Summer Vacation – Chapter 8

Summer Vacation – Q of Hearts (Part 5)

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“Did something happen?”

Achille noticed my change.

“At the foot of Dominique’s neck was a bruise from a forbidden art.”


“I was thinking that he was acting a little strange, and it seems that a spell is cast on him.”

We have to hurry up and dispel it.

“Achille, I want to go to the basement that Dominique is locked up in.”

“But, Camille… are you alright with meeting Dominique?”

Because something like that happened, he’s probably worried about me.

“I’m okay now. I’d prefer not to meet if possible, but at this rate, we can’t leave him alone, so.”

I headed to the cellar with Achille. Aurelia has gone back to work.

When we opened the cellar door, Dominique was there, lying along the ground.
I can smell the dampness.
Dominique was lying still there, without even a twitch.


I timidly spoke to him.

“It’s fine. I’ve cast magic on him so that he won’t start screaming or acting violently.”

It seems that because of the constraint magic cast on him, Dominique won’t move, but his eyes alone are glaring at me fiercely.

“Dominique, you’re under a forbidden spell. I’ll remove it.”

Since the case with Miss Claire, I was allowed by Royce-sama to deal with the areas with forbidden magic books, but… it seems that it’ll take a little time until I get authorisation to read them.
I still haven’t been granted formal permission yet.
…Isn’t it taking too long just to get permission?

I looked at Dominique’s neck once more. It doesn’t seem that there are two layers of magic like the time with Miss Claire.
If it’s only magic to amplify the feelings of hatred, then even I can probably deal with it.
I held out my hand to Dominique.
Forbidden magic is quite high level magic in itself. Even though I say that I’m only dispelling it, you have to go through the reverse procedures of the magic, and it requires concentration.
The bruise on Dominique’s neck shone, and its colour changed.


It seems that he’s sealed from speaking as well, but Dominique made an expression of suffering.
If he was able to let out a voice, wouldn’t he have certainly screamed?

“It’ll just take a little longer.”

The colour of the bruise continued to fade, and eventually it completely disappeared.
It seems that at the same time that the bruise disappeared, Dominique lost consciousness. His eyes are closed.

“The forbidden magic is goneee. It seems that Dominique was in pain, so he’s fainted.”

“Isn’t that fine?”

Even though it’s his half-brother, Achille’s attitude is cold.

“It seems that removing a forbidden magic puts quite a strain on them, huh?”


“Do you think, we can still make Déborah’s reception?”

“It’s fine. She said that she’d be changing her dress five times.”

As expected of Déborah. To change her dress five whole times; she really doesn’t betray expectation.

“Shall we go?”


We walked towards the gorgeously decorated wedding reception.


“Nn? What~?”

“One day, I want us to have a wedding like this too.”


Saying something like that right now is foul play.


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  3. >“At the foot of Dominique’s neck was a bruise from a []forbiggen[] art.”

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