First Year First Semester – Chapter 3

Entrance Ceremony – J of Hearts

Note: Please don’t read it in the little pop-up for the reader. For some reason it doesn’t reflect my later edits (which I often make a lot of after publishing), so please click ‘view original’.

Would like to note that in Japan, instead of saying “you, you”, you can replace you with their name. Let’s say your name is slumberknight, and I am now addressing you directly.

It would not be weird at all to say “slumberknight-san. Which juice did slumberknight-san pick?” or “slumberknight-san said that slumberknight-san would pick up the chicken, so why do I have to?”

At the same time, this means that the way the Heroine speaks could also be taken as referring to the character from the game, rather than the person she’s speaking to. Even more so because she uses no honorifics with the names, which is more than a little blunt considering they don’t know each other.

For this reason, I have left things the way they would be in Japanese, even though I would normally replace them with ‘you’.

“Uuuun, uuuun…”

From inside a futon came a groan that seemed to crawl along the ground, unmatching with the clear and sunny entrance day,
The owner of that voice was, of course, Camille. This idiot did something quite grand on the first day of school.

Regarding Camille’s vomit that seemed to have been regurgitated due to a stomach forced to drink too much… When I came back with the water, it was completely cleaned up with magic.

And… there, all that remained was a school girl noisily making a shrill fuss, and Camille whose mouth was frothing.

“Hey! This isn’t something that can be dropped just because you cleaned it up with magic, you know.”

The school girl was indignant for some reason.

“Uuun, uuu… Guu…”

“Wake up! After splashing that kind of thing on me, do you think you’ll get away scot-free? What are you going to do if a smell remains!?”

From those words, I could more or less guess what had happened.

“It’s alright… Just that side has been reverted in time by magic, so… Uu-…. Uuu…n, like it never happened… ”

. .

“Camille, are you alright? Here, I brought you water, okay?”

“Achille… Thank… Uu…”

After getting drunk, she was probably feeling bad. It’d be better if I brought her to a place she could lie down, huh.

“Achille Jade!”

The girl that got tangled up with Camille, suddenly shouted my name… What I don’t know any woman like this.

“…That’s me, but?”

“Why is Achille taking care of someone like Camille?”

“I don’t quite understand but, right now I’d like to carry her to an infirmary, so please excuse me. As for what my fiancée did, please seek your apology another day.”

“Fiancée you said? Why the heck are you two engaged?”

I’m the one who wants to do the questioning. Why do I have to explain myself to you?

“Because, Achille… should have been the one to push Camille into ruin.”

“What kind of nonsense are you…?”

Having spoken that far, I suddenly remember a certain matter. The word “ruin”… I’ve heard it somewhere…

―――“For someone who’s going to ruin me… Don’t treat me so kindly…”―――

When was that again? …There was a time when Camille herself had said something like that.
Nah, it’s probably a coincidence. At the time, Camille was still young, and the situation being what it was, she was probably just quite confused.
It has nothing to do with this woman’s words.

“Achille hates Camille, you know?”

“I will listen to what you have to say at some other date.”

Camille was now feeling too sick to move, so I picked her up in my arms.
The schoolgirl was still kicking up a fuss about something, but I let her be and brought Camille to the infirmary.

When I opened the door to the infirmary, nobody was inside. It was awkward because the infirmary doctor had apparently gone off somewhere.

“Camille, are you still feeling nauseous?”

“…I pheel bhad. Bud… I threw ub earlier, so ids okey.”

A marquis’ daughter who gets drunk on an entrance ceremony… It’s disappointing, but I’m already used to it. It’s Camille here, so it can’t be helped.
I treasure her, that aspect of her included, after all.

“Achille… Sorry.”

Camille who was lying on the bed was looking up at me apologetically.
Aahh, if you look up at me with those moist eyes… things will get bad, in various ways. Even though I want to look directly at her, I can’t, so I immediately shifted my gaze.

“It’s okay to sleep. I’ll be here until the infirmary nurse gets here.”

“Mn… Thanks. Huhu, this is just like that time, huh?”

“Which time?”

“In the past, when I was brought to the castle after being stabbed… you nursed me, Achille.”

It seems that she’s talking about the time we went to the castle town with His Highness.


