First Year First Semester – Chapter 14

First Year First Semester – Q of Hearts (Part 6)

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“Nn… This… Outside the academy?”

The light that showed Mei’s location was pointing in the same direction as where Royce-sama was.
Achille and I took out our quills and floated them in the air.
From here on, it would likely be faster to go by air.

“Oi, let me on too. Our destinations are probably different, so just partway is fine.”

I nodded at Raiga. If it’s just partway, then it’s fine if I bring him while I’m at it.
He’s good at fighting with weapons, but he’s bad with all magic in general.

“Please get on behind me.”

Without hesitation, Raiga sat down on the quill behind me.
Achile sent a gaze like he had something he wanted to say, but going by his bad mood from earlier, talking with him would probably take a while, so I didn’t pay any attention and flew out the window. Or more like, I ran.

“To have this kind of weather at a time like this, we’re sure out of luck, huh.”

It was raining buckets outside.
In the waterfall-like downpour, large drops of rain hit all over my body. I immediately used a simple rain ward spell.
A barrier that repelled the rain was spread around the quill,

“Magic sure is useful, huh. To be this all-purpose, it all seems like fraud.”


Though this is a convenient world where magic exists, there are also a certain number of people who don’t look kindly upon it. Raiga seems to be one of them.
Amongst them are a large number of people with the view, “magic will make humans conceited, which will be their downfall”.
As a person who works as a magician, it’s not as though I don’t think “as if!” but certainly there are a number of magicians who are like that, so I can’t completely deny it.
But I won’t get conceited, so I decided to give a soft rebuttal to Raiga.

“Magic like this that’s useful for everyday life is good, you know? You can use it when it suddenly starts raining after you’ve gone out, as well. If you went out together with Mei-chan it wouldn’t end with just wet clothes, you know?”

“Your thinking is warped. If you take shelter, then it ends there, and then there’s the feelings that grow in a situation like that too. Well, it’s not like you’ve ever had any experience like that though, huh.”

Uwahh! What’s this guy done to Mei while they were taking shelter from the rain?
Because I was countered from an improper angle, I turned around at him in shock. Raiga was looking down on me with a bold smile.

No, but from Mei’s fond talks of Raiga that I hear from time to time, even though he seems like this, Raiga is actually a surprisingly pure person.

“Well, I bet all you do is hold hands until the rain stops anyway, right? How pure you are, Raiga-samaaa.”

“You… Are you mocking me?”

“The one doing the mocking is you, right? To begin with, I wouldn’t flirt about with someone while taking shelter in the fiiiirst place.”

Well soorry. I wasn’t able to experience that even in my old world.

When it came to me, even if I had a boyfriend who confessed to me, it never lasted long.
They, who fell into despair after peeling away the temporary niceness of the fake me, would always fling the words “You’re different than I expected.” at me before leaving.
Even if we made memories together, we’d break up before it got to that point.
…I seem to have ended up recalling something unpleasant.

In the rain, we continued to fly after the lights, but because the waterfall-like rain was clinging to the rain repelling barriers, it was hard to see ahead.

“Next time I’ll see if I can add wipers to this.”

“Oi, you’re muttering something nonsensical.”

“It’s just something that youuu, don’t understand, Raiga-sama.”

But still, to think that the light chasing after Mei is still heading in the same direction as Royce-sama’s.

Lightning flashed in the distance.

“This time it’s lightning, huh…?”

Why is it only today?‘ I want to cry out. Lightning is dangerous.
It’s a little doubtful as to whether my “automatic defence” tattoos that only have support magic will be able to completely protect against it, and more importantly, Raiga who has no tattoos is bare.
Even though the weather during yesterday’s picnic was so good…

“Raiga-sama, I’ll use lightning protection magic, okay?”

I added lightning protection magic to the rain protection barrier. Achille who was next to me also used lightning protection magic.
But still, even though we’re flying quite quickly, we haven’t reached the destination at all. Just how long are we supposed to continue flying?

The two lights continued flying out of the royal capital.
I continued to feel more anxious.


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    Well, that kind of double kidnapping will again bring the Heart and Spades closer, good *shipping a good end for everyone*


  2. My god!
    Seems that the person who kidnaped those two is from the royal prince faction, since he finds that Royce and Mei an annoyance, and more precisely in Mei’s case an unfit woman for Reiga.
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    Q’ ‘Q Time for Camille to once again be the bridge between the two factions via Royce and Mei (much to Raiga’s chagrin that his waifu shows affection to someone else-Camille)

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  5. This is quite the sudden event and with a big twist in it already. A common enemy to tie togeather Ragia and Royce.

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