Author’s Memo (Parallel World in Reality)

Author’s note: A summary of the characters that will appear in the Academy Chapter.

■ Hearts Faction

K of Hearts (Royce Garnet)
A popular oujisama whose main weakness was kindness, but has grown.
Lately his peeping skills have improved.

Q of Hearts (Camille Rhodolite) ♡Protagonist
A girl who loves magic. As a woman, is a no-good in various ways.
Is covered from head to toe in magic tattoos of her own work.

J of Hearts (Achille Jade)
A prodigy who can do anything skilfully, but has a relatively mercenary personality.
Has not sealed the deal on various important things.

■ Diamonds Faction

K of Diamonds (Tria Topageria)
The flashy second prince of the neighbouring nation.
Because he’s a person who acts on his emotion without thinking ahead, his subordinates call him “Baka-sama”.

Q of Diamonds (Beatrix Tapas)
The crossdressing earl’s daughter of the neighbouring nation.
Is popular amongst women. More popular than her lord, the prince.

J of Diamonds (?)
Family is rich.

■ Spades Faction

K of Spades (Raiger Transbaal)
The only son of the King’s younger brother, and is a little bit egocentric and wilful.
He used to do exactly as his father wanted, but has lately been opposing him.

Q of Spades (Mei Zakro)
Raiger’s maid, and fiancée.
In a way, she has the most heroine-like personality.

J of Spades (Kai Zakro)
Whereabouts unknown.
Is close with Mei.

■ Others

Charles Rhodolite (Marquis Rhodolite)
Q of Heart’s father. Is a workaholic who loves magic like his daughter does.

Aimée Afriat
The head maid of the Rhodolite family. Strongest lady-in-waiting-sama.

Soleil Jade (Viscount Jade)
J of Heart’s father, and Charles’ subordinate.

The sisters, Déborah & Désirée
J of Heart’s half-sisters of a different mother. Friends of Q of Hearts.

■ Heroine (Frau Monier)
Objective unknown. Possesses incredible magic power.
Wants reimbursement for the clothes that became a sacrifice due to her mingling with the Q of Hearts.




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24 thoughts on “Author’s Memo (Parallel World in Reality)”

    1. What I thought too. Anyway, from what I recall about a measurement device, Herr Frau Monier sounds pissed.


      1. I don’t remember, maybe it was the future. I remember reading that they were drinking for the first time in a party and she got sick. then, proceeded to puke on the heroine’s dress.


    2. At the party, she threw up on the original heroine’s clothes. It seems they are destined to become enemies. Always know your limit. The line between drunk and alcohol poisoning is different for everyone.


  1. ‘Lately his peeping skills have increased?’

    Uh what the hell? Wait, I thought he was going for the three some, not voyeurism?

    Also, mysterious former protagonist seems mysterious.


    1. Maybe he’s one of those netorase type.

      Y’know, like one girl but let her be with someone else so he can enjoy THE FEELS of it.

      At first it was just that strong feeling and comes with despair, but over time he starts to get pleasure out of it, eventually becoming addicted and seeking it out himself.

      p.s. Yes I’m a horrible person :v


    1. Consider it the alternate perspective.

      Maybe the original villain was obstructing the heroine because she doesn’t trust her (and destiny putting a few too many ‘accident’s between them to let them ever reconcile)

      And the original Achille backstabbed the original Q because he wanted her as his fiance, but things happened and he went yandere about it? (i.e. destroy all her options so she has to relies on him)


      1. Doesn’t seems so… Achille only fall for Camille because she’s not like ordinary girl her age, doesn’t easily swayed by his appearance, and unpredictable. Not the original Camille’s burikko type… (and it seems the original Camille only became a burriko because of her environment)


    2. On the contrary, it’s almost like the opposite. Just looking at the three K’s that showed up, one is now taken, likely before Frau (or whatever her name is) ever interacted. One seems to be at least interested in her, and the only one she interfered with in the game would be almost a forced route at this point. One I have read as her encouraging.

      In the game, Camille tries to block the protagonist from the Prince. In this reality, she already made roadblocks for at least two of the former routes. Ironically she would likely help the protagonist with the Prince if the situation made her think it the best choice.

      Ah, thinking a bit more, in the clovers route, isn’t the royal family killed or something? Yeah, doubt she would just let that happen either. Forced route ahoy.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I did. With the thing about the foreshadowed revelation, and much of my point being there, I don’t know if this is a victory or defeat against me.


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