I’m the Final Boss!? – Chapter 13

The Truth Revealed

“H… Al… w… p.”

Nn, w-what?
I-Is someone saying something?

Umu, I’ve decided I’m going to ignore it.
I don’t want to wake up yet.
It’s so nice to be sleeping in an actual bed again.

S-so … nice ……

I got it!
Other me, tell whoever’s talking to let me sleep some more, okay?
Nn? {xxx}
Don’t want to. {xxx}
Sleeping is just so … amaz- {xxx}

D-did you fall back asleep mid-sentence!?

If you don’t wake up, you’ll regret it you know~”

Ugu, I’m conscious enough to understand words.
Guess I better get up.
Uuu, I don’t wanna though!
It’s just s~o comfy in this bed!
J-just five more minutes couldn’t hurt, right?

She’s still trying to sleep?
Looks like this little one could use some punishment, don’t you think, Yuki?”

“Mn, it’s not good to be in bed all day, so I think the sleeping Alice should wake up.”

I-I have a feeling that this won’t end well for me.

I cautiously open one of my eyes, but it’s too late.
By the time I do, Mom and Yuki are already at my side, with menacing hands slowly approaching me.
Ever so gently, they reach out for my sides … and start tickling me.
… I knew it.
Death awaits.

“Hahahahaha s-stop ahahahahahaha i- hahahahahahahahaha it.”

It seems the sleepy Alice is asking us to stop.
What do you think we should do, Yuki?”

“Well, Mom, she didn’t wake up when she was supposed to, so I think a little more punishment is in order.”

U-ugu, c-curse you, Yuki!
I-I won’t forget this!

I’m u-up al-
I’m up already!”

They finally relent after I tell them I’m up.
I’m pretty sure it was because of all the kicking I was doing though.

“Eh, Alice?
I know we were tickling you quite a bit, but I didn’t think you’d start crying.”

Now that Yuki mentions it, my eyes do feel a bit strange.
I lift a hand to my eyes, and wipe away the apparently accumulated tears.
Nn, to think I started crying just because they tickled me so much…
Uwah~ how pitiful.
At least I can pass this off as still being a baby~
Or perhaps …

Wh-why am I crying?”

Do you think we went too far, Mom?”

Uuu, to think you would care this much, Yuki.
I take back what I said earlier!
Nn, I’ll try to be even nicer to you from now on.
My … my lovable big sis!
I’ll be the best little sister ever!

Haha, this level of teasing is good for her.”

… Thanks, Mom.
Love you too.

Anyway, are you awake yet, other me?
This other me person can’t come to the phone right now. {xxx}
Feel free to leave a message after the beep. {xxx}
Y-you’re totally awake, other me!
Beep~ {xxx}

Are you done?

Yes. {xxx}

How did you know what a phone was anyway?
From what I’ve seen, this world doesn’t have anything like that …
B-besides, phones don’t usually exist in this kind of setting … right?

Fufu, relax, Alice. {xxx}
We’re the same, remember? {xxx}
I have access to the same repository of memories that you do. {xxx}
Repository of memories?
What do you mean?
Oh? {xxx}
You … you’ve merely been accessing it unconsciously this whole time? {xxx}
How interesting… {xxx}

Regardless, the repository is the reason you know about the telephone. {xxx}
All this time, all those lines you’ve said about those light novel situations … all of them came from that same repository. {xxx}
Hmm … {xxx}

Ah~, I just thought of a marvelous idea! {xxx}
Since this is all so entertaining (for me), why don’t I tell you something interesting? {xxx}
U-uwah … I kinda don’t want to know what you’re going to say.
We have very different definitions of the word interesting.
Hoh? {xxx}
Well, I suppose I don’t have to tell you~ {xxx}

You … you’ve already mentioned it, so you can’t just not tell me now!
That’s mean~!
Fufu, sorry. {xxx}
I just couldn’t help but tease you. {xxx}
You’re far too adorable for me to resist~ {xxx}
H-hmph, flattering words won’t make me like you any more.
I-it was kind of nice though…
Hoh? {xxx}
A-anyway, go ahead and tell me what it is you were going to say!

Well, although it certainly won’t live up to the hype we’ve given it, alright. {xxx}
All I was going to say is that you used to be that repository. {xxx}
Your personality, your experiences, everything was determined by it. {xxx}
You were it. {xxx}
However, it became a mere collection of memories when your mind shattered. {xxx}
You’re no longer defined by that thing. {xxx}
No, you’re something much more fun~ {xxx}
A girl, birthed from the broken fragments of a reincarnated being. {xxx}
Interesting, is it not? {xxx}
Th-that’s … that’s impossible!
Fufu, perhaps one day you’ll believe me. {xxx}

I-I can’t believe you, other me.
I knew that you sometimes said funny things, but this … this is just too strange, even for you.
There’s no way that could be true!
I may have these so called memories, but I was never broken!
My mind is fine!
What could have caused me to break anyway!?
There was nothing!
Nothing could have done such a thing!

Fufu, ah yes. {xxx}
I suppose I had forgotten that your memories surrounding those events are erased. {xxx}
… {xxx}

For now, I’d like to say I am sorry, Alice. {xxx}
It seems I took this joke a little too far. {xxx}
Can you find it in your beautifully kind heart to forgive me? {xxx}

U-uu, didn’t I tell you that complimenting me wouldn’t make me like you more?
B-but, I-I guess … I guess I can forgive you.

However? {xxx}
Mhm, instead of me going shopping with Mom and Yuki, you have to do it.
Oh, oh!
A-and, you have to call Mom by that name as well!
E-eh? {xxx}
Do … do I have to? {xxx}
You want to be forgiven, don’t you?
U-ugu, fine. {xxx}
Have fun~
I’m going to go back to sleep~
Oh, and don’t forget~
Mom is Mom to you as well now~
… just go to sleep. {xxx}

Author’s Note:
Hey guys, sorry about the delay (again).
Life is finally becoming manageable.
Hopefully this means more chapters!

Anyway, I also wanted to clear up something I used in this chapter.
When {xxx} was speaking, there was a moment when a parenthesis was used.
This is how I’m going to signify that they are talking to themselves.
I may find a better way if they do a lot of talking to themselves, without the “other” hearing them.

Also, since I’m running the free WordPress, I can’t use plugins.
Meaning, I can’t use different fonts to differentiate between Alice and {xxx}.
So I’ve resorted to colors.
Let me know if you like it or hate it.
If people don’t mind, I’ll probably just leave it as-is.

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19 thoughts on “I’m the Final Boss!? – Chapter 13”

  1. My brother is an f ing scumbag…
    He doesn’t pay rent.
    Help with the bills.
    Takes care of his children…
    I come home from working a 10 hour shift and found out that some of my money that I have stashed away is missing…
    BUT then I see an update on one of my favorite stories and the world doesn’t seem so shty anymore :3


    1. Sounds like you need to make a new stash, and put some ink bombs in it…….. or kick your brother out. I mean I live with relatives too but I at least pay them room and board, and don’t steal their stuff.


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