Summer Vacation – Chapter 11

Summer Vacation Second Half – Q of Hearts (Part 3)

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The dim underground space was damp and smelled of mould, as though it was in a separate space from the gorgeous castle.
Whether Dominique or Claire, it seems that there’s a tendency for the criminals in this country to be locked underground. However, compared to this aged dungeon, the cellar in Achille’s villa was far better. I followed a few prison guards and headed to the cell where Clair was. My worrywart fiancé followed along as well.

In the castle underground, the imprisoned Claire was unmoving like a puppet with its strings cut, and had a hollow expression. It seems to be a side effect of the forbidden magic.
The forbidden spell that amplifies hatred will increase the target’s anger and sadness without end.
If those feelings continued to grow, and exceeded the person’s limit… they would end up emotionless and like an empty snakeskin like Claire. It’ll probably take time to recover from this state.


I gently spoke to her. Of course, it’s to dispell the forbidden art. While speaking to her, I slowly approached her.
Claire’s two arms were cuffed by heavy looking shackles. It’s probably a harsh weight for a normal noble’s daughter, but I can’t read anything from Clair’s emotionless expression.
The count is probably confined like this in another cell. According to the reports he’s complaining about stuff like his arms hurting, or his hips hurting, and is still lively.

“I’m going to dispel the magic cast on you, okay?”

I did give her a warning just in case, but as expected, Claire didn’t respond.
First up I carefully undid the mouth-sealing magic, followed by the hatred amplification magic.
I expected her to scream from pain like Dominique, but all she did was roll her eyes back and open and close her mouth repeatedly. It might be that she already didn’t have enough strength to scream.
The prison guards regarded Claire who was under forbidden arts, and I who had dispeled them, with expressions of shock.

“Phew, it’s done!”

At the same time as the bruise on Claire’s neck disappearing, I staggered backwards. Achille who had accompanied me here supported me from behind in a panic.


“Ah-, thanks. I dispelled both of them together so it seems I’m a little beat.”

“…You wasted magic power again, didn’t you?”

S-, So fussy! Even at a time like this! Certainly I made quite a mistake with my magic power, but I undid the spells safely, so isn’t it fine?

“Speaking of which, I promised that I would teach your magic control earlier, didn’t I?”


Various things happened between now and then, but I made a promise with Achille.

“Seems it would be better for me to teach you sooner than later, huh.”


Even though I said that I could walk, Achille left the cell with me in his arms. It’s a princess carry. [tl: ohimesama dakko/bridal carry]

“Let me downnn.”

“Wouldn’t it be bad if you staggered again?”

Whilst still in his arms, I was kissed loudly on the cheek.


Even though the prison guards are still here, what a thing to do. It’s so embarassing that I can’t bear it.

“Come now, if you move you’ll fall, you know?”


Despite saying that, it feels like you’re carrying me pretty stably, you know?
…But Achille sure is skinny for a guy. It’d be terrible if his arms snapped because he of carrying someone like me.

“It really would be better to…”

“Make sure to hold on properly.”

I couldn’t oppose Achille who paid no regard to my consent. My naiveity in allocating magic power is the cause of this, so there’s also my gratitude towards him for taking care of me.
Even in the future when we’re married, will I still be dominated by him like this…?


I did as I was told, and wrapped my arms around Achille’s neck.

<Supporting Character Introduction>
Adelaide Jade
A viscount’s wife with bright red hair and bright red eyes. She originally comes from a baron’s family.
She’s actually that random upstart baron’s relative, and owes him money.
Her ambition and vanity knows no end, and because of that, her spending is also incredible.
Lately she’s been busy stopping her husband who seems to be trying to bring his mistress into the house.


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  1. isnt this me or this series’s TOC page
    doesnt get updated yet?

    I get this by jumping through c9’s nextpost then next postX2.


  2. You know, the story portrays the Rhodolites as mad magicians, but the Jade head has his own problems of wanting to take home cute things apparently. Bets on who hired the idiot maid/former Q.

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  3. These releases are getting smaller and smaller. Guess it makes it seem like you’re releasing more content than you really are though. Not a bad trick.

    Anywho… yeah I can’t stand stories where the male lead is constantly taking small advantages of the female lead. Even though they’re supposedly in some sort of relationship, it seems unnatural in some sense and feels almost forced by the author. Not once has the girl returned any sort of physical affection. You think the guy would lay off, physically at least.

    Ahhhh, I think it’s that I can’t stand the possessive character types. Find them cliche and frankly hypocritical. All these girls surround him, yet she doesn’t really get mad. However if she even makes eye contact with a guy, the male lead is grabbing her arm and pulling her away.. feel like only idiot women would be attracted to these types. Those women always end up divorced and bitter 3-5 years later in reality. Their own fault.


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