I’m the Final Update!?

Hey guys, Pira here.

Just wanted to take a moment to get you all up to speed on the status of my story … which by now, I wouldn’t be surprised if most people have forgotten about.
Anywho, no need to be frightened or anything like that.
I have stated in comments before, but I’ll say it again here:

I will not drop this without specifically telling you all.

Yes, I’m sorry that it has been so long without an update, but I can’t control how life goes.
I write when I get an opportunity, and at the moment, I haven’t gotten any opportunities.
Again, I’m sorry that it is this way, and that I can’t get chapters out any faster (I do feel terrible about that by the way).

However, the good news is that I’m done with classes for now, and I have a whole summer in front of me.
Of course, I do have two jobs to deal with, so I may still be strapped for time, and Alice and her friends will suffer because of that, but I’m not expecting it to be that bad, and I may actually be able to get some chapters out.

Regardless, I just wanted to keep you all up-to-date on what was going on, and hopefully when the next chapter comes out you’ll all think to yourselves, ‘Oh? Oh! It’s that story again. The one that was pretty bad, but in that funny kind of way. Maybe I’ll read this again.’

I look forward to that day.
– Pira

30 thoughts on “I’m the Final Update!?”

        1. Eh, I personally think it’s alright. Definitely not the best there’s ever been, but not bad. I do have quite a bit of bias though, so maybe I’m not the best to ask.


  1. Final Boss?
    The April Fool’s version traumatized me. It was the April Fool’s version where she killed of everyone wasn’t IT?


        1. Yeah. I went a little bit too dark for that one. I have learned from this experience. Unfortunately, it hasn’t helped that I haven’t updated the story at all …


  2. Ah…the one with the baby child and the wolves? The last thing I remembered is the author dying in the April Fool’s release lol. I feel like I’m on the right track, but then again, I could be wrong xD
    Thanks for the notification and try not to over-stress yourself~


  3. Glad to here it didn’t get dropped after april fools. And i will admit, that was pretty goddamn funny, the entire shtick you all pulled using it as collateral.


  4. The title of this post made me think you were going to stop writing it > < I'm glad you're going to keep going, out of the many many web novels that I read, this is in the 10 or so that I regularly check back to see if there has been an update, pretty much daily. I hope you continue this for a long time.


  5. Wait, you’re still alive?
    And here I thought that Este had locked the door to the garage and had let you starve to death :D

    Happy to see that new chapter might perhaps arrive in the potentially near future :)


  6. Honestly, I didn’t think your story was all that bad. Glad to hear that you are going to start up again!

    Yeah, RL sucks. Hope it gets better for you and good luck~


  7. My previous comment magically disappeared, so here goes again:

    I didn’t think your story was all that bad (like Luna said, it was kind of cute). Glad you’re starting up again!

    Yeah, RL sucks 65% of the time (75% if you’re a student; more if you’re always busy). Hope it gets better for you and good luck~


  8. Well, I originally read it on RRL, where authors often go missing with no prior explanation. I didn’t think much of it.


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