Author’s Memo (Otomege)

Author’s note: The setting and characters for the otome game. It’s fine to just skim through it.

Otomege (Otome game)
An otome game is a generic name for games whose contents primarily involve interacting with and romancing male characters through a female protagonist.

Garnet Nation: The country that is the most magically developed (is the country of the protagonist) and has a European-ish feel

Topageria Nation: A nation prospering in commerce. Is a rich country (and the neighbouring country) and has an Arabian-ish feel
[tl: may or may not just be Topaz and Algeria smooshed together]

School [In the setting of the game]
Garnet Nation – Royal Capital Magic School, High School Section
・Has three grades (and an associated university) and there is an entrance exam held every three years
・Is the top magic school in the world
・As long as they are over sixteen years old, anybody is qualified to take the exam
・The uniform is free dress

Factions [In the setting of the game]
Four classes are fighting within the academy (each class has thirty people each)
The students of each class have certain characteristics
・Hearts – The royalty and nobles of the Garnet Nation (Incumbent King Faction)
・Diamonds – Foreigners, and the wealthy
・Clovers – Commoners
・Spades – The royalty and nobles of the Garnet Nation (Anti-King Faction)

Each faction has people of influence [In the setting of the game]
・K (King) – The highest ranked in the class (male) – love interests
・Q (Queen) – The highest ranked in the class (female) – rivals
・J (Jack) – The king’s aid (male) – friendship route characters

Heroine’s ability [In the setting of the game]
A massive mana lays dormant in the body of the Heroine
She healed an animal on the verge of death
…or more like, she brought it back from the dead.
The story goes that the head of the academy was walking past, and scouted her

Each romance route [In the setting of the game]

・Heart K
The rival girl hindered the heroine, but it was revealed and her position was taken.
After that, the rival was socially half-killed, and lived avoiding attention
The Heart K becomes king, and the heroine queen

・Diamond K
The rival girl hindered the heroine, but it was revealed, and she was exiled from the country (as a pretext for forcing her into a political marriage)
The Garnet Nation started a war because it desired the heroine’s power, but the Diamond K tried his best, and Topageria won.

・Clover K
The rival girl hindered the heroine, but it was revealed, and the Clover K told her never to appear before his eyes again.
The Garnet Nation aimed for the heroine because it wanted her power, but three years later, there was a revolution, and the monarchy collapsed. The leader of the revolution was the Clover K.

・Spade K
The rival girl hindered the heroine, but it was revealed, and she was dismissed.
After that, there was no further news of her.
The Garnet Nation’s Incumbent King Faction aimed for the heroine because it wanted her power, but through a coup d’etat, the administration changed. (The Anti-King Faction held the real power)

Each friendship route [In the setting of the game]

・Heart J
He becomes a friend at work when they both work for the king at the castle.

・Diamond J
They mingle with each other during a student exchange in Topageria.
In the future, he works as a doctor in the Topagerian royal palace.

・Clover J
Heroine becomes a good friend, who watches over them at work to make sure they don’t do anything crazy

・Spades J
They become a good conversation partner.
Reconciliation with his sister, a rival. They become tea drinking buddies.

Because of the intervention of a person from another world, the routes fall into disorder.
There are changes to the characters’ personalities.

■■■ Character Introduction ■■■
During entrance to school

■ Protagonist

Frau Monier
[Game Setting]
・『Personality』: A cheerful and kind-hearted protagonist
・『Status』: Commoner
・『Appearance』: Ordinary appearance
Cinnamon coloured, wavy, medium length hair and olive coloured eyes
・『Clothing』: Commoner’s clothing

■ Love Interests

Royce Garnet (17)
K of Hearts
[Game Setting] (changes in reality)
・『Personality』: A stereotypical prince
Falls in love with the heroine who softens his complexes towards his father
・『Status』: First prince
・『Appearance』: Blonde hair, blue eyes, tall and slender
・『Clothing』: Prince styled (European style), white

Raiger Transbaal (17)
K of Spades
[Game Setting] (changes in reality)
・『Personality』: Heartless (because he was continuously told to win against Royce since he was young)
Becomes drawn to the heroine’s kindness
・『Status』: son of the Garnet Nation’s king’s younger brother, Royce’s cousin
・『Appearance』: silver hair, blue eyes, tall and slenderly muscled
・『Clothing』: prince styled (European style), black

Tria Topageria (18)
K of Diamonds
[Game Setting] (changes in reality)
・『Personality』: A smooth talking womaniser, he wants to be ranked higher than the first prince through some achievements in the school. After being warned by the heroine about thinking like a stereotypical royal, he falls in love with her.
・『Status』: The second prince of the neighbouring Topageria
・『Appearance』: Copper coloured hair, golden eyes, a little built
・『Clothing』: Prince styled (Arabian style)