“Otousama was really busy as well, so he couldn’t come visit… But because you were there, I felt reassured.”

“Camille… Saying that right now should be foul play, right?”

My face is hot…
Calm down, me. What are you going to do if you take a drunkard’s babble seriously? You’ll just end up heartbroken like usual, you know?
Ahh, but still…


Camille started to fall asleep. Because of her condition as well, it’d be better for her to sleep right now.
I immediately began to hear her soft sleeping breath.

“I love you, Camille.”

Of course, Camille didn’t react. She was sound asleep.
Unable to bear it, I gave her a single kiss on the face.

“I saw that, Achille.”

Suddenly, I heard a voice I knew well, and stiffened. When I looked in the direction of the voice, I found His Highness peeking in from the gap in the infirmary door.
His Highness and peeping… It’s a combo that doesn’t go well together.

“Is Camille alright? I heard that she drank a lot, but…”

It seems that ugly stories of Camille are spreading with certainty.

“She’s fine. She fell asleep just now.”

“Achille… Even if you do that to her while she’s asleep, there’s no meaning, right?”

“…That’s fine.”

“It’s not, right? Have you properly told her that you like her? If you don’t give it to her straight, Camille won’t notice, you know? Even though it’d be questionable even after giving it to her straight, you…”


I know that. But I don’t want to force her into that kind of relationship by telling her this.
No, that’s not it. I’m simply afraid of destroying the relationship that we have now.
Camille distancing herself from me in shock, would be unbearable.
I’m not so great a person that I’d be able to silently watch as she left me. It seems more like I’d forcefully keep her tied to me… While I think that I’d like to be sincere with her, at the same time I can picture myself using various ways to keep her with me… I can’t move forward nor backward.

The point is that because of my cowardice, I’m putting off the problem. His Highness has seen through me.

“I’m cheering for you two.”


“Geez, I’ve been watching for a number of years now, but it can’t be helped that I’m feeling impatient now.”

“Hahh… But even if you say that, Your Highness, I-”

“The second prince of the neighbouring country… doesn’t seem to have given up, you know? On the contrary, it looks like he’s quite interested in Camille.”

“Even though Camille is engaged to me?”

“That an engagement is something that can be overturned, is something that you should know better than I do, right?”

The difference in status between the illegitimate son of a viscount, and the prince of a large nation is too huge. Yeah, I don’t have a chance, do I?

“I don’t want to give Camille to another nation. She’s my important magician, after all.”

Whether for good or for bad, His Highness has grown as a prince. Even though he used to be a frankly gentle person.
However, once I consider that I might have contributed to this via my bad influence on His Highness, I feel a little guilty.

“Mmmn… One more drink.”

I could hear sleeptalk coming from Camille. It looks like this idiot hasn’t learnt her lesson yet, so I’ll have to warn her later.

“Geez. Camille likes drinking that much, huh?”

Because he didn’t see what happened today, His Highness is smiling, but this isn’t something to laugh about, okay?

“It would be better not to give Camille alcohol anymore. It seems that she’s the type who’s immediately affected by alcohol, after all.”

“Hm~mm. A drunk who cutely fawns on you, and slurs her words… If Camille was like that, then it’d be fine, but as expected of her, I guess.”

Ah-, I thought that too. But since it’s Camille, it can’t be helped.


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  1. Awesome another chapter, you are the best!

    I finally have some sympathy for Achilies now. He knows he’s going after her wrong but is afraid to take the gamble. It makes me glad the foreign prince is getting more interested in her. He needs something to push him to make the gamble. He’s been damn lucky he hasn’t had any rival suitors until now.

    I can see why the prince developed the habit of peeping. Watching those two when they are alone together has to be one great show.

    I’m already hating the heroine. She feels like she’ll be one hell’va bitch in the coming chapters.

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    1. in april-ish, novelised version of this is probably being released. seeing as even the japanese raws are being taken down, if i get any complaints (though i doubt it), will probably just continue releasing under password protection.

      and going to sleep now, so sorry but can’t finish next chapter.


