Ratings are designed for large range; I would basically keep myself updated on anything beyond a 1-star rating. I have all 3 published volumes of one of the series I rated as 3-stars. I hope this gives you an indication of the fact that I have scaled things for contrast.


Another web novel series that I have read up until the latest chapter. Incidentally own the first three light novels.


  • The protagonist is a good, nice, and humble guy.
  • The world 500 years after the death game ended is an interesting place, that is a pleasure to learn about.
  • Shunii is cute.
  • Tiela is cute.
  • Yuzuha is cute.


  • The story setting is A LOT like a web novel. What do I mean? It’s incredibly ‘unorthodox'(i.e. unprofessional) and only works because as a web novel, you expect the audience to be fairly open-minded.
    To put it briefly, the main character has lived through Sword Art Online, only to be transported to Log Horizon 500 years after the Calamity.
  • The plot is fairly slow moving. Important plot points only trickle in very slowly, starting after volume 3.
  • The web novel is written fairly messily and complicatedly. The published and edited edition of the story (light novel edition) is heavily edited and rewritten. Every page will have multiple rewordings, early in the first novel.
  • The main character stays too humble. Usually humble characters are forced by the story to show their power a little, but each time, the main character uses just the bare minimum (not that much) power to solve the problem. It would be fine for the first two volumes or so, but even far beyond the third volume, almost nobody knows that he’s a high human.You can say that it’s a personal preference, but I prefer it when they have at least a few small moments where they show off. He just stays humble, with these nobles and whatever speaking down to him.


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            1. oh,, and here message for your fan oniichanyamete, from new translator of new gate,,

              Update: Pls stop spamming comments on his website. I’ll translate chapter 1 from the beginning later.”


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