Announcement (not about me, though)

So! Apparently at my suggestion,

"lol zeph. i suggest u pick up 1 chapter of any the new gate-esque light novel, and then just leave it sitting there forever. followers are clearly where we draw our powers from, so there’s no shame in using underhanded methods for victory. if you keep sticking to legit methods, you’ll never have enough mana for the special beam cannon."

my friend Zephyrial at Hot Chocolate scans really did get onboard with picking up a novel, which will be translated by his friend Mr. GDAFF. Who knew that my charisma and persuasiveness could result in something like this? And to my delight, they chose a certain web novel series that was published as a light novel; 『平兵士は過去を夢見る(A Common Soldier Dreams of the Past)』, written by Okano Yuu who as you all know, wrote Yomigaeri no Maou.

It details the life of a mid-rank soldier who died at the very end of the war against the Demon Race. Fortunately for him, he wakes up to find that he’s a baby again, in the embrace of his real mother, years in the past. Determined to avoid the chain of tragedies that took his beloved ones away from him, he takes advantage of the advancements in swordsmanship and magic that developed during the war (as we all know, wars are when many scientific breakthroughs tend to happen), and tries his best to prepare for the demon invasion as well as strengthen himself with maximum efficiency.

So it’s a bit like Tsuyokute NEW SAGA, except for the fact that the guy is just riding off the advancements in technology due to war, and that the guy went all the way back to infancy.

They haven’t started translating yet, but when the first chapter releases, it should be on their new website (which is currently in the making). I hope you guys will show your support when it’s up, and I’ll be posting again to link you guys to it.

And here's an unrelated pic of Best Imouto (lol)
And here’s an unrelated pic of Best Imouto (lol)

14 thoughts on “Announcement (not about me, though)”

  1. Omg, I’m so excited for this! Thank’s for letting me know a series like that is gonna be translate Imouto-chan~ Also thank you to this Zeph!

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    1. It’s from a Nitroplus April Fools announcement. It’s of Kong Taoluo and his sister Kong Ruili, in a parody of oreimo volume 1 cover.

      It’s cropped, but the original April Fools picture had ‘I can’t believe my sister is this ___’ and an announcement about it being aired in the 22nd century in Shang Hai.

      And no, sourcing these things is no fun. It takes the joy from people who recognised it to begin with haha


  2. Oh another Tsuyokute New Saga-esque time-travel story. I’m going to love it as much (probably) lol.

    Though its nice knowing things from the foot soldiers perspective rather than the ~Yuusha~ as usual.


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