Summer Vacation – Chapter 5

Summer Vacation – J of Hearts (Part 2)

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After inserting a refusal to the girls, I started to search for Camille. But, there was approximately one person who couldn’t read the mood…

“Geez, isn’t it fine-!? I’m sure Camille-sama is getting along with some other man. It take quite a man of valour to call out to a person like that though, hohohoho!”

Hahahahaha, shall I obliterate you socially? I’ll so thoroughly corner you that you’ll never recover.
It’s the first time someone has spoken so harshly of Camille.

“Like I said, we should have fun together.”



The viscount’s daughter looked at me doubtfully after I went silent.
However, it seems she interpreted it in a way convenient for herself. Honestly, it’s impossible to understand how this person thinks.

“Huhuhu, I also yearn for you, Achille-sama. So…”

“Excuse me.”

I cut off her words.

“I have not even a grain of yearning for you, and I have no plans to yearn for you.”

“…What do you mean?”

Seemingly unable to comprehend the meaning of my words, the viscount’s daughter blinked her eyes.
Something that seemed a matter of course to me is apparently an unexpected outcome for her.

“Like I said, I am saying that I have no intention of making you who, insulted my precious fiancée, my mistress.”

Of course, I have no intention of keeping any mistress to begin with.
Probably gradually understanding the meaning of my words, she began to tremble in disgrace.

“You are saying, that I am inferior to that tattoo woman?”

“Yes, in every way.”

I gave her an extraordinary smile. Of course, in harassment.

“Well then, I shall be leaving.”

I promptly did an about face and left the area.
From this situation, it’s possible that Camille is hurt or in danger. I don’t think Camille will be done in easily, but there’s no harm in being overly cautious.
That the rampage of a lady mad with jealously is surprisingly terrifying is something that we learnt from Miss Claire’s case after all.
Even having that much said to her, the viscount’s daughter seemed like she was still about to follow after me, so I quickly moved away from that place.
I have to quickly look for Camille…

The party grounds were crowded with people. Honestly, I don’t feel that I’ll find her immediately.
I activated search magic without hesistation. I’m nervous since this is the first time I’ve used the magic, but you can’t escape a crisis without some sacrifice.
I took out the quill that I received as a present from Camille, and changed it into light.
When I did, what should have been light flew outside the party grounds.


Did she start feeling bad from the alcohol, and leave the premises…?
I chased the light in a panic.

Camille was inside a gazebo that was a little removed from the garden.
Together with someone unexpected…

“Why is he here?”

In the gazebo, it seemed that my half-brother Dominique was in an agitated state and was in the middle of closing in on Camille.
Speaking of which, I’ve seen Dominique behave like he’s fallen in love with Camille before.
Occasionally when she comes over to our house, his eyes are glued to her with a hot stare… He fancied her.
However, if you had to say it, despite being arrogant at home, Dominique is shy outside. I underestimated him and thought that he wouldn’t lay his hands on somebody else’s fiancée but… it seems that this is an exception.
If I don’t hurry, Camille will be in danger. Right now she doesn’t even have tattoos, so she can’t even use automagic defence.
And, perhaps because she’s drunk, she looks kind of limp.



When I tried to move forward, my left arm was suddenly caught by a delicate white hand.


Chasing me this far? What incredible tenacity.
When I turned around, the viscount’s daughter was standing there.

“See? Look. Isn’t Camille-sama in the middle of enjoying herself? And of all people, with your Oniisama. How unpleasantt, how dirtyy.”

I wordlessly shook off her hand. Right now saving Camille takes precedence.

While I was busy with this woman, Camille had fallen to the ground.
Dominique got on top of her without hesitating. My mind turned bright red.


From here, I won’t make it even if I run – do I fire magic at him?
It’s fine right? Even if I get a little rough, I mean.
The moment I turned my hand towards Dominique…

“Oi, youuu! What the bloody ‘ell are you doin’ in broad daylight!?”

A black shadow suddenly appeared, and thrust Dominique away.

TL: Enter osakaben character. Um, impression is like, humorous and witty (although that’s because of manzai culture associations from television etc.) and idunno, just different. It often gets adapted as cockney or ‘southern USA’, but that’s not really right, not just for osaka dialect, but kansai dialect in general. Kind of a different impression, but hey.
So yeah, idunno. Ended up using a very, very, very mild (I don’t even change the t’s into glottal stops) mockney accent… that’s actually neither of them. Hohoho, what a mysterious and inconsistent accent this is. I wonder just where she comes from.

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12 thoughts on “Summer Vacation – Chapter 5”

  1. >Hahahahaha, shall I obliterate you socially? I’ll so thoroughly corner you that you’ll never recover.

    I guess this girl is exactly like the original Camille…and give us the roundabout explanation of “THIS is what Achille Jade socially destroyed”


  2. Oooh, so she talks in osakaben…

    Also this: “shall I obliterate you socially?”

    I just love the irony of that sentence.


  3. Hoho, it interesting to see a angry Achille in serious mode. And the irony of his words didn’t scape me.

    And whomever you are black shadow, GOOD JOB!

    Thanks for the chapter!


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