Somebody take Maou? ~誰かっ!誰か助けてくれっ!~

Somebody please take Yomigaeri no Maou off my hands. I am realistically not going to be able to translate a 3rd person narrated story like that for another year at least. And then, I’ll be in a casual job and part-time masters, and still might not find the time.

Was thinking that in exchange, I would translate something else one chapter a fortnight as a teaser to generate interest. I can’t handle a full second project, but if it’s slow translations to see if anyone wants to pick things up, I might start with ‘I Returned to the Other World?’, followed by ‘She Professed Herself the Pupil of the Wise Man’ and then maybe ‘In Order to Live in a Sweet and Gentle World’ and ‘The Black Knight Who Was Stronger than the Hero’.

Then maybe actually start translating Kenkyo. To be honest, I could use with the fluffy stress relief.

“Lyle, a powerful magus, was on his way back from a diplomatic meeting when his party was suddenly assaulted by a bandit attack. Little did he know that this was part of a more deeply orchestrated conspiracy that would leave him betrayed and dead.
Reborn in modern day Japan where his old knowledge is useless, he lives his life peacefully as an ordinary high school student until one day, he is suddenly returned to his old world…”

– friend’s synopsis of ‘I Returned to the Other World?’

36 thoughts on “Somebody take Maou? ~誰かっ!誰か助けてくれっ!~”

      1. WHO THE HELL NAMED YOU! what kind of parents did you ha- wait maybe its just the chunibyo kicking in… my imouto can’t be this far in fantasyland!


    1. to be honest, all i want to do is translate maou. it hasn’t even touched the best parts yet. and i know how good it gets later on.

      during the fighting tournament, luru rapes bitches, saves the day, and it’s soooo frigging dope when he calmly gets back at that smart-alec conspirator for toying with people’s lives (just as the conspirator thinks they’re home free)

      i just want more time TT___TT


      1. Your synopsis is so over the top I almost wonder if I wrote it, with my incessant hyperbole, and intentional twisting of facts.

        Example, my synopsis of Star Wars 1-3.

        A heavily discriminated race on an otherwise peaceful planet saves the oppressors who got into a war of their own fault. This hero, Jar Jar Binks, becomes a representative of the planet, the Gungans finally having a say in things. But unfortunately, the racist oppressors had a deeper plot. Jar Jar, along with his magical white friends, commission a slave army as the lesser of two evils, but the decision haunts the burdened hero ever since.

        Years pass and the Senate is burdened with war and gridlock. Still suffering with the sympathies of the armies suffering, and remembering his youth as the lowest of the oppressed, he makes a bold move, shattering the gridlock and bringing decades of galactic peace, reconciling with a major oppressors to bring about the change, showing he was not blinded by mere bias in the face of historical wrongs. This bipartisan act of kindness is marred when the magical oppressor, Skywalker, murders countless oppressors in training. Disowned, Jar Jar looks at his legacy with mixed feelings, knowing the distasteful act was necessary to bring change from under the magical fist of oppression, the child snatching, unaccountable tyrants.


  1. ‘”The Black Knight Who Was Stronger than the Hero”, OK I’m interested. This title could be really interesting or meh depending on the synopsis.


  2. Aw.. so there’s no more maou, maybe someone good could take it. Who could POSSIBLY do it? Is there absolutely ANYONE who could do it? I wonder…

    ( i could maybe possibly not sure do it)


    1. It gets Interesting after the manga end, nonetheless its an interesting wuxia. Can’t really understand the gt though.


  3. > “Then maybe actually start translating Kenkyo. To be honest, I could use with the fluffy stress relief.”

    Putting aside the translator drama, I totally understand. Having read all that you and Kobato-chan have translated, I put Kenkyo aside for all of 2 weeks before I couldn’t bear it any more. I needed a break from all the action and badass series.

    Kenkyo is now the first and only novel I have attempted to use my limited Japanese skills to read raw. It takes me half an hour to struggle through each chapter, but thankfully the language is as simple as it gets and it’s rewarding enough to make it worth the effort. First person and no strange fantasical katakana chuunibyou nouns!


  4. About ‘She Professed Herself the Pupil of the Wise Man’ is there any big difference in Light Novel and Web Novel story?
    Is the difference worth buying for? //
    //Thank you
    Ps. The web novel is really good….
    OP Protagonist
    Loli?? Protagonist
    Semi?? Harem?? Protagonist
    Gender bender Protagonist


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