First Year First Semester – Chapter 5

First Year First Semester – Q of Hearts (Part 2)

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To be kicked by a horse(馬に蹴られる)、means to get in the way of somebody else’s romance, whether intentionally or not.

I’m unusually overflowing with confidence. This is because I solved the problems in the supplementary exam more easily than expected.
I think it’s likely that I’ll pass all my subjects.

“What’s this, what’s this~? Camille, you’re confident? How nice~, I might end up with supplementary lessons.”

The one who spoke to me was the K of Diamonds, Tria. He’s also taking the supplementary exam.
Unlike in the game, the Tria of this world seems to be completely bad at all studies.
However, in magic potions class alone, he’s doing well, as he consistently produces high quality potions it seems.

“I think I’ll probably pass. Tria-sama, do your best in the supplementary classes, okay?”

“Aahh, even though I thought you’d be a comrade in supplementary classes! You traitor~!”

Did I seem like I’d be your supplementary class comrade? But wow, what a shameful comrade to be. I’m fine with being a traitor.


“Aahh, I’ve lost my willpower. Camille, come accompany this pitiful me for some tea… Console meee!”

“Don’t wanna. I’m about to head back to the dorm and read the 『Magic Items Dictionary – Newest Edition』 after all.”

“Don’t say that.”

“I refuse.”

. .

“I’ll treat you to magic tea that you can’t find outside Topageria.”

I ended up reacting to those words.

“Magic tea? What’s that?”

“It’s been spreading around in my home country recently. A special tea. It’s a healthy tea made with a magic plant as the base, and depending on the magic plant used, there are various effects and…”

“I want to try drinking it!”

There shouldn’t be a tea like that in our nation. If it has the word ‘magic’ in it, then there’s no way I can afford to decline.

“Yesss! Now that that’s decided, let’s head to my room.”

“Let’s go, let’s go~”

Tria’s room was on the top floor of the Diamonds faction’s dorm.
At this school, each faction has their own dorm. In the game, the four factions had a terrible relationship with each other, so it was an appropriate decision.

But despite that, I, the Q of Hearts, am stepping foot into the enemy territory that is the Diamonds’ dorm… This is so strange.
My relationship with Tria isn’t bad.
But looking at our nations, I can’t say that our kings get along with each other. It’s a relationship where they act like they get along, while probing each other out.

“Ah-, it’s Camille-sama.”

“Welcome to our Diamonds class’ dorm.”

It seems that the Diamonds class is friendly with me for some reason. It’s a welcoming atmosphere.

“…Thank you. I’ll be imposing.”

I got on the magic circle in the lobby that acted like an elevator, and headed to the top floor.
Overall, the Diamonds dorm has a lot of Arabian-esque decorations. It seems that the influence of the neighbouring Topageria is strong.
Tria’s room was no exception, and everything in there brought about an Arabian atmosphere.

“For now, sit down?”

“M-, Mmn.”

Tria pointed at a splendorous sofa.
The truth is, I’ve actually never been anywhere besides Achille’s house, and the castle where Royce-sama lives, so I was quite nervous coming here.
Royce-sama and Achille; Déborah, Désirée and Mei… My social circle is basically just them.
Tria is my first friend since entering the academy.

After he gave directions to his maid who followed him from Topageria, he sat down opposite me.

“I’m having the magic tea brought over, so wait just a little.”


While I was waiting excitedly for the magic tea, Tria stood up and approached me.


“Hey, hey, show me your magic tattoos, Camille. The magicians in Topageria don’t use tattoos, so I’m interested.”

During the entrance exams as well, Tria showed interest in my automatic defence magic tattoos.
Speaking of which, none of the kids in the Diamonds faction have tattoos, do they? Even in the Hearts faction, only one or two of the boys have them though.
I wonder if they simply don’t have that kind of culture.

“That’s fine. What type of magic is mainstream in Topageria?”

“Mmmm… Rather than mainstream… We’re not really a nation that uses magic as much as Garnet does, you see. In exchange, our magic items and magic potions are enriched, even moreso than Garnet, you know?”

“I see.”

“If there’s an item you want, just tell me. I can get most things, after all.”


It’s quite a generous offer.

“Of course, if it’s your request, Camille. By the way, what’s that tattoo? I’ve never seen one with a butterfly pattern, but…”

“It’s a boost to floating, and you use it when you’re flying on a broom. It’s a design I thought up myself, you know.”

“Ahh, by broom, you mean like that time at the entrance exam, huh. It’s quite a weird magic, isn’t it? I wonder if I could use it too…”

“Would you like to try? I don’t think it’s that difficult.”

“Seriously!? I’d be super happy, you know.”

At the same time Tria leaned forward happily, a knock came at the door.

“Waka-sama, I’ve brought the tea.”

The door opened with a clack, and a tall student entered the room.

The person who entered the room noticed me, and smiled at me.
This person is the Q of Diamonds… isn’t she? I’m a little nervous.
At any rate, in the game Beatrix had an incredibly harsh personality.
The day that I get seen together alone with Tria, I’ll be called out to the back yard for sure.

“Ah, grazie, Bea-chin.”

Bea-chin? Ah-, as in the “Bea” in “Beatrix” maybe?
But this Beatrix… I wondered about this during the entrance ceremony as well, but just why is she wearing men’s clothing?
She waved her hand as though in reply to Tria’s thanks, and prepared tea and sweets on the table. Somehow, the polish of her movements is pretty cool.

“But still~, Camille, you really are the best, aren’t you?”

“I wonder about that.”

It’s the first time I’ve been told this, though… Usually I just get called a pervert, or Tattoo Woman, after all.

“You are! It’s not easy to find a magician of your skill, you know? I’d definitely want you to come to Topageria, and spread your knowledge of magic through our country. As my wife.”

Waitwait, I have a job in Garnet, and… Hang on.

“Huh? Waif?”

Just now, I feel like I heard a weird word mixed in.

“Right. Hmm? Could it be that it didn’t reach you, Camille?”

“…What are you talking about?”

“Mmmmn, that’s weirddd. The Rhodolite Marquis family said that they received our message, though.”


“You see, I applied for a marriage. With you.”

“Heh? When?”

“Right after the dance party… It seems like the message didn’t reach you thoughhh.”

“B-, But I’m already engaged to Achille, you see.”

“But I mean, with my authority, I’d be able to do something about it, you seeee.”

At that moment, a shadow crossed my eyes at an astonishing speed.

“You stupid kiddd! What the hell are you thinking, making a move on a girl with a fiancé!? If a horse doesn’t kick you, I will!”

Beatrix who was standing to the side after she was done with the tea and sweets, had run over at an astounding speed, and smacked Tria in the head.

“It huuurts! Bea-chin, what are you doing!? This is abuse of a prince!”

“Shut up, damnit.”

Beatrix? She wasn’t this sort of character, right…?

“Owow… I mean, aren’t you only engaged in a strategic marriage?”


A little earlier, I would have declared “Right.” without hesitation.
However, since that day in the library when Achille helped me study, I’ve noticed his feelings. It’s already difficult to say that this is purely a marriage of convenience.
I can’t simply affirm it. Not only that, I…

I… What am I supposed to reply with?


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    1. No! No! Tria is the eternal divine esteemed one who does no wrong. It’s better to say everyone became weird. Yup, yup, that’s certainly the best explanation.

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  2. This may seem non sequitur, but q of diamonds reminded me of the question. I wonder how Camille will handle those switched people’s questions. If it was me, I would perhaps tell Achille, but play dumb, chalking the changes to getting stabbed. Only perhaps, because that’s a two edged sword. On one hand, smart. On the other, yandere.


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