Burikko Chapter 5

5 Years Old – J of Hearts (Part 2)

By the way, the ‘disappointing/unfortunate‘ used to describe Camille is sort of like the disappointment or regret of having somebody who is attractive, intelligent and professional, but is unfortunately a massive masochist.
It’s that kind of ‘unfortunate‘.

Like a 残念な夫(disappointing/unfortunate husband) is basically a bum of a husband, or a husband that has one or more majorly bum-like qualities about him. Or is majorly hopeless or something.

A 残念な美人(zannen na bijin) is a beauty that happens to have an aspect of her that just ruins the image completely. Like she’s actually a complete slob at home. Or she has a massive and uncontrollable train fetish. Or she’s an insufferable shotacon.

There was a beautiful garden, and in the centre was a white fountain surrounded by roses in full bloom.
We might be getting close to the inner palace.

Suddenly, I felt like I heard a voice, so I looked down, and when I did, I saw the figure of a child about our age.
A small boy with beautiful golden hair was being surrounded by some slightly older looking kids.
However, it seemed that they weren’t playing together.

When I looked in front, I found that Camille was frowning a little.
She’s an oddball, but it seems she has a strong sense of justice.

“Will you save that boy?”

When I spoke into her ear on purpose, Camille was startled enough that it was funny.
Oh shit, I’ve found a surprising weakness of hers. It seems that this is a bit of a habit.

“Is it okay to go down? Won’t I get you mixed up in it, Achille?”

“It’s fine, but? That blondie is probably a kid from the royal family… It might be a good chance for me to establish contact with him.”

He’s wearing clothing that’s obviously higher class than the other children, and if I remember correctly, the first prince was a blonde kid of about that age.
Even if we save him, there’s no loss to us.
Also, the one who’s getting ‘wrapped up‘ isn’t me, but Camille. I’m already resolved.
If she saves the prince, she’ll make enemies of the Royal Prince Faction.
Even a kid knows about the issue of the two great powers in this country.
…It looks like Camille isn’t thinking about a thing, though.

The very moment Camille heard my reply, she thrust the broom at the noble kid who was mounting the prince.

“Heyy! Stop thaat!”

The end of the broom stabbed the guy in the arse. …Looks painful.
While Camille was arguing with the children of the Royal Prince Faction, I ran over to the prince.

“Can you stand?”

“Mn, I can… Thanks.”

I helped the prince up, and took a distance from the kids.

At that moment, one of the kids tried to hit Camille.
Even if I tried to save her, I wouldn’t make it in time from here… or so I thought, when Camille easily repelled it with defensive magic.
It was a perfect defensive wall. On top of that, it seems she was planning on going as far as counterattacking.

“Take thiiis!”

However, there’s supposed to be a strong magic prevention barrier cast on the castle.

“Oh?[/Are?] My magic won’t come out…”

Obviously. As expected, Camille’s offensive magic turned into smoke and disappeared.

“Except for those in security, nobody can use offensive class magic without permission here.”

The prince thoughtfully explained to Camille. This much is common sense, though.

The children of the Royal Prince Faction who were stunned by the defensive magic gradually recovered, and seeing them approach us in the corner of my eye, I called out to Camille to ride the broom.
After a quick gasp, Camille came running over. She quickly had the prince straddle the broom.

“We’re ready!”


Camille had us rise quickly into the air, and we distanced ourselves from the noble children.
I guided Camille who was flying a lap above their heads while laughing provocatively.

“Let’s return to the Magician’s Building… Father might have returned.”

Camille has an immature part to her, so had I left her be, she might have continued taunting them forever.
We have to leave here before anybody else from the Royal Prince Faction arrive.


She obediently listened to me, and headed back to the Magician’s Building.

“Ahhh, I’m tired. That was heavy.”

According to Camille, carrying three people on a broom was tiring.
Even though we’re in front of the prince, she paid it no heed and dived onto the sofa.
Even though we even got to gallantly save the prince, at the very, very end she showed some seriously disappointing sides of her.
My impression of Camille has taken an 180 degree turn from the one I had at our first meeting, plus another 45 degrees. She(This) is not someone(something) you can expect a normal response from.

Fortunately, it seems that the prince had no intent of finding fault with Camille’s irreverence.
He looked in on her worriedly.

“Thank you for saving me, you two. I’m Royce Garnet, the first prince of this country.”

“…Prince? Roiss?”

It looks like Camille has finally realised the prince’s identity.
It seems she really wasn’t thinking about a thing.
It had absolutely nothing to do with who the bullied child was, and she saved him purely due to her sense of justice, it seems.
She really is a young lady that’s nothing like a noble. I became even more interested in this girl who had a way of thinking that I didn’t.

“I-, I am Camille Rhodolite.”

“Ahh, Marquis Rhodolite’s… I’m glad that we met.”

Camille was shaken by each one of the prince’s words, making a hundred different expressions. For some reason I feel it unamusing, and I feel sick near my chest. Acting like this, even though she snorted during my introduction.

After that, I finished my introduction without delay.

