Recruiting translators,
editors and a cleaner/redrawer.

Editors will be responsible for quality checking as well as prose flow.
Cleaner/redrawer to help out Komorebi and Ame when they are busy, and otherwise to help Toki with his group.

Please contact us at here.
Discord channel here.
Steam groups here and here.

Let’s bring more cute novels to everyone!

…Is that all?

I flipped the paper, but there’s nothing on the back, either.

This place is all the way in the dark corner at the very end of the hut, isn’t it…it looks like Oniichan or someone else marked off a really tiny square of space with black marker.

The square is as wide as if I stood on it with one foot on my tip toes. If anyone did that, they would probably have to hold their hands towards the ceiling so that they don’t pass the line, wouldn’t they.

It’d be a weird ballerina pose, in other words. How cruel.

Oniichan is adamant on more weird people staying in the garage, huh…not that I don’t like knowing where all of the strange is contained and all, but…


I’ll have to hightail out of here, soon. Staying here for more than five minutes is dangerous, you know.

Eh? There’s neon hot pink cat ears on the floor, too. With a note attached.

If you’re applying, wear these while staying inside the square. I’ll be taking pictures.

…T-that’s terrible. That’s terrible, Oniichan. Such a thing…

(The diary entry is redacted, it seems. You peck at the paper in some mockery of Morse code, or whatever you’re doing, but it’s just not there. Odd, isn’t it.

…You’ll have to search for more material like this at a later date. The early bird gets to say that they’re first to get the worm, after all.)

97 thoughts on “Recruitment”

  1. Sheep-chan ~ ! As you know I can only read Hiragana, katakana, and about 143 Kanji so I won’t be of any help to you personally. However can I arrange for a collaboration between you and himescans for pochamani? You have enough projects so can I ask you to temporarily offer up Jaon’s services unto them? How about it if you hhelp them out I’ll by bring sacrifices, I mean offerings, I mean slaves, I mean translators with not a lot of publicity to you. Ah I suppose you can hire me as a recruiter and if you do I may or may not take the ard I put around Imouto-san off. Do we have a deal Sheep-chan?


  2. Mmkay. Sheep-chan! Although it didn’t work out quite how I wanted it, I’m satisfied enough. So…shall I kidna-, I mean forcefully persuade, I mean recruit some sacrifices, I mean servants for you ❤!


          1. Hmm… ok, sounds good. I’m kind of new at this, but would it be alright if I gave it a shot?

            Thank you for your time.


      1. Probably for the best I don’t join then. Besides, we seem to live in different time zones, I’m not sure you’d be able to see the smoke signals.


  3. As long as it’s just making sure it reads properly I’m sure I could do it indefinitely. I’m a moonrune-illiterate though, so the most I could do is fix any English errors that pop up. I put all my skill points into smoke signals, bad handwriting and English. Mostly smoke signals.


  4. Just wondering, are you still in need of an editor? I haven’t edited before so not 100% sure how well I can do it though, as well I am not proficient at reading Japanese.


  5. Hi holysheep do you have any recommendations for a low-level starter novel for a noob like me? I’m interested in translating and leveling up my japanese but a lot of the recommendations i see are quite out of my league. BTW my jlpt skill is about n5.


        1. that’s fine!
          sorry for the delayed response, though; everyone’s been busy in real life lately.
          thank you for volunteering to help out! translating takes a lot of time and all, so we’re all glad that you decided you wanted to do it!
          do you have a specific idea of what you want to translate? or would you rather decide after you’re proficient in este’s standards? either way works, though.
          do you have a skype? we’re all usually on there, so you can ask everyone for help if you need to, like for editing or other things. our timezones are all different so you usually can find someone else other than este to help you out on certain sentences if you need it!
          if you’re still willing, we would love to have you~ ^^


          1. I understand. I guess that it’d be better to get the official ‘ok’ first, unless you’re in dire need of hands (though, I do suppose I could help out in the meantime?) Yes, I have a skype, who should I add?


  6. I would really like to help, but i don’t really know japanese, so i can’t help with the translating part.
    If you are lacking a editor, just ask.

    PS. I would say that my writing skills are just above average….
    Something in that direction.


  7. Hello, are you still in need of a cleaner/redrawer? I’m interested in this position, and I will try to help out as much as possible if you’ll allow me to join. I’m inexperienced, but I do own a Wacom tablet.


