Eighth Son? You’re Bloody Kidding, Mate.


by Y.A.
picked up here!

An average, young, 25 year-old salaryman, Ichimiya Shingo was thinking that he’d had to work tomorrow as well, as he crawled into bed. However, when he awoke, he found that he wasn’t in his apartment… Having possessed the 8th child of an impoverished noble family out in the frontier regions, whose meaning of life itself was dubious, he found that fortunately he had talent for magic, and thus quickly headed down the road to independence. He had no rights to succeeding the family nor the region, nor did he have tremendous skill for management, nor experience, so they were out of the question. Being the case, what was wrong about making money with his magic, and living freely? Well, in the end it was common sense in this world for people being unable to escape their ties of obligation. This is the helpless tale of the young Wendelin von Banon Baumeister.

Volume 1 (1%)
Review (a.k.a. the answer to “y u r droping dis?”)

14 thoughts on “Eighth Son? You’re Bloody Kidding, Mate.”

      1. I read your review on it and you saved me an incredible amount of time, honestly.
        I’m quite the sucker for OP stuff, sadly I hate it whenever coming to a new world suddenly includes recreating Japanese cuisine because they love it oh so much and it’s the very best food you could ever possibly think of.
        Granted, I prefer rice over bread but why’s soy sauce absolutely needed for a satisfied life, I just get a headache whenever they start with their sudden food porn.
        And given your review that is exactly what’s gonna happen, well that and the main character being a blank slate kinda moron that holds onto his conviction of doing stuff the author wants him to do while being slightly less well explained than I’d like or would be necessary to make sense to the reader.

        So you really have my thanks here, saved me a couple days of reading and wasting time by following this.


      2. Eh, fair enough about the miso thing, I guess I’m just damaged by all the random food porn. But I would have read on believing the author to make him more interesting than he did up till now since, you know, it isn’t that much translated for people who can’t read Japanese like me.
        But given that he doesn’t, i’d probably have hated myself and the series for making me read it without having anything memorable.
        So still thanks. xd


      3. It’s difficult to make that a really boring development, but possible.
        Kudos to the author to manage that though, it ain’t easy. ._.


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