“Huhu… For you two to have been the son and daughter of the Magician Building’s number one and two… You two really saved me. I got seen being pathetic though, haha…”

The prince smiled contentedly. Well yeah, of course he would be, since he basically gained the higher ups of the Magician Building as allies through Camille and I. …Good work in stealing allies for yourself.

“No, we just happened to be passing by, but I am glad that we were of use to you, Your Highness. What is most important is that you are safe.”

“You don’t need to be so formal, you know? Our age is close, and I’d be happy if we could get along from now on as well. Unfortunately there aren’t many people in the castle that I’m close to, you see…”

Hearing the prince’s words, Camille’s face shone.

“Royce-sama… In that case, I shall ask my father[/otousama] for permission and bring Achille again to play.”

I got dragged into it too, for some reason…
Well, that’s fine. I get to leave that house, and increasing my contact with the prince is something to be thankful for.


The prince seems happy too.

“Of course! If my father allows, though.”

“I’ll have it arranged.”

While this was happening, Marquis Rhodolite and father came into the room.
Father was stunned upon seeing the prince, but the marquis didn’t seem to be interested in the prince.
The prince told the two of them about what happened outside, and hearing this, the marquis scolded Camille.
The marquis was indifferent towards the prince, but once it involved Camille, his reaction became excessive. The marquis might also be an overly doting, idiot parent like my father.

However, there’s no reason to blame Camille.
Certainly I was shocked by her audacity in flying above the castle without permission, but thanks to that, we were able to save the prince.

“Marquis-sama, if you are going to blame Camille, then I am guilty as well.”

Surprised that I was covering for her, Camille’s eyes widened. She really is a easy to read fellow.
She probably thought that it wasn’t like me. Somehow I feel that she knows about my true personality…

“Mn, Camille hasn’t done anything bad. Thanks to her, I was saved.”

The prince took advantage of my words to cover for Camille as well, so she wasn’t scolded any further.

A butler-like man appeared to meet the prince, and the prince and the adults left the room.
They’re probably talking about Camille and I… as well as what they’ll be doing themselves from now on.

“Are you okay with that, Camille? Getting close to Prince Royce means that you’ll be making enemies of the Royal Prince(King’s Younger Brother) Faction, you know?”

“Mn? What’s that?”

This girl really doesn’t know a thing after all.

“Today you made enemies of the son of His Majesty’s younger brother, you know… I did too, though. That’s why from now on, whether you like it or not, you’ll be seen as part of the King’s Faction.”

“Ahh… So that’s how it is.”

Not, ‘so that’s how it is‘…
Even though she’s the daughter of the marquis, are things going to be alright like this?
It’s gone past just shock; I’m worried now.

“Mn, they might be talking about the same thing outside, huh…”

Both the Rhodolite Marquis family and the Jade Viscount family will probably be seen as the King’s Faction from now on.

“I’m fine… After all, one day I’d have to choose which faction to fall under after all, and I like Royce-sama too…”

“Eh, ‘like’!? …Camille …Are you aiming to marry into power?”

For this weird girl who knows nothing about anything to be aiming for the seat of the queen…
Was all of the stupid behaviour up until now, camouflage to deceive her surroundings?

However, she looked at me as though she was seeing something strange.

“Huhh…? What are you on about?”

“I’m hoping that Prince Royce will become my patron, but I was wondering if you were aiming for the seat of the Queen, you see… Unexpected, ambitious?”

“‘Sif I am!”

I was negated with all her strength, but hearing this, I felt relieved somewhere inside.
Why? I don’t really get it myself.
When I’m with Camille, nothing goes as I expect. I end up being led around the nose by her at every turn.

For some reason Camille was looking my way in indignation for some reason. It seems that she was dissatisfied with my “marry into power” remark.

“That’s true. Right now you’re the only daughter of Marquis Rhodolite after all, so you have to find a husband and succeed your family, right?”

Marquis Rhodolite is unmarried, and his only child is Camille.
She probably understands her position as well, in her own weirdo way.

But even though there’s nothing to complain about when it comes to her appearance and status, why on earth are the contents this?
It’s seriously unfortunate.
At this rate, won’t a husband candidate never show up? Having the number of rivals decrease is convenient for me, but…

“I’ll become a magician that protects Royce-sama.”

Completely cutting off the flow of conversation up until now, Camille suddenly declared this. What is she planning to do this time?
I really can’t take my eye of her. If I don’t take responsibility and stop her before she does something problematic… the prince is absolutely going to meet with some harm.

“Then I’ll become an aide that can help Royce-sama.”

I took Camille’s hand. She looked at me in wonder.

“You’ll become a knight?”

I have no intention of becoming anything like a knight. If I’m going to do something, I want a smarter job.

“Nope, an aide.”

One day I’ll become the prime minister or something too. I’ve decided on my goal.

“I see! Then let’s try our best together.”

Camille who probably isn’t thinking about a thing, was just simply happy about having her comrades increase.

But I didn’t overlook the fact that her eyes looked in bewilderment at the hands I was holding.
I was elated by some feeling I didn’t know welling up inside me, upon seeing Camille looking shaken for the first time.

What is this feeling, anyway? …It’s probably, the feeling of accomplishment.

From then on, my father would occasionally bring me to Camille’s house, or the castle where the prince lived.




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