Hiraheishi by Hot Chocolate

Chapter 1: Prologue


――Ahh, now the world will be saved.

At the moment when I thought that, I discovered that the lump of sharp, silver iron in my chest was extending.


In my surprise, that word was the only thing that came out.


Just like that.
This is something I should make a more witty remark about, at a time like this.
Even God should be partial enough to let me say some cool one-liner at a time like this, at least.
That’s what I think.

But I know that there’s no helping it.


Guys, remember to say ‘thank you’ to Mr. GDAFF (the translator). And maybe Zephyrial, if you have spare thanks.

13 thoughts on “Hiraheishi by Hot Chocolate”

    1. i cant access the link too, so you either change your dns, or use a proxy to make it work,

      my link above works as a charm (so you dont have to download third party tool or changing your network settings)
      if you having doubt with the link i provided, you can just search for another available anonymous surfing website in google


  1. All right, I figured out what the problem is. My host blocked the IPs from several countries, so if you give me your specific IP, I can remove you from the block. It would make it so you guys can access the site.


    1. Never mind. I got the host to unblock the countries’ IP addresses so that most of you can access it now.


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