      1. Don’t think you will get complains since there’s an extremely low chance of it being officially translated in your or our countries.
        But it’s good news that it will be published, we will get to see how the characters look like ;D


    2. so, if the heroine is like that, then what do you thing happened to the k and q of clovers? (remember that the k of clovers was the childhood friend of the heroine)


      1. Human sacrifices. To unlock the 7th tier demon eye, in the game the k of clovers sacrifices someone to grant unparalleled magical powers. In this scenario however the Frau stumbles upon the grimoire for the ritual and sacrifices the k and q of clovers. The evil ritual breaks a hole in the spacetime continuum, in the form of a cursed dream a game developer had. This is the important cursed game spell, for part two of the spell. To eliminate all rivals, Frau, the protagonist attempts to curse the q’s out of existence. It backfires and instead brings replacements that ruin her reverse harem end.

        100% guaranteed, or your money back.


      2. “Frau Monier, when did you get to be this way? You changed so much over the years it’s as if I don’t even know you…”
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      2. Rather than tiers, what you’re talking about reminds me of a moderate or noble Demon of the first choir, while the result sounds less like what a demon might do, and more like a Bogeyman or Faerie might try.


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      4. I’m making a Pact reference. The Faerie courts there are divided into courts like Winter or Forest rather than Seelie or Unseelie. As a whole, they aren’t so much malicious as mischievous; many of their actions are a very desperate attempt to stave off boredom. I should say no more to avoid spoilers.


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  2. Thanks for the release!

    Just a little note
    [I’m not so great a person that I’d be able to silently watch as she left me. It seems more like I’d forcefully keep her tied to me] —-> past and future tense are mixed up.

    Perhaps [as she leaves me]?


      1. Excuse me as I was incorrect in my previous post. It wasn’t future tense but present tense

        I’d be able to silently watch—-> present tense
        as she left me—-> past tense

        Verb past and future tense must be consistent in the same sentence, unless there is a change in time (which there isn’t because both verbs happen at the same time). [Watch] is in present tense, and [Left] is in past tense. To make the tense consistent within the sentence, and make it hypothetical, the present tense of [Left], which is [Leaves], should be used.


        1. “This would go on for years and I would watch as he ate little to no vegetables…”

          “…did nothing more than watch as he ran…”

          “…would laugh as she tripped me and got into trouble…”

          This is just how people speak casually around me. I’m a first language English speaker, but we don’t learn grammar where I live. We just pick things up by ear, so unless there’s an error in third person narration, I have no intention of fixing grammar so that it looks good, but sounds weird to me. And it’s not present, and then past. It’s present attached to a past tense, and then a past tense.

          I’ll take care for when I do a perfect butler character, I suppose.

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  3. Is no one else shocked by the fact, that even COMPLETELY intoxicated, to the point of being unable to maintain her balance, or communicate in full sentences, OR EVEN KEEP HER LUNCH!
    Camille is still capable of using magic to reverse time on a specific area to clean up someone’s dress from bile like it was nothing?

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    1. On cloths no less, with out doing anything to the wearer while dead drunk and sick. No wonder why the prince had absolute faith in her when she said he’d be all right in the magic test.

      Royce and Achilies are pretty used to her overpowered style but others surrounding her should have been shocked to hell. I’d love to heard about some rumors start about her crazy power from this. Of course I can sort of see it getting looked over at the same time simply because her father is the head of the country’s magicians and her fiance is the son of the second. An overly privileged education on magic from the beginning type scenario so people would take it for granted.


    2. Pretty much everyone agrees that she’s a broken shounen type character in a otome setting.

      Isn’t it grand?


  4. Crapcrapcrapcrap. I just realized that they mention the game takes place in the second year, this is the first. To what ends will the story take as that approaches.


  5. Whether for good or for bad, High Highness > His Highness

    That heroine seems like she will be the true villainess, good thing that Achile got to see her pissed with her mask off on his first meeting with her, so he won’t see with good eyes if she approaches Royce or Tria or whoever is next to them, if not she would be able (or not) to act like a poor girl.


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      1. She already had it, her history is full of tragedies. Her life till now was pretty dark and she sees this world as fair grimdark place.


    1. Not only that, depending on her personality the Q will surely block her path npw that they k lnow that she is also one of them.


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  7. I feel like that girl expected to become a Queen developed a few bits of a bad personality. Hopefully it won’t go that far but clearly the story has changed.


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