First Year First Semester – Chapter 16

First Year First Semester – Q of Hearts – Mansion (Part 1)

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The search magic that I invoked flew into an old western-styled mansion, outside of the royal capital.
It’s a very large building, but perhaps because it isn’t normally used, the garden is a mess.

“This place? …Why is Mei in a place like this?”

Raiga frowned in doubt.

We landed near the gate to the mansion. I put away the quill, and stepped down onto the wet ground.
Achille landed as well, right beside me.
The light that was pursuing Royce-sama and the light pursuing Mei both indicated the same place.

“Aahh, I have an idea about the culprit. It’s probably one of the people currying up favour with my father.”

“If it comes down to it, do you think you can fight? From here on out, it might be dangerous.”

“Not a problem.”

On this occasion, Raiga will be helping as well.
In the game, he was used to fighting, and was the strongest romantic interest. Whether he’s the strongest right now is a little hard to say, but he shouldn’t be weak.

Raiga drew a slender sword from the scabbard at his waist. It was a thin, and straight longsword.

“The lightning protection magic is still in use, so please feel free to go as crazy as you’d like.”

Raiga let out a grin at my words. He wants to stain the people who kidnapped Mei with blood, doesn’t he?
I understand his feelings quite well; I too can’t forgive the culprits who abducted Royce-sama.

I began by grandly destroying the gate.
I mean, there are probably guards lying in wait at any rate. I don’t like small fights.
Just as I suspected, a number of men who seemed to be guards came bustling out from the mansion.
Is that thirty of them altogether?
They came running across the soaked ground, aiming for us.

I let loose lightning magic. An electric current transmitted through the wet ground. The whole garden was filled with golden light.
We had defence against lightning, so we were unharmed.

Stepping over the guards who were unable to move now, we invaded the mansion.

“Camille! Suddenly destroying the gate is too reckless! The ground just happened to be wet so you could take them out in one go, but if it wasn’t…”

“It’s okayyyyy, Achille. Because of what we did just now, Royce-sama will know that we’ve come to save him.”

“The enemies will have known as well, though. Camille, we’re still students, and we’re not professionals at combat like this, so don’t do anything reckless. I sent a communication spell towards the castle just now, so if it becomes dangerous, don’t charge on ahead and wait for reinforcements. Okay?”

Achille was looking at me worriedly. It seems that his bad mood from before has softened a little.

“It’s fine. It’s different from ten years ago. I’ve gotten stronger, you know.”

“Even so, I’m worried. I don’t want that sort of thing to happen again.”

In the incident ten years ago, I was stabbed in the stomach by an enemy, and collapsed.
Luckily, the mana sleeping inside me was transmitted through the man’s weapon which burnt the man completely, saving us.
Had that not happened, I would’ve probably lost my life at that time. Achille is worried about that.
After it happened, I bawled right before his eyes, after all…

“Got it… I’ll be careful.”

I replied obediently. It’s my fault that he’s a worrier, after all.
Achille looked at me with suspicious eyes, but was satisfied for now.
I sure don’t have any trust, huh…

Whilst chasing the light, we passed through a hallway with nobody in it, and went up a flight of stone stairs.
We’ve all braced ourselves so that we’d be okay with enemies appearing at any time.
Just as I was about to reach the next floor, an arrow came from above.
After I put up a magic shield, Achille fired magic at the offender.
Oohh, we made a good combo!
But from what happened just now, it seems they’re planning to ambush us… We continued up the stairs, even more vigilant than before.


Achille suddenly pulled my arm.

“Wa-… -sounds of balancing herself- What’s up, Achille?”

“Look below you.”

I turned my gaze to my feet just like Achille told me to. Right in front of me was a transparent thread spread out.
You wouldn’t see it unless you looked carefully, it but seems it was a trap. If you moved the thread, the trap would probably activate. That was close.

“Achille, thank you…”

I honestly told him my thanks. It would be unbearable if there were more traps.
I created magical blades of wind, and fired them up ahead.

With a snapping noise, each thread was cut, and a rain of arrows and axes and pitfalls and the like appeared.
Honestly… I’m glad that I didn’t get caught in them.


We advanced while avoiding traps. It would be no joke to get caught in one of these.
I’m timid now because of the traps from before, so my whole body is shielded as I fly on my quill through the air.
After passing through the area with traps, as expected, we found guards in wait.

There were roughly fifty in the hall and thirty in hiding; just how many soldiers is this guy employing?
The signs of wrongdoing are overwhelming.

“Where’s Royce-sama!?”

I charged towards the enemy, quill and all.

-sounds of balancing herself- is her going “Tottotto.”


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  1. Now imagine this chapter if there weren’t hostages.

    …a mansion.

    Camille uses large scale magic. It’s super effective. The mansion is utterly destroyed.


  2. Hah, she really is the -rush head on- type huh. I guess she’s more used when enemies just go upfront.

    Some small errors:
    “I turned my gae” > “gaze”?
    “It woudl be” > “would”?


  3. Wait, Achille thinks it’s dangerous for Camille to charge at the enemies, but he doesn’t think it’s dangerous going on raids, especially against a dragon (her alone) =o
    Thanks for the chapter ero aniki


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