Notes on story

The main character will never show off and reveal his true form, nor will he ever go around taking over countries, or kidnapping maidens, or founding an empire, or uniting the mohawks to build Southern Cross or anything. He just wants to get home, and explores the world 500 years after the game world as he does so. Don’t expect anything more. If you want that kind of conqueror’s story, read Re:Monster or something like that, idunno.

Even when people have disrespected him, he’s mature enough that he just stays humble and incognito to avoid trouble. I personally hated this aspect of him, as it made for a more boring character in my opinion.

Notes on script and whatnot

I’m mostly using the webnovel out of physical convenience, but once every few paragraphs I’ll see something a bit odd, and will open up the light novel for reference, and lo and behold, usually it’s been edited or rewritten. Compared to other webnovels like Mushoku Tensei, the light novel edition of THE NEW GATE has been really drastically edited. A lot of sentences are rewritten. Even so, having to hold the book open and type one-handed is just so…

Anyway, I’ll only be using the light novel to translate the really weirdly written stuff (once every few paragraphs), so yeah. For the more important scenes, like the Origin fight, interesting conversations, and the like, I’ll be translating directly from the light novel. For all the other filler shit though (i.e. most of the novel), I’ll be translating from the web novel.

Cause yeah.

Ah, and I’ll be leaving katana skills as phonetic readings probably.

[]: TL Note
Will sometimes use to explain skill meanings, or used to annotate something
[※] means ‘Google it’

{}: written kanji vs pronounciation

e.g. ‘Rival{Friend}’ means that written as ‘rival’, but read as ‘friend’
e.g. ‘Sky Shaking Earth Thrust{Sky Piercer}’ means the kanji might say something like ‘天震地刺(スカイピアッサー)’ and is read ‘Sky Piercer’.

One thought on “THE NEW GATE – Read Me”

  1. You know, after reading the first paragraph I got curious as to what “re:monster” was so I immediately googled it and then read it’s plot in manga fox. Afterwards I read the first chapter and now I’m completely hooked. I suppose I should thank you for giving me something to be hooked about so thanks. I was just on my way to reading The New Gate but got side tracked so maybe I’ll read it after reading Re:Monster’s manga.


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