Ah, I haven’t seen such a funny set of words since fuwanovel went down in december and when they put it up again they said “enjoy your chinese porn games”. Discrecy? What is that? Can it be eaten?.

    Also, thanks for the list!


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