      1. Born in the US, so I’m a native speaker. Currently learning Japanese but only in the intermediate level… My kanji recognition sucks ;^;


  8. hello,
    hmmm. the translator, can i try it ?
    i’m not good with japanese or even english, but i have learnt it long time ago.
    just try me out please??
    i want to improve my japanese. :)


  9. Hi~
    Wondering if you are still recruiting editors / cleaner / redrawers?

    I’d like to TL but for JP I can only really MTL … so I can’t do much on that point, but if you are still recruiting either of the two above, I have experience in both as a scanlator!

    My PS skills are a bit rusty but if its just a bit of color redrawing I should be ok.

    As for English, does having graduated from Uni count for anything?


  10. Hi ! Do you still recruit for translator ?
    I introduce myself, my pseudo is yuukiunivers
    I am apply as translator because I want to translate my favorited novel : Duke’s daughter
    I don’t speak or understand Japanese but I found it in Spanish so it’s okay to translate it.
    But I don’t know how redraw/ clean text,

    Let me try please


  11. Perhaps this isn’t the place to ask, but what level of skill does one generally need to start reading the average web novel?


      1. K, thanks.

        I’ve just broken into N4, grammar-wise, mainly studying from Tae Kim’s Grammar Guide, and hopefully imabi for more depth after I’m finished with Special Expressions + ‘Advanced’ Topics.

        Ultimately, I want to become good enough at Japanese to translate stuff. I was thinking about applying here maybe at the tail end of this year or at the beginning of next year to shape and improve said translation skills – cause, you know, I think it would be beneficial to work with more skilled translators.

        Ideally, then, I should have enough of a base in grammar (and vocab + kanji) built by August to start reading manga and the like with far less pain and more understanding.

        With that said, do you think you’ll still be in need of translators by 2018?

        …Enough to take on a wannabe of my caliber?

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Aight, then. See ya in a couple months, I guess?


            (This site has my name saved as ‘Fall’, which I didn’t check when I posted the second comment, hence the change in name)

            Liked by 1 person

          2. Hey. Do you still need translators? I want to help translate Haunted Duke’s Daughter / 取り憑かれた公爵令嬢, because it’s a series I really love. I’m currently on chapter 83 in the raws, so I’m pretty confident I can understand most of it.

            Reading Jaon’s translation inspired me to study Japanese more and I’ve been reading chapters of it every day. It’s the perfect balance between challenging and realistically understandable. Sometimes I don’t fully understand what’s being said, but I almost always get the general idea.

            I think I can promise 90-95% accuracy depending on the chapter. My work will most likely need TLC, though. If you do take me on, I should be able to translate a chapter a week.

            Here’s a sample of my work; I translated chapter 37 of Haunted Duke’s Daughter:

            This was my first experience with translating something. I’m not sure what quality standards I should aim to adhere to, so I’ve just tried my best to create something both readable and enjoyable to read. I’m perfectly willing to compromise with different styles.

            I want to use this experience to learn more about Japanese and translation.

            And as for coordination, I live in Australia and can only really translate on the weekends and maybe in the afternoons on weekdays, depending on my schedule.

            Also, sorry, I wasn’t sure where to contact you officially. I’ll also be positing in Discord, though it’s my first time using the platform, so I don’t really know my way around.

            Anyway, look forward to hearing back from you.


  12. Hi, I am interested in being considered as a translator. I’m not really in the world of light novel, but I want to try it, till now I have read kenkyo kenjitsu. My level of Japanese is JLPT2, I don’t know if that’s enough, furthermore English is not my mother language as you can see, but if there is an opportunity I would be glad.


      1. Honestly, I wanted to kill two birds with one stone, but I understand what you are saying, thanks for the quick response and the hard work with the site.


  13. I would like to also help Edit or Proofread. I have some spare time(a lot). At the same time it would improve my skills.


  14. I’ve got one possibly two novel translation projects I’m just getting started that I think fit the cute novels theme. How do I go about joining you folks? I was just looking for a good place to host.

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  15. I can help translate I am at JLPT N3 not quite N2 yet. I lived in Japan for a year and Japanese is my minor. I do work full time but I can spare an hour or two everyday to help translate as it would be great practice for me too!!


  16. Hi, i wanna know if your currently looking for typesetter, cuz i am willing to help with the projects your working on ^^


  17. Hi! I’d like to talk to someone about Japanese –> English translation (if you’re still recruiting) and I’m a newbie to discord so I can’t figure out where to start talking on the server lol


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