Asagi Raizel (17)
K of Clovers
[Game Setting] (changes in reality)
・『Personality』: Hot blooded. Was interested in the heroine to begin with.
Is thinking about proposing to the heroine after graduating.
・『Status』: A childhood friend of the heroine who lived near her
・『Appearance』: Red hair, black eyes, slenderly muscled
・『Clothing』: Light clothing popular in the capital

■ Friendship Route

Achille Jade (17)
J of Hearts
[Game Setting] (changes in reality)
・『Personality』: Sociable, harmless to everyone but his natural enemy, the Q of Hearts
・『Status』: Son of a viscount (illegitimate son), and the aid of the K of Hearts
・『Appearance』: Caramel brown hair, cobalt blue eyes, small build and slender
・『Clothing』: Noble styled (European style)

Kai Zakro (16)
J of Spades
[Game Setting] (changes in reality)
・『Personality』: Mysterious, adores K of Spades
Q of Spades’ younger twin brother
・『Status』: K of Spades’ subordinate
・『Appearance』: Navy blue short hair, yellow eyes, dark brown skin
・『Clothing』: Butler outfit

Galuf Sharohm (17)
J of Clovers
[Game Setting] (changes in reality)
・『Personality』: Wild
・『Status』: Son of a mafia boss
・『Appearance』: Violet hair, and long, narrow grey eyes
・『Clothing』: Clothes with a rough feel

Fior Cintron (19)
J of Diamonds
[Game Setting] (changes in reality)
・『Personality』: Gentleman, older brother type
・『Status』: Son of a powerful merchant
・『Appearance』: Orange hair, khaki green eyes, tall
・『Clothing』: Clothes of a wealthy person (Arabian style)

■ Rivals

Camille Rhodolite (17)
Q of Hearts
<Game Setting>
・『Personality』: A can’t-take-a-hint burikko type rival. Likes the King of Hearts (romantically)
・『Status』: Daughter of a marquis
・『Appearance』: Pink hair (twin tails), raspberry coloured eyes, pink lips, a fair skinned loli-type bishoujo
・『Clothing』: Goth loli fashion

<In the original world>
Aizawa Manami (16)
A high school girl
・『Personality』: No matter what you made her do, she was fairly good/not bad at it (she couldn’t go beyond this), and she was happy-go-lucky
A fan of the King of Hearts in the game
・『Status』: Part of the go home club, and was around the upper-middle of the class
Her father is a salaryman, and her mother is a housewife
・『Appearance』: Fairly attractive/not bad looking (not somebody attractive beyond reach, somebody an average person could easily confess to)
・『Clothing』: The natural type (she pretends to be the neat and clean type)

Mei Zakro (16)
Q of Spades
[Game Setting] (changes in reality)
・『Personality』: Mysterious, adores K of Spades
・『Status』: K of Spades’ subordinate
・『Appearance』: Navy blue short hair, yellow eyes, dark brown skin
・『Clothing』: Maid outfit

Beatrix Tapas (17)
Q of Diamonds
[Game Setting] (changes in reality)
・『Personality』: An unyielding, stereotypical ojousama
・『Status』: Daughter of Topagerian count
・『Appearance』: Long black hair, orange coloured eyes, bright red lips
・『Clothing』: Gorgeous and flamboyant dress (primary colours)

Aurelia Trèfle (17)
Q of Clovers
[Game Setting] (changes in reality)
・『Personality』: Docile but vicious and sly
・『Status』: Commoner, doctor’s daughter
・『Appearance』: Braided black hair
・『Clothing』: Simple clothing




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13 thoughts on “Author’s Memo (Otomege)”

  1. So you could call Aimi a *dons sunglasses* Jack of all Trades

    I dunno why I thought that was clever at the time… anyway, I’d rather be a jack of all trades than a master of something useless. She’s a Magic Otaku now though…

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  2. Bro. I want you to know that whatever translation you may do, I will be behind you all the way. Your TL is of really high quality and is truly an example for other web translators. On that vein I think you should do what you want to and not be constrained by what other people think. I don’t care much for drama but your maturity when face with some other translators and groups is commendable. Just a nod from someone who deeply appreciates your work.
    From Hanoi

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  3. Why do I find that game protagonist (Frau) strange? At first I thought something along the lines of a typical otome game/manga/anime that is idiot, but then I read and think again. “A cheerful and kind-hearted protagonist”, how is she kind-hearted when she chooses the K of diamonds and they have a war between the (supposed) country that she was born and her husband country? She just let her country go down and probably many people that she knew and was friend with die (since in time of war they enlist many young people, and it would also be the ones that studied with her). And then she goes only after big shots, it looks more like she wanted to marry on power and was dissimulated like Achille.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Though re-reading the descriptions it seems that the factions were just waiting for their side to get the all powerful Chess piece before they acted anyway. Seemed that Spades and Diamonds overthrows were not caused by the king’s themselves but by their fathers after they learned that their sons got the powerhouse mage of an MC. Clovers has justification of being class warfare.




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