Short Story – Government Magical Girl Rarana ☆ Miracle

Author: りゃぎえくる

Government Magical Girl Rarana ☆ Miracle

This may sound sudden, but my older sister is a nudist magical girl. You may not understand what I’m saying, but don’t worry. Neither do I.

But it’s true.

Every day after she finishes work, she strips naked as soon as she gets home and starts drinking beer while smoking.

She said “I can’t show this to my fans, can I?” and laughed about it, but please don’t show it to me too. I’m not the type to get excited about my own sister.


“And so, I was hoping that you’ll have a solution to fix my sister.”

“First off, die. Go explode. I hope your thing rots off.”

My childhood friend, Takashi-kun, is one of the few people who know that ‘my sister is a magical girl’ who I can turn to for advice about her, but for some reason, he uses abusive language quite a lot.

“Do you not feel anything at all when seeing a nude magical girl?”

“I don’t, and ‘sis isn’t a girl anymore. She’s already twenty-two yea-”


Takashi-kun sometimes makes weird noises.

“Don’t break my dreams, fucking idiot! Magical girls are magical girls! They’re eternally in their teens!”

“Huh? But in that “Woman in White using an English-speaking Rod to Fire Pink-colored Beams” manga you have, isn’t the character also quite up there in age and isn’t a kid any-”


Takashi-kun frequently makes weird noises.

“That one is different! She’s a veteran, so she’s different! And you’re not supposed to compare manga with reality anyway, you iiiidiot!”

“No, umm, Takashi-kun. I think your prejudice against my sister is something similar to that sort of comparison.”


Ah, he went quiet.

“And so, Takashi-kun. For the time being, I just wish that my sister would wear clothes inside the house, at least.”

At least, she should have some underwear on…

“…Ah, um, well. If we’re talking seriously, have you tried asking Rarana-san to do so?”

“Yes. I told her many times, “Please put on some clothes”.”

“And then?”

“She said “Don’t wanna”.”

“Is she a spoiled kid?”

“She is. My sister is a spoiled kid.”

She looks like a kid in appearance, but her self-control is also equivalent to a kid’s.

“…That’s right!”

Looked like Takashi-kun had an idea.

“She doesn’t want to stop if you tell her to stop, right? Then what if you tell her to do it?”

“Takashi-kun… You are a genius.”

“Heheheh… Stop that, you’re making me blush!”

Childhood friends truly are precious.


“And so, sis, please make sure to not wear clothes.”

I decided to try it out as soon as she came back home in the evening.


“Understand? Please stay naked inside the house.”


“…Is there something wrong?”

“…No, I was just thinking that one of your screws finally got loose.”


“How rude, sis. I’m always normal.”

“A normal brother wouldn’t tell his sister to get naked.”

“A normal sister wouldn’t go nude inside the house.”




“By the way, what’s for dinner?”

“It’s bon bon chicken. Are you eating now, sis?”

“Yeah, let’s.”

So first off, one thing to note is that tomorrow is the day of Takashi’s death.


8 thoughts on “Short Story – Government Magical Girl Rarana ☆ Miracle”

  1. Is the magical girl is an occupational job? What is the continuation of the story? Why i feel familiar with the plot (damn too much H 😂😂😂)?

    Too many questions but there is no answer 😭😭😭😭😭